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People of Earth

by Scarwled Writing 4 months ago in scifi tv

What if the alien abduction theories were true?

Alien conspiracy theories and alien abduction allegations have been circling our society since at least the 1950s. With little to no evidence of whether these things are true or false. As well as complete government denial for decades. Many of these alien allegations and experiences have been looked at as just crazy talk. Even today in the year 2021, if you came out and told people we had specific species of aliens that have been watching and living among us. People would look at you like you were absolutely bonkers. Yet everyone can agree that there must be other life forms out there on other planets. In the world of People of Earth, a TBS science fiction comedy series, alien conspiracy theories come to life in a world similar to ours. The people of small town Beacon, New York socially shun the alien “conspiracy” group called StarCrossed. While we the viewers see that the aliens are in fact real and abducting people.

People of Earth follows the members of StarCrossed a therapy support group of alien abductees who prefer to be called “alien experiencers”. Just like in the real world, these people are socially isolated and looked down upon by their family and peers. Commonly seen as the town's nut-jobs and crazies. Unfortunately many of the people in the group are crazy despite having genuinely been abducted by aliens. The sad thing is all the things actually happened to these “alien experiencers”, but everything they say happened just sounds absolutely crazy to the average person. There's a scene where an FBI agent reviews a police interview with one of the experiencers who claims that his girlfriend was a robot that blew up while fighting with a lizard man. Like any average person of sound mind, the FBI agent assumes she's listening to some crazy person's banter. Despite the out of the ordinary scifi plot of the television series, there are some real world issues that are touched on that should make viewers think about our society.

While the main character Ozzie Graham finally gets the talk to one of the lizard people also known as reptilians. Ozzie accuses the aliens of trying to take over Earth. The reptilian corrects Ozzie saying that they've already taken over since the humans are too busy in front of their tiny screens to see what's really happening. This theme of humans not really paying attention to their surroundings and only believing what they have always been told is true is reoccurring throughout the series. This particular moment between Ozzie and the reptilian blatantly spells out this theme. Aliens do not have to be trying to take over our planet or even have to exist for this to be an issue in the real world. We are literally glued to our phones and reject any ideas that are not typical to our current beliefs.

Whether it's a phone, computer, tablet, or television. We are slaves to our screens. There are countless articles and studies out there on the internet highlighting how social media and texting culture has completely over taken our lives. No more are the days when you see people interacting with one another with their undivided attention. You normally see friends hanging out, yet their faces are glued to their phones. To my own personal dismay, I have even seen small children with their faces glued to a phone or tablet. I don't agree with giving kids access to phone and tablet apps, but I also don't have any children. In today's world everyone is obsessed with getting likes, followers, and looking like a perfect saint living in a perfect world on social media. We are so consumed with our digital image inside a tiny screen world that we are basically slaves to our screens. Slaving away on the internet not paying attention to the real world. If anyone wanted to take over our society this would be the perfect time to do so. Everyone's too preoccupied with racial injustice, cancel culture, and virtue signaling any chance they get. Sometimes I really do believe that these tiny screens we spend so much time with actually are making us more and more closed minded. Unable to handle any concepts greater than what we already know.

If the average person was told that guns that give you a heart attack were real. They would say you were crazy. Despite China being the closest to publicly cloning a human, if you told someone cloned humans exist. They would tell you you were nuts. I mean I would say the person was full of crap if there was no concrete evidence. Why is it that we react in that way? Saying “well that's just crazy” really isn't a good enough answer. The real reason why is because our brains just can't wrap around an idea that is both terrifying and completely different from what is familiar to us. It's like back when we learned that the Earth revolves around the sun. People who first spoke of it were literally killed because the average person of the time couldn't handle that idea circling around in their society. We go to school and we are told we are learning concrete truths or at least truths that are reliable because our superiors told us so. In reality everything we learn in school could all be lies and we might not know it because we trust our caregivers and superiors to a fault. If this wasn't true then we wouldn't shun conspiracy theories as much as we do. Instead we would be open to new ideas and not shut them down at first glance. Of course this doesn't mean entertaining all the ideas of people who are a bit loony, but at least giving them a chance before shutting them down. Yet, for some reason we didn't learn from the people who died over learning the Earth is round and revolves around the sun. Instead we continue to be afraid of new ideas and label them as “crazy” before we even give it a chance.

Science fiction series People of Earth was a random series I was suggested by Hulu's algorithm after watching the last episode of Solar Opposites. I shamefully binge watched this whole series in one night and pretty much lost all my sleep time. The show keeps you watching and guessing what was going to happen to Ozzie and the rest of StarCrossed. I loved the comic relief of the alien abductors and their uniquely quirky personalities. It's a fun show to watch if you like both comedy and scifi. The only thing I hate to mention is that the series was cancelled and left at an intense cliff hanger that keeps you wondering what would of happened to StarCrossed and the rogue human sympathizer aliens.

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