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Red Dawn

The Start of a New Era

By Senketsu RedPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
The inspiration for Red Dawn

The Red Dawn will only appear in the most dire of circumstances. It was Mother Nature's way of saying we have destroyed the planet and she will make it anew. The only ones to survive were the people with pure hearts. Those with impure will become part of nature. They will become what their true souls appear to be. If the soul is too impure, they will become nothing. They will be the dust in the air, the wind in the leaves. They will show as nothing, but they will be useful for Mother Nature does not want no one to be useless. Mother Nature does not want harm to come to the earth more than what humans have already done. She will reintroduce those extinct species that are critical to helping the earth heal, not those will harm the ecosystems already thriving without them.

With the Red Dawn imminent, governments furiously try to come with plans to keep themselves in tact. Plans are made for when certain ones, most or some of them are gone. Hundreds of plans are made and prepared to be set in motion.

Businesses are having an all out sell wherever they are. They want to sell anything and everything before they disappear. They want to make as much money as possible. Those that are family owned made plans and told close guarded secrets. Others also furiously told descendants how to restart the business if the need arose. Even in times of crisis people believed money still held value.

Shopping centers were cleared out in an instance. Some people didn't care one bit about payments and took what they needed and ran. People took what they could. Water, clothes, food, all necessities alike; then others took what they believed to be valuables. Rings, gaming consoles, televisions, cameras, anything they believed could possibly be traded.

Law Enforcement couldn't control anything. The emergency lines were being called non-stop by those who couldn't understand what was happening, who were terrified of what was happening around them. Officers abandoned their duties to be with their families and then others just down right deserted to be apart of the chaos. The world was becoming too much for them to handle anymore.

Chaos-goers were having the time of their lives. They had no care in the world, they believed the world was now theirs. They had full rein on anything and everything. The world was their new domain. It was theirs to rule how they wished.

Religious people prayed to their own gods. They prayed and prayed, hoping it would ease their panic, ease the panic outside. They prayed for the safety of those who could not reach sanctuary, for their loved ones who they couldn't contact.


It was so sudden. No one noticed it until it was all over. The Red Dawn had appeared and disappeared in just a few seconds. Mother Nature has come and gone. Righted the wrong. She has made the earth pure again. She has made the earth as it should be in her eyes. Her Red Dawn has purified the earth made it anew. With her work, every ecosystem has either been rectified or made better than before.

With the Red Dawn passed, not a single government made a plan for when they all disappeared. Every single government was disbanded and made part of the ecosystem. The persons in the government with pure hearts, did not go through with plans made beforehand. They didn't want to corrupt their land again. So instead left it to be part of the rest of the world.

Shopping business changed into land. Mother Nature changed the structures to fit with the land and the wildlife. Flora and fauna came back, happy to have more land for themselves. Mother Nature did the same thing to banks, superstore centers and all buildings across the world.

Mother Nature didn't want chaos-goers to be completely useless in this life. So instead of them being nothing they were turned in both flora and fauna. Most of them flora because of how dangerous they would be the ecosystems, others, and themselves; and so the new earth has been covered in beautiful flowers from those with horrid souls and hearts.

Mother Nature decided to be generous and leave a gift to those pure hearts. She left spaces on the earth spared from the new world changes. All those who were not at the current locations were infused with the knowledge on how to reach them. Thanks to Mother Nature, of course. She didn't want her saved hearts to be in anymore danger than they were before.


Mother Nature has come and gone. Righted the wrong, cleansed the impure. In the new world, everything is thriving to its fullest extent; everyone is happy beyond words. Peace has been made and kept. The Red Dawn will appear in only the most dire of circumstances.


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