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Python vs. JavaScript: Which is the Right Language for Your Project

Which is the Right Language for Your Project

By Andrew JamesPublished 11 months ago 6 min read
Python vs. JavaScript: Which is the Right Language for Your Project
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Choosing the most appropriate programming language is critical for smooth web development. Selecting the perfect language is vital for the development of revenue-generating web applications.

Recent research stats reveal that JavaScript and Python are among the top programming languages in the world. These technologies are constantly developing. Each of these serves different purposes.

Renowned companies like IBM, Intel, Pixar, NASA, JP Morgan, Spotify, and Facebook use Python. At Google, Python is among the four main languages. YouTube is mainly in Python. That's the same with Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram.

Python's founders had one goal: to construct a programming language like English. There are fewer structural restrictions in the Python programming language. Hence, it is convenient to create and read.

That differentiates Python from other programming languages. For example, JavaScript, which uses more brackets and semicolons in its syntax. JavaScript's syntax is like other C-like languages.

Widely used front-end technologies are developed in JavaScript. For example, React, jQuery, Ember, and Angular 2. In addition, JavaScript serves as the foundation of many popular backend development technologies, such as NodeJS, Meteor, and Express. It is the only scripting language native to all web browsers.

Here is a brief comparison at a glance.

Python: Features

· Comes with a dynamic typing feature.

· It is a high-level and open-source language.

· It has an extensive standard library with various functions and modules.

Python: Uses

It can:

· be connected to a database's systems.

· create software that is ready for rapid prototyping or production.

· create web applications on a server

· edit and read files

· manage huge data

· perform complicated mathematical operation

· the ability to edit and read files.

JavaScript: Features

· Autocomplete feature

· Builds responsive user interface

· Form validation

· Reduces memory use

· Reloads certain parts of the page independently

· Responsive content

· Video and audio capabilities

JavaScript: Uses

· It can be used both in the back-end and front-end of web development

· It can run on all devices

· Works with DOM or Document Object Model for response to user interactions

· It does not need an environment setup

· Regularly updated with new versions

· Wide range of libraries and frameworks to help build complex apps

Should You Opt for Python or JavaScript for Your Project?

The software development industry is highly volatile. We witness some technologies entering the competition by storm and acquiring popularity quickly. Python is a big example. While others may go forever without much acknowledgment, such as Pascal.

When choosing JacaScript or Python for your project, taking a closer look at the similarities and differences between these languages can help you decide.

Javascript and Python: Similarities and Differences

Let's consider the similarities and differences between these languages to gain a broader perspective.

Community Support

Both JavaScript and Python enjoy excellent community support. The community of JavaScript is vast and supportive. JavaScript developers are popular for pushing software development forward. However, members of the Python community exhibit similar behaviors. Python fanatics continue to add more libraries and solutions to the language.

Speed and Performance

Since Python is an object-oriented programming language, running the code blocks takes substantially longer than running scripting language commands. Python is an excellent option for CPU-intensive jobs in terms of speed and performance, while JavaScript is more appropriate for real-time and dynamic interactions.

The entire point of developing JavaScript was to make the web quicker and more responsive. Since Node.js has multithreading, a capability Python lacks, it is slightly faster.

Conversely, Python is the best solution for processing CPU-intensive projects, huge data files, and large-scale applications. Developers who optimize Python code with NumPy or Cython can create apps that deliver exceptional performance.


Both these languages are popular because each has its unique strengths. JavaScript is the most used programming language per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022. But if we must be more precise, Python is taking the lead. In another survey, the 2022 PYPL Index revealed that Python is the most popular programming language.

Mobile App Development

Expert developers believe that Python may not be the best programming language for creating a mobile application. Although it is possible to develop good mobile apps with Python, using libraries like BeeWare and Kivy, it's not the primary programming language for mobile app development.

While JavaScript was primarily designed for web development rather than mobile app development, it is the winner when creating sophisticated mobile apps. When we want to develop user-friendly and functional mobile apps, developers often opt for JavaScript and its frameworks, React.js and Angular.js.

Scalability and Maintenance

Python needs better reviews in scalability. This language does not have the multithreading capabilities and the strict coding syntax of Java. That means it can't run parallel tasks to scale quickly.

However, JavaScript is designed for easy scalability, especially Node.js and Angular, among the most efficient JavaScript frameworks.

But while JavaScript is flexible, it needs to provide easy code maintainability. Maintaining Python's source code is quite easy. The code is also easily visible to the eyes.

Third-party Tools

Programmers using JavaScript or Python also benefit from various third-party tools. Python programmers have a variety of frameworks and libraries at their disposal. Some of these include Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc. Using JavaScript with third-party scripts allows developers to integrate analytical and social sharing tools.


If you are wondering which of these programming languages is safe to use, unfortunately, there is no definite answer. There are various Python and JavaScript issues that we should know about. Malicious packages, older modules or dependencies, and directory traversal are a few examples of security loopholes in Python.

On the other hand, JavaScript is sensitive to issues like source code flaws, session data leakage, unexpected script execution, or user action, session data leakage, and.


Various free courses are available for anyone interested in learning Python or JavaScript. There are numerous learning platforms accessible, along with many extra languages. However, official documentation is the most reliable source. Learning JavaScript or Python directly from official publications may challenge amateur developers.

Documentation and Libraries

Mozilla maintains the official documentation of JavaScript. The Python Software Foundation manages Python's documentation. Enthusiasts of both languages continue to create valuable libraries catering to users' different needs.

When Should You Use JavaScript or Python

Front-End or Back-End Development

While Python is an excellent choice for back-end development, JavaScript is the preferred option for the front-end development of a web application. JavaScript has notable features like dynamic typing and client-side validation. It also has excellent community support. Developers can also use JavaScript for writing back-end code with Node.js.

Data Science

Data science is a trending topic in programming. Every year, many businesses incorporate data analytics services. Therefore, to engage fresh developers with expertise in this area, consider hiring more Python developers to secure your future. That will help in developing new data science solutions over time.

Python offers a wide range of additional tools to work with large amounts of data. While data science packages are available in JavaScript, the language is rarely picked to work on these projects. While it is possible to perform data analytics in JavaScript, it is more complicated than in Python.

Machine Learning

You must consider Python for machine learning since it is a programming language with several libraries for machine learning, data analytics, and scientific computing. JavaScript's dependence on web development prevents it from having comparable libraries. We can use JavaScript to build dynamic web pages, but Python is required for a project involving machine learning components.

The Future of JavaScript and Python

Both JavaScript and Python are designed with different goals in mind. However, these differences allow these technologies to build beautiful and functional apps.

JavaScript's position is currently the most powerful in web and mobile application development. Its popularity is soaring and is turning into a general-purpose programming language. But only time will reveal if it replaces language like Python.

With JavaScript, we can make interactive web pages. Hence, it is popularly used for creating dynamic web pages. We can also create drop-down menus, animations, and other web page elements.

Python will continue to rule the machine-learning industry, mainly because it can easily manipulate data.

The programming language you choose depends on several factors. A professional app development company can help you choose the best language.

Are you looking for a professional Android app development company to build a native Android app with Python? It could be that you need reliable Android app development services for making an app with JavaScript. Either way, contact us today. We will be happy to help you.


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