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Rosie and Friends: The Closet Pt 2

by Zay Keyz about a year ago in science fiction
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Part two of a very abnormal adventure.

Rosie and Friends: The Closet – Part 2:

“Can I tell you something rather strange?” He said looking at Rosie and me and changing the subject to something that felt more serious already. I for one wanted to know everything about this man. He was too good to be true.

“Yes.” We replied in sync like best friends without hesitation. Our dual curiosity had gotten us in trouble but also caused for some great times in the past.

“I moved here and got a job at this club because of an old prophets wisdom. He told me I could find what I was looking for here – If I remained open minded and patient.” He said it all so casually. He paused looking to us for a reaction.

I looked at Rosie for a second and she back at me. We both immediately knew, or in this moment thought we did, where this story was going and we made a silent agreement for me to say the next words.

“Have you seen anything since you’ve been here? Do you think it has anything to do with the local stories about strange things happening in this town?” I asked as if I was in fact a journalist.

“Yeah, I have been here 5 years or so.” he replied "And they are not all stories. We don’t have many people here (he was referring to this dimension) that claim to be prophets. And this one in particular claimed to be from Earth, like you. He was said to be a distant relative of a member of a group of old prophets that wrote about a person that would harness the power to bring a balance to the dimensions. Maybe even end the war. I know it sounds like a delusion but I’ve always hoped I could be a part of something great like that." He paused.

Maybe it was because he already knew so much and I wanted to tell him everything else or maybe it was the way he was passionate about the things he talked about or it could have been the mimosas or even a mix of all three but geez was he attractive and boy was I interested in everything he had to say.

“I believe what the prophet told you.” I replied. I didn’t want to lie as if I knew nothing about what he said but I also didn’t think this was the moment to tell him the whole truth. He had reminded me of a key aspect just seconds ago… Patience.

“What is it you were looking for? Were you told when you would find it?” I asked hoping to find answers to my own questions.

“I am looking for adventure though I wasn’t really given a time frame exactly but the prophet said this amulet -” He pulled a small silver crescent moon shaped amulet from under his shirt and it appeared to have a slight glow “- would glow bright. I am not sure if I am getting my hopes up or not but either way I have had a great time being here. I’ve made a great home for myself.” He smiled and I loved his outlook.

“What exactly did you say you were here researching? He asked. A question I was not prepared for.

“Atmospheric and possible inter-dimensional anomalies in this area. We are looking for connections to the anomalies and local events to see if they tie into any events on earth.” Rosie replied, quick on the pick up. Everything that she said was technically true but I have to admit, I hated walking around the truth like this. I knew patience was key here.

“Now who talks of delusion?” She asked of Sprite raising an eyebrow in his direction and with the perfect amount of sarcasm.

“I’m impressed and intrigued! “ he replied with a grin.” Will you tell me more?”

Rosie and I again shared a conversation with only a quick glance and without missing a beat replied in unison “If you tell us more."

“Deal!” He agreed with a huge smile this time.

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science fiction

About the author

Zay Keyz

Short story writer from Oklahoma. Thankful for the opportunity to be read.

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