Should Doctor Who Return to Classic Who Style?

by Lewis Jefferies 2 years ago in scifi tv

Should Doctor Who Go Back To 20 Minute Episodes?

Should Doctor Who Return to Classic Who Style?

Back in the Classic Series of Doctor Who episodes were 20-30 minutes each. Each Story was about 4/5/6 Episodes long. Taking the stories to longer than the Stories we get today.

Each Episode of Classic Doctor Who always ended on a cliffhanger. This left the viewers at home on the edge of our seats to see what will happen the next week. For example in "Remembrance of the Daleks" the Doctor was trapped in the basement of the school with a Dalek teleport. A Dalek came through, the Doctor ran up the stairs as he knew the Daleks can't get up stairs. But what he didn't know was the Daleks could now levitate. We saw the Doctor trapped by the door and can't get out. That is when the Episode came to an end. That left as gripping on for next week to see what happened. Luckily Ace came to the rescue and saved the Doctor.

Classic Doctor Who always had a quick recap from Episode 2 onwards just to recall what the cliffhanger was in the previous Episode. Like the example I just gave. The recap led straight into the next Episode without viewers actually realising. That is not what we get today, today we just get a quick flashback saying "Previously" and a whole recap of the whole Episode.

I personally feel that 20 minutes is long enough as then viewers actually stay focused on the Story. Whereas if it is a straight 45 minute Episode a lot of viewers begin to lose track of the plot and turn off the show. So maybe the show will gain more viewers if they did cut the Story into 4 different parts.

Lots of Episodes per story will benefit the Series too. The Series will be on TV a lot more frequent as there will be a lot more Episodes per Series. That way Doctor Who can go on for like 26 weeks in a row. That way Whovians have more to look forward to as Doctor Who will be on even longer than usual.

So, what are your thoughts on this topic?

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