Social Justice Warriors: October 2020's New Moon in Libra

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On Friday, October 16th, 2020, at around 3:30 PM EST, we will have a New Moon at 23'53 degrees of Libra. Here's what to expect.

Social Justice Warriors: October 2020's New Moon in Libra

On Friday, October 16th, 2020, at around 3:30 PM EST, we will have a New Moon at 23'53 degrees of Libra. Here's what to expect.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon represents the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is conjunct the sun and invisible to the human eye. New Moons are a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a good time to start a new project or make a radical change. It's also a good time to find clarity on what you want, and release what no longer serves you. The effects of a New Moon generally last for about two weeks, up until the next Full Moon.

With the New Moon in Libra, we can expect new beginnings related to partnership, interpersonal communication, our justice system (or social justice matters) and the way we balance our lives.

It may be helpful to think back to what was going on in your life during the Full Moon in Aries or the Full Moon in Libra six months ago, for certain themes may be repeating themselves.

Whatever intentions you set now should come into fruition by the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st.

Those with any personal planets or angles between 18 and 28 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be most especially affected by this New Moon.

Balance Between Dark & Light

October 2020's New Moon in Libra

Libra, a cardinal air sign ruled by the planet Venus, is depicted by a pair of scales, often thought to be held by a woman, possibly the constellation Virgo. I think of Libra as a symbol of cosmic justice. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is the instrument that is said to weigh human souls at the end of life. It is also a symbol of balance or unity between opposites. Of course, that's not to say Libras themselves are balanced. Libra is constantly in motion, never-endingly set out on a mission to bring harmony and equilibrium to their surroundings. But the irony is, that in the process of searching for this seemingly impossible ideal, they wind up going to extremes. Despite being thought of as indecisive, the sign of Libra is actually about decision-making. It's about weighing between right and wrong, and the potential negative outcomes of each choice we make against the potential positives. Any move you make has the power to alter your future, and the future of others, for better or for worse, and Libra is just hyper-aware of the need to think things through.

This New Moon takes place at 23 degrees, which is the 3rd decan of Libra and the most intellectual, ruled by Mercury (according to triplicity) and Jupiter (according to the Chaldean system), the planets of the mind. Our need to think things through and make wise & fair decisions is highlighted, as is our quest for mental balance. The New Moon will be conjunct the star, Spica, which is considered to be one of the most fortunate stars in astrology, giving wealth, honor, happiness and success, especially in the arts or sciences. It is also very favorable for public or legal affairs.

Creating the Justice We Want

However, despite a connection to such a fortunate star, the New Moon is making some pretty challenging aspects. First of all, it will be opposite Mars Retrograde at 20'11 of it's home sign, Aries. This will bring out the warrior in us all. We may find ourselves more on edge than usual, and we might wind up getting into arguments. The tension between our own needs and the needs of others is strong. Libra may be the sign of justice but everyone seems to have their own idea of what "justice," entails. What's fair and just in the eyes of one person is unfair to someone else.

To make matters even more difficult, the New Moon and Mars will be making a t-square to a cluster of planets in Capricorn that include Jupiter (19'11 degrees), Pluto (22'31) and Saturn (25'35 degrees). Passions run high and we may be more impulsive than normal. The intensity of our feelings are hard to ignore and we may act on them in a way that we normally wouldn't. Because Capricorn - and especially Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn - represents authority figures, this configuration could have people fighting with authority figures; standing up to power and trying to change & transform the system for better. There may be power struggles between regular people and the powers that be.

The New Moon is helped by a trine to the North Node at 21'33 degrees Gemini, suggesting some success in this transformation or quest for justice. At the very least, this New Moon may succeed in bringing people together and helping us to understand each other's point of views and care for each other no matter our differences, as I wrote about here. On a personal level, for those affected, there may be fated experiences or synchronicities, or a realization about our life's path.

Neptune square Venus: don't fall for the mere illusion of freedom

Meanwhile, Libra's ruling planet, Venus, will be at 16'27 degrees Virgo and opposite Neptune Rx at 18'39 Pisces, and both planets widely squaring the Nodes. There may be some sort of idealization in love. Maybe some karmic or destined meeting between soul mates will take place, for those affected. Normally, with this aspect, I would say to keep your guard up and make sure not to trust anybody too quickly. But while deception is always something you have to watch out for, Venus will also trine Jupiter at 19'11 degrees Capricorn, suggesting a positive outcome, even if it's not the picture perfect romantic vision you imagined it to be.

Lastly, this New Moon in Libra comes only three days after Mercury's station Retrograde in Scorpio, with Mercury opposing Uranus. Miscommunications are possible now, but so are surprise confessions, unexpected shifts or turn-arounds, and shocking truths being exposed.


With the New Moon in Libra, the search for equilibrium and the need to make right, just, & well thought-out decisions is highlighted. With New Moon opposite Mars in Retrograde, however, we may need to fight for them, even going to extremes in our quest for equilibrium. The New Moon and Mars are making a t-square to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn pointing to power struggles with authority figures. However, the New Moon's trine to the North Node gives hope that the fight will turn out, at least somewhat, in our favor.

Kaitlyn Maura
Kaitlyn Maura
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