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by Len Sherman 8 months ago in astronomy
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Adventurer Extraordinaire

Illustration/Calligraphy - Len Sherman

The constellation Sagittarius, a fire sign, is located in the southern celestial hemisphere and is shaped like an archer with a horse’s body. He is drawing his bow, the arrow supposedly aimed at Scorpio’s heart. Some say that Sagittarius is known as Chiron, the wisest and most just of all the centaurs, changed into a horse to escape his jealous wife. Although she could run very fast, she wasn’t able to run as fast as a horse, so she was left in the dust.

If you are a Sagittarius, lady luck smiles on you. You may not become a millionaire, but you will always have enough money to get by. Forever the optimist, when it’s down to the last turn of a card, you will more than double the stakes, that’s how lucky you feel. You are definitely a risk-taker, an adventurer extraordinaire, always on the lookout for exotic and exciting places no matter where they exist. In other words, the world is your playground, even if it’s a war zone. Although possessing an incurable wanderlust, continually searching for wisdom, you realize you may not get all the answers you’re searching for and that doesn’t matter because the journey is the destination.

A Sagittarius is very versatile, imaginative and clever. You will take on any project that comes your way, but the problem is in keeping you focused because of your restless spirit. Since you tend to leave things unfinished, fail to follow through to the end, you often feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything, not getting ahead. Even when reading an intriguing mystery, trying to figure out the murderer, you often put the book aside and never find out who the culprit was. Unable to stand still for any length of time, forever thinking about where you will be going next, it’s a good thing money isn’t a problem because you can wear out a pair of shoes just pacing the floor.

When it comes to friendship, a Sagittarius can be extremely helpful and with no strings attached; you just want to be by their side because you can. However, if any of your friends try to hold you back, block your independence, you’ll come to resent them. Shackles, chains and bars may imprison your body, but your mind is always free. You can be blunt but honest, a real sharpshooter but sometimes a little too much. And when it comes to sex, you are anything but shy. Although you may be having a terrific all-nighter sexual experience, even break the bed to pieces, don’t be surprised if you have one eye on the door as you think about your next big adventure.

Incredibly open, a Sagittarius often falls in love very quickly—love at first glance is not unknown. Because you are constantly on the move, extremely independent, you are often attracted to the idea of being in love and having a good time with someone rather than actually being tied down, even if it’s in a nice house. Although you are constantly on the move, you need a special person who won’t try to tie you down and doesn’t take life too seriously—a devil-may-care, kick up your heels and let the wind blow to wherever it goes attitude. Although somewhat flighty, marriage isn’t out of the question for a Sagittarius. Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Leo are considered to be quite compatible. However, best to avoid a Virgo or Pisces—borrrrring!

Because of your spontaneous and impulsive nature, not afraid to take on anything life can offer, if you are unsatisfied with your career, like maybe being stuck behind a desk shuffling papers, a postage stamp licker or a mattress tester, you might consider becoming a freelance journalist—nothing like traveling the world and possibly being shot at or having a bomb dropped on you for excitement. Or become another Keith Richards (a rolling stone Sagittarius that doesn’t have any moss growing on his feet) or if you’re not into drugs and rock and roll, maybe become a limousine chauffer for celebrities—if you can’t be one—you might as well rub shoulders with them.

Although Sagittarius’ can be wishy-washy and make promises they will never keep, you are still the best liked of all the zodiac signs.


About the author

Len Sherman

I'm a published author/artist but tend to think of myself as a doodler\dabbler. I've sailed the NW Passage & wrote & illustrated a book, ARCTIC ODYSSEY. Currently, I live on 50 semi wilderness acres & see lots of wild critters in the yard.

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