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We are not alone.

By Hyapatia LeePublished 7 years ago 3 min read

I was taught by my elders that there are twelve members of our ancestral family in the stars and three are directly involved in our planetary family. To be clear, all these Star People are living sentient beings in a physical form. These are not gods or angels, although many people throughout the past have confused them as such. When we are able to communicate with these beings, we will still be in physical form, just as our human ancestors were centuries ago. If we learn these gifts through the help of others, it will in all likelihood be with the direct help of the Star People. There are many legends that tell of Star People bringing us the gift of fire.

First, from Sirius we have the Dreamers; next, the Pleiades are from where the Ancestors came, and finally, we are known as the Children. Earth is the planet of the Children. There are many rituals, spells, recipes, or programs (choose the term you prefer) that use what is called “The Children’s Count” to understand life and manifest reality. This is a way Numbers communicate with us here on this planet and, since it is very involved, will be covered in another book in the Native Strength series.

The other nine members of our stellar family are sometimes referred to as the Keepers who are from Andromeda; the Mentals from Orion; the Masters from Ursa Major (a Hindu legend says the brightest stars represent the seven sages); the Dancers from Ursa Minor; the Flyers from Pegasus; the Seers from Scorpius; the Jumpers from Bootes; the Builders from the Hercules; and the Revealers from Cassiopeia. These beings sit on a wheel, from which the standard Native American meanings for the directions on the compass can be applied to show their attributes. For example: as the west is the place of the physical, it is understandable that the Builders would sit in the west.

We sit in the south. This is important to note because the south is the place of emotions, trust, innocence, child-like wonder and also ignorance, music, and playfulness. This is how we manifest our being and how the others in the universe see us as well. We are the newest race and the least advanced. For example, it is obvious that we are not in control of our emotions. We put on false bravados, build walls to separate ourselves from others figuratively and physically, and as a race, we are prone to violent fits of anger. We can be as bellicose as a two-year-old having a temper tantrum. If we are to join the rest of the adults at the table, these other more advanced beings, we had better learn to behave ourselves.

In order to communicate with the others, we must evolve to a point where communication with them is actually possible. A basic vocabulary, an understanding of ourselves and our behavior, is first and foremost in any attempt to commune with others, whether they be human or otherwise. It has been said that the others vibrate at a much higher frequency. In order to be able to comprehend whatever they may wish to communicate to us, we will need to be functioning at the height of our abilities.


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Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee is the founder of Native Strength, a Native American path to emotional strength and enlightenment based on a centuries-old inter-tribal system.

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