Space Adventures with Scintillating Actor Tom Cruise

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Space Tourism and Commercial Ventures Will Benefit from Space Sustainability

Space Adventures with Scintillating Actor Tom Cruise
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It is still true. The news on Tom Cruise going to space is still true. After announcements made earlier this in year in May, news updates during September still confirm the exciting plan for our first live space movie with Tom Cruise.

That’s right! The first, very first, space movie!!

And with scintillating Tom Cruise!

It is my opinion that Tom is among my first-choice picks for a space action flick. After all, his action-packed movies explain why. Talk about the athletic endurance and flexibility. Hanging from a plane at 5,000 feet, moving upside down with wire suspension, and operating planes are just beginner training in aerospace travel. And then again, that is just my opinion.

For more on Tom’s skill sets as a stunts-man and his dedication to performance, check out this piece called 15 crazy stunts Tom Cruise actually performed in movies.

One of my favorites is Mission Impossible: Fallout. I could easily watch this movie over and over again.

So, where is the space film to take place?

At the International Space Station, of course.

In May, NASA’s administrator Jim Bridenstine, spoke with Cruise about shooting the film. With NASA’s interest to increase their commercial ventures and space tourism, Tom is a natural fit for the adventure ahead.

Also supporting the adventure is company SpaceX. And as announced in September, the participation of Elon Musk and his rocket are officially confirmed. A SpaceX rocket will take Tom to the International Space Station and plans are made for next year during 2021.

Now get this, the excitement does not stop here. The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft is already selling tickets for space tourists looking forward to their space-cation. The spacecraft is not finished but the adventures have already begun.

During September Jim Bridenstine commented: “We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientist to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality.”

Are you an engineer or scientist interested in a forward thinking and explorative reality of space travel?

Hey, even if not… there is the option of becoming a Space Hero. At Space Hero, they ask you: “Do you have what it takes?” There are 184 days left as of today, October 9th of 2020, before the show begins.

You have the opportunity to join the community of space enthusiasts who are driving space accessibility for everyday people.

With your application at Space Hero, there are many opportunities to network and learn. Plus, the possibility to be a part of the promotional activities for their show. The last day to apply is October 22nd, at midnight EST.

Many adventures lie ahead for tourists, as well as, the development of engineers and scientists, who are all space enthusiasts. Not only are commercial and tourism ventures expanding but so is the awareness of space sustainability.

What is space sustainability?

I am very glad you asked. (Insert smiley face here.)

Just like topics of sustainability on Earth, our space sustainability is about mutual means to keep our space atmosphere clean. More and more satellites are launched into space as technology advances around the globe. As much as this is a good development for people around the world, there now lies more need to help keep our electronics able to share the space, in space.

The optimum satellite communication range above Earth is 500 – 600 km. For this reason, there is a congestion issue. Did you know about that?

I bet you did not know… just how much technology we have and will have in space.

Many committees are coming together to review the guidelines that will help create a harmonious and habitable environment for our space technology. There is an increasing need to have these guidelines, so each nation can understand when and where they should maneuver their equipment in any event there is movement in space that can cause accidents.

A collision between satellites without guidelines can lead to liability issues and loss of communication channels. For anyone who likes our internet, relies on our internet, and the many types of telecommunication we depend on, this becomes very important.

Not only do we have cause to be concerned about liability issues, but we also have cause to be concerned about debris. Topics of debris mitigation are also discussed amongst space committees. In order for the development of space sustainability to be achieved, our governments and our committees must be able to work together.

For our best space development that helps everyone – and we will accomplish this together.

To get back to the exciting parts of space sustainability, the hard work of our collective efforts towards sustainability will make space tourism the best it can be. And just think about it, when Tom makes his space movie successful, who else will we want to film in space?

How will our space environment be to bring more action-packed flicks to our home theaters, drive-ins,

and movie parties?

With the help of Tom and Elon, and of our committees and our nations, and don’t forget Space Hero, together we will achieve the best space environment for our enjoyment and our future wellbeing.

“Science belongs to everyone.” - Clifford V. Johnson

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