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'Rebels' Rundown: The Best Episodes To Watch In Preparation For 'Ahsoka'

A quick catch up!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 6 months ago 6 min read
Credit: Disney.

We are now just days away from the two-episode premiere of Ahsoka on Disney Plus. The series will follow Ahsoka Tano, once the Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker, as she attempts to thwart a potential rebirth of the Galactic Empire through Grand Admiral Thrawn.

While many fans will best recognise Ahsoka from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, or her live-action appearances in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, the chararacter also played a major supporting role in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. Ahsoka, which picks up many of the latter series dangling plot threads, and includes a number of notable animated characters making their live-action debut, is seen as a sequel of sorts to Rebels.

Unless you don't plan on much sleep, there probably isnt time to watch Star Wars: Rebels in its entirety before Ahsoka premieres. So, we've compiled a crash course of episodes to let you get to know the Rebels characters, plot points, and important moments that could help set you up for Ahsoka.

'Out of Darkness' Season One, Episode 7

Sabine is becoming frustrated with Hera's secrecy regarding the information she receives from high-ranking rebel informant Fulcrum. To assuage Sabine's fears, Hera reluctantly agrees to take her along on a supply run to an old Republic base that Fulcrum had organised. Unfortunately, the pair are left trapped on the base thanks to their ship missing out on needed repairs, and fighting for their lives against nocturnal monsters who have made the base home.

'Out of Darkness' is a solid early focus episode for Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla, both of whom are set to feature prominently in Ahsoka.

'The Siege of Lothal' Season Two, Episodes 1 and 2

After their defeat of the Grand Inquisitor at the end of season one, the Ghost crew find themselves on Darth Vader's radar. With Vader putting pressure on their allies in Lothal in the hopes of flushing them out, the rebels are forced to flee, escaping by the skin of their teeth to join up with Ahsoka's rebel cell. The incident alerts Vader to the fact that Ahsoka is still alive.

This was a big moment for fans of The Clone Wars, and could also factor into Ahsoka, which is rumoured to include flashbacks to Ahsoka's time under her Master Anakin, the future Darth Vader.

'Wings of the Master', Season 2, Episode 7

The current Rebel fleet is proving unable to break an Imperial blockade, barring them from delivering desperately needed supplies to struggling areas. Hera is sent to collect the Blade-Wing (or B-Wing) an experimental, high-firepower ship from it's builder, an eccentric Mon Calamari known as Quarrie. However, before Quarrie will let her leave with the B-Wing, Hera must prove herself worthy to be it's pilot.

A great episode for exploring Hera's backstory, 'Wings of the Master' also establishes Hera Syndulla as one of the most talented pilots in the Star Wars universe. The episode takes on greater significance with the recent leak of an Ahsoka-branded Lego set of The Ghost, hinting that Quarrie may have taken a position aboard the ship in the series.

'The Forgotten Droid' Season 2, Episode 19

During a mission to steal fuel, Chopper is separated from the rest of the Ghost crew when he is distracted by the chance to secure a long-overdue new leg for himself. Accidentally stranded aboard an Imperial freighter, Chopper forms an unlikely friendship with the ship's underappreciated inventory droid, AP-5, after realising they are both Clone Wars veterans. Chopper removes AP-5's restraining bolt to free him from Imperial control, and they work together to make it back to the Ghost.

A perfect insight into Rebels loveable, quirky droid, Chopper, who will appear in Ahsoka. This episode also solidifies the bond Chopper shares with Hera. Even though Chopper defied her direct orders, he never once doubts that Hera will come back for him.

'Twilight of the Apprentice' Season 2, Episodes 21 and 22

Desperate for a way to rid themselves of the Inquisitors, and hopefully the Sith as a whole, Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka head to a Sith Temple on the planet Malachor in a search for knowledge, soon discovering it may come in the form of s Sith Holocron. Things soon become complicated when they form an uneasy alliance with Maul, also seeking the Holocron, then discover that the Inquisitors, and worse, Darth Vader, have tracked them to Malachor.

One of Rebels most memorable episodes, 'Twilight of the Apprentice' provides Ahsoka with at least some closure regarding the fate of Anakin, and includes a duel between Ahsoka and Vader that is considered one of the greatest in animated Star Wars, if not the whole Star Wars franchise.

'Hera's Heroes' Season 3, Episode 5

While delivering supplies to the Twi'lek resistance led by Hera's Father, the Ghost crew learn that the Empire has gained the upper hand in the conflict, with Grand Admiral Thrawn taking control of Ryloth and and set up a base in the Syndulla family home. Hera brings Ezra along on a risky mission to infiltrate the base in the hopes of retrieving her family's kalikori, a precious, symbolic heirloom.

The episode is the first to bring members of the Ghost crew into direct contact with Thrawn, who will return as a major villain in Ahsoka. It also solidifies Hera as someone an enemy like Thrawn can respect, which may come into play if the two end up face to face again in the new series.

'Trials of The Darksaber' and 'Legacy of Mandalore', Season 3, Episodes 15 and 16

When Sabine Wren comes into possession of the Darksaber, the Rebels decide she is the right person to wield it and unite the people of Mandalore, hopefully bringing them into the fold of the Rebel Alliance. However, mastering the symbolic blade proves more difficult than Sabine expected.

After she does master the Saber, Sabine embarks on her quest to unite the Mandalorians, starting with her own estranged family. But first, she must prove her worth in a duel with imperial puppet Gar Saxon to officially claim the Darksaber.

With the importance of the Darksaber in Mandalorian culture, these two episodes establish Sabine as a force to be reckoned with in the wider Star Wars universe. They also depict her competently using Ezra Bridger's lightsaber, which is in her posession when Ahsoka begins.

'Zero Hour' Season 3, Episodes 21 and 22

In the season three finale of Rebels, disaster strikes when Thrawn intercepts plans for a rebel strike on Lothal, and instead manages to track them to their base on Atollon, pinning them down with little hope of escape. While an assist from Sabine's Mandalorian forces allows many of the rebels to escape, the base is destroyed.

'Zero Hour' is one of the few occasions in which the Ghost crew straight out loses during a conflict, cementing Thrawn as a truly dangerous villain.

'A World Between Worlds' Season 4, Episode 13

After escaping through a portal into the Lothal Jedi Temple, Ezra finds himself in an odd void space containing portals to different moments in time. Discovering a portal leading back to Ahsoka's duel with Vader, he miraculously pulls her to safety.

This episode solidifies Ahsoka's bond with Ezra Bridger. She is alive because of him, and wants to return the favour and find him following his disappearance into the Unknown Regions with Thrawn, likely an important plot point in Ahsoka.

'Family Reunion- And Farewell' Season 4, Episodes 15 and 16

Unable to secure aid from the wider Rebel Alliance, the Ghost crew rally their own ragtag bunch of allies for a final stand, aiming to destroy Thrawn's pet project, the TIE-Defender factory, and free Lothal from Imperial rule. Unfortunately, their efforts don't come without a major sacrifice.

Ezra Bridger's fate after disappearing into the Unknown Regions of space with Thrawn is likely to be a major plot point in Ahsoka. Many fans believe Ahsoka's main plot may even pick up directly from Rebels' epilogue scene, in which Ahsoka arrives on Lothal seeking out Sabine.

We can't wait to see some of our favourite Rebels in live-action when Ahsoka begins.

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