Reach For the Stars and They Will Find Us

by John Ames Birch 5 months ago in humanity

An Echo of Tomorrow

Reach For the Stars and They Will Find Us

In our history, humanity has grown and evolved, we have won and we have lost. We have created beautiful wonders, and sadly oversaw atrocities. We have learned with each new generation seeking a better tomorrow. This drive has carried us from the dirt to civilization, and from civilization to society. It has cultivated a culture of dreamers who look beyond what can be seen to chart new paths towards our future.

This drive of exploration propelled a fledgling nation to a superpower that reached the moon and beyond. As a people we still dream for more, looking further towards the glittering path called the future.

We reach for the very stars themselves to answer questions, and solve riddles both physical and metaphysical. We strive to learn more, and we dream of the endless possibilities in the endless sea of stars that surrounds us.

Like the first sailors, we yearn to set sail towards new lands and new possibilities. We look to the stars and dream of the never-ending possibilities of tomorrow.

It is in this drive that we must look; it’s power to dream of possibilities that will propel humanity farther than we have gone before.

It is time that we, as a species, lay to rest old hatred and fear, and chart a path through the stars towards a united family, a new beginning for all our people.

In the stars we see infinite possibility, and within each of us the embers of that future slumbers. Through the exchange of ideas, and collaboration of neighbors we will attain that goal; that beautiful new era.

The past can never be forgotten, nor should it be, for there are lessons held within yesterday that must be heeded; and mistakes that can never be repeated. Today we all must forgive our failings, both in ourselves and each other, so both our hands and hearts are ready to receive tomorrow.

If we can unite under the very stars themselves, and work together we will slowly start to heal the cracks in the broken heart of humanity. These cracks are the walls we erect out of fear, but we can no longer afford this fear.

It’s not your people, or my people, we are, and have always been one people. We are Humanity, one people connected on a much deeper level than by race, gender, orientation, religion, color, creed, or imaginary borders on a map drawn long ago. If you reside on this planet and hold love within your heart you are human, and collectively we are all expressions of humankind.

It is together, and only together that will lead us into the future. We must never forget the past but we can no longer afford to allow it to tether us to yesterday. We need to unite, and build up the wings of humanity, so that all of us can fly into the future. The future is waiting for us all, will you answer its call?

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one.”

John Ames Birch

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“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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