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Nobody knew Her.

The Secret.

By Dawn EarnshawPublished 9 months ago Updated 8 months ago 12 min read

No one knew Her Secret.

The hidden secret.

The Blue Stone.

It was the most unexpected moment of my life when the radio contacted me, winning a holiday for four. John! John! I was running around the house with his shirt on, we had just finished decorating the children’s bedroom and fell into ours.

Life was like a dream, I couldn’t believe how idilic it was.

We all settled down to evening tea, excitement was overcoming us all knowing we had a holiday in Gran Canaries to look forward to, the beautiful mysteries of the Hagar Mountains, mysteries and mythology that there was a young woman a Goddess who was named Athena who fell in love with Darius and he didn’t feel the same. The tragedy was that he wooed Athena until she was absolutely besotted with him and promised to lay down her life for him. He basically broke her heart, he sailed away in his ship on a conquest of finding the blue moon stone, a stone that brought a great amount of power in knowledge of the universe, good and bad, powerful energy that passed through too the earth to be able to conquer and control certain events. Only he wasn’t finding the Stone for Athena and their future together by giving this gift to the king of Spain , it was for darker purposes. He never returned.

Rumours have it, Athena being a beautiful Goddess of love was only capable to love but not stay in love, so she could never commit herself, she would wait by the bottom of the Hagar Mountain in hope of Darius the Spanish Prince to return, where sailors would pass and become bedazzled by Athena and her beauty that they would be cursed by sailing off course into icebergs or Rocks but no one has seen Athena since these Myths have been passed down over the Centuries but Boats still have tragedies.

Suddenly there I was jolting into a void of endless gases of atoms that swirled around me and I was sitting in a Diving Pod. Five men frantically searching for answers that would never be answered or found as they were going to a nearby beach to spend their next eternity in building a village but this was not visible to humans as they were just about to pass into the next matrix of events that would change their lives forever.

A strange thing happened two of the men were able to see me suddenly, they should have been shocked, but no it was me; I couldn’t believe it, I looked up and down at myself to check if I looked the same way in dress, No! I had a long white Roman dress on, pearl earrings and necklace, nothing on my feet.

Can you help! please said this young man .

Please help! Begged this older man ,

For the boy he added, for the boy.

I put them to sleep after we had signalled for help from their main technical hub, where all the electrical equipment and wires were connected, somehow I knew how to send signals each hour to alert the above we were there.

It went on for two days but their response was too slow and they had no clue how or faith that the men were alive by conscious awareness of sleeping to conserve the air within the pod.

Whilst they were sleeping I slipped out and looked around and unbeknownst to me there was a huge Boat to the left at the bottom of the ocean, well instantly I realised it was not Darius but something Blue and shining through the water refractive crystal and the beam of light was beautiful.

I was enchanted and drawn to the blue Stone, I floated like a leaf on the water, it was so serene and surreal.

I picked up the blue Stone and put in my corset, well it felt like one and the warmth was like the sun breeze on an evening of sunshine that was just disappearing in the distance at the edge of the earth.

It felt like I had been accepted into a place and a different kind of light where I belonged and relieved of my past iniquity that the world, the real world knew nothing of or about. The weight oh the weight was gone, I was lifted like a feather soaring above mountains and forests as a large eagle, I clasped the crooked crags with my claws and perched in cave high in the Greek mountains. The view was spectacular and something I had never witnessed before not even when flying in an aeroplane, not even pictures of the moon and Galaxies could take this view from me. I felt unstoppable.

I returned to the sea and used my thoughts to change back to this person, I’m not sure who she is yet , to reach the men.

I talked with them to explain I had sent signals but we have to face facts that nobody was coming in time to save them, the young man thanked me and just said “Father there is something I need to tell you!” and he proceeds to try to explain what had occurred and was discussed between us.

His Father held him in his arms and the boy nestled his head on his knees and there was a sudden burst in the pressure and the Pod imploded. It was so tragic that I was crying but no tears were falling, my heart was just cracking and bleeding like I had just lost a child myself, it was heartbreaking.

Then before I knew it we were on the sea edge a pebbled beach and the Young Boy started to make a circle in pebbles, then diligently made a word help in the centre, his Father was bringing wood from the forest and the Captain of the pod looking at me began to talk but not with our mouth; no this was all telepathically executed and he explained that they had not come to terms with the fact they had moved into the next world and were trapped in an energy that kept them earthbound.

It was all very interesting and I didn’t know that this was all possible, let alone happened. Why now I thought am I experiencing this kind of wonderment and joy, surely this must be a secret or an illusion or dream that I just couldn’t wake myself from.

I spent the entire evening with the trapped Men, gently helping them with the chores and talking intensely and quietly about another world; really they exclaimed.

We sat round the campfire and chatted about how we move forward in death to another dimension, quite literally and figuratively I drew pictures in the sand, how I knew all the information was beyond me, I was explaining trigonometry, trajectory- projection- equations in quantum physics.

Marcus the Young Man was talking about how he learned math and studied physics in Einstein in his spare time. He was extremely intelligent and the Calculations of Mathematics and the Captain Jeaun Paul was then walking around all the information in the sand and talking about fathoms in measurements in depth and the pressure, I was talking to Jeaun telepathically unknowingly without the other two knowing about the two trapped men in between worlds. He explained we will have to generate scenario’s for the Pod and implosion tomorrow, I think that they had discussed everything possible to be able to develop and build the event that happened. It had been exhausting and I bid them good evening and I promised to return.

Next thing I woke up and John my beautiful husband and best friend was sleeping like a baby next to me. I leaned gently into him and he put his big strong arms around me and we joined each other in pleasure and organisms that I never expected or had previously experienced, things between us were magical.

The Quest.

I finished bathing Toby and Jessy was playing on her iPad while Frankie played in the backyard with his tricycle, John was watching football Manchester United were playing and when they were playing the whole game consumed him, nothing and I mean nothing moved his attention away from the game.

Toby was the youngest child just turned three years old and we had celebrated his birthday with all the family, neighbours and friends and life was so blessed and I couldn’t thank the Lord enough for this life.

Suddenly my head, I felt dizzy and a sharp pain across my eyes. I just thought, “ just a migraine coming on.”

I lay on my bed in the dark while John played with the children, suddenly I saw a big Blue Gemstone in my thoughts, No! No, I ran to the chest under my bed I kept for little things, ‘Grannies little pocket’ I called it.

Sure enough there it was! A Blue Gemstone I know was something like that which had been shown in a film I watched Titanic, it looked the same and it started out giving pulsating laser beams, it threw me backwards and an image began to appear on my ceiling, it looked like a Bull and it had hooves, red in the white of the eyes and I just froze and then when I crawled under the bed, hoping it would all disappear, it did.

I was having a panic attack but it felt like a heart attack, so I sprayed my Angina medication under my tongue and it began to ease.

What was that!!!

I almost ended up getting admitted into hospital because my heart was beating faster than normal and I already had heart conditions.

Then suddenly I was propelled into the Cave again; I recognised it somehow and I looked at myself again and I was in the Romantic Greece white dress, pearls- nothing on my feet.

There was breathing coming from behind me and somehow I knew not to look. I just stayed still and stared at the view out of the Cave, the sky was red and black all mixed up, like shepherd’s warning.

“Stay where you are! Do not turn your head around, and just listen to me” bellowed this voice, roughly speaking and with authority.

I was trembling.

The Blue Stone you have, I need you to bring it to me here when you visit on holiday, you will remember. Do not let me down and do not get caught with it; and definitely do not speak to anyone about the stone or me!”

“Yes Master,” it just came out without me thinking; mmm alarm bells started ringing of red flags.

I decided to look into any information regarding the Stone.

I had to go to the museum to find out about any information on this Gemstone.

Now Mythical it has been noted that Darius in 765AD A Prince in Greece and a Goddess named Athena had been linked to it. It is cursed to the Earth as it belonged in Jupiter with the Gods Cast out by God from Zunasis for playing with the humans on earth, games that were designed for their pleasure and enjoyment; this infuriated God after he learned of the final Quest he had found out that they had planned to gather more power to overthrow God’s Council. The Blue Gemstones were like the Tree of knowledge to the Demigods. Knowing, knowledge was the most powerful force that could help fight against God’s forces, his only weapon was to throw it into the bottom of the ocean, water would flow through the gemstones and limit their ability in order for the harmony of the Cosmic Empire and Galielion the Ruler of the Cosmic Kingdom.

Now further down the line Arius moved the Blue Gemstone to a place in Africa where he thought it to be safer than the sea.

Well in 1876 Christopher Wright a mining Manager found the Blue Gemstone in Africa where they were working for laying down train lines .

It was brought to England where Stanly Howarth the owner of the Shipping Company in London lived was shown the Blue Gemstone and instantly became mesmerised by it and purchased it for his wife Elizabeth who loved the colour blue and they were to embark upon a journey of a lifetime in the near future to America on a Ship that he helped to design, an unsinkable Ship that was to encapsulate the world of maritime history and myths for centuries to come, in more ways than one.

Elizabeth invited her cousin Mary and brother in law Arthur who was an artist on the Journey to take etchings of the holiday and paint murals on their return.

It was all exciting times this passage read, I read on impatiently as I really only wanted to find out about the Stone not all about Aunts, Cousins and all the trimmings, I needed to know why I had a ‘Strange entity in my bedroom and then being astral traveled to Greece in a mountain, with another entity I am calling Master’ .

The only other thing I could find out was that the Stone was passed on to a beautiful niece of the family who had been in the shipping company, but on returning from being saved from drowning on the fateful night that the Titanic sank, an young Irishman Artist , whom was also a helping deck hand on the Voyage of the Titanic in its fatal descent, hid herself from the limelight of whom she was on returning and also hid the Stone, until years later a cruise was going on the same route as the Titanic and she dropped the Blue Moon Gemstone back down to the Titanic in respect to the Gentleman she fell madly in love with on the Titanic only to loose him as he rescued her. So it didn’t mention anything about the Blue Moon Gemstone mythical properties only one could surmise that the Blue Gemstone was the cause with the Titanic sinking in the first place. But that was my assumption, with it being cursed. Now it did mention Moon and it started coming back to me in slight flashbacks of being in the water with the Blue Gemstone and the light refracted through to the sky and it felt like it was connecting to one of another Planets. Interesting, so far so good, it’s cursed , belongs really on another planet and has now awakened a spiritual entity that has raised red flags to me. Or could I be wrong and the entirety of the spirit was of good intentions?

Whatever the answer the Quest to find the mystery of interest in the Stone was now at an end for this particular mystery.

I flagged the 65 bus down and got back to Peckham to John and just fell into his arms on the sofa .

“ You alright Bethany ? “ said John

“Yes just been a long day that’s all, and I just feel so safe and energised in your arms.” I explained as I drifted into sleep .

“Okay” said John.

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