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Review of Somewhere Between 1.4

The Husband

By Paul LevinsonPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

So how is it that the killer is killed before he kills Laura's daughter Serena on Somewhere Between 1.4 last night, but there's still a harrowing story to be told? Because the killed killer is not the killer, after all. (Or, as is always the case with time travel, maybe he was but someone changed history so he no longer is.)

And that's less than the half of it. The other big development is what we've been seeing increasingly throughout the series: there's something not right about Tom, who's both DA and Laura's husband (and presumably Serena's father).

He continues to take crucial evidence out of police control. He has some connection to the man on the motorcycle (who I suppose could be a woman), who killed the killer and then went on to deliver stolen evidence to Tom at home.

Fortunately, Serena saw this, including the kind of envelope in which the evidence arrived, and when she tells Laura about this, that tips off Laura that Tom is lying to her, covering up what he's doing, when he lies to her a few minutes later. Serena, of course, also saw the blood-stained scarf which played such a big role in the previous episode.

But still there's a profound puzzle with not a clue to its resolution so far: if Tom is the bad guy, surely that doesn't include killing his daughter? He certainly seems to love her and care about her when the two are alone.

So, maybe his actions are all designed to save her? But, how? And what connection does he have to the time slip that Laura and Nico (and who knows who else) went through?

I'll check in with another report next week.

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