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New Technologies That Are Here To Save The World

Two New Breathtaking Technologies That Can Help Us Create A Better Future

By Abdul Hannan SaifPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

They say whoever they are the future is just around the corner well no the future is already here and these cool new inventions are here to prove it who knows they might just help save you as well as the planet.

Now this robot is Unstoppable and don't worry it's not going to take over the world or anything probably the thing you are looking at is called a Vine robot what distinguishes it from other soft robotss is that it's super tenacious when it comes to making it through difficult terrains and tight spaces which makes it appropriate for Missions like search and rescue the idea for this device actually came from real Vines the inventors were inspired by how a Vine moves and grows so they started thinking about ways they could replicate the same movement robotically eventually they came up with a simple and elegant design that doesn't require any expensive materials all they needed was some airtight tubing remember the water wiggle toys I do the mechanism of their soft robot acts just like that then to make it grow out from the tip they use compressed air and just like that the basics of their invention were ready it's so easy that you can build one yourself in as little as a minute aside from being easy to replicate their design comes with other advantages as well it can enter gaps 1/4 of its original size sticky surfaces and sharp objects don't really affect it as long as the air pressure is continued to be applied the inventors of course have upgraded their design and created different versions so that the robot will be able to perform various tasks for example they added a camera to the robot's tip which made it ideal for things like archaeology and the robot was even taken to the Andes Mountains of Peru to investigate some very narrow shafts underneath an archaeological site and was able to explore three of the tunnels successfully however the use of Vine robots will not be limited to underground it might be possible to use them for space exploration as well when blown into something like sand compressed air fluidizes in return this allows the vine robot to burrow into granular materials so NASA can use it to study the surfaces of other planets but it has one more application a miniature version of Vine robots can potentially be used for medical procedures such as intubation too making the process faster and easier talk about being multifunctional can you think of anything else it can be used for.

Now these capsules are not for swallowing tiny houses and Van life have been the hype for quite some time now but Vans require gas and Tiny Houses require some sort of infrastructure Eco capsules on the other hand require nothing these egg shaped micro units are 100% self-sustainable living pots that give you the freedom to place them wherever you like and to live off grid without causing any harm to Nature if all non-renewable energy sources were to end today you could still be able to live the life you're used to in the Eco capsules for up to several months so no need to go all survivor mode immediately e capsules can also be used as scientific research stations or even remote hotel rooms they are 88 square ft and are equipped with a smart home system they come with sleeping space for two a kitchenette shower and toilet storage space and even electrical Outlets they create their own electricity using a combination of a wind turbine up on a telescopic pole and a roof that is lined with solar panels their unique shape allows them to collect rainwater the rainwater that falls on their surface is gathered in their tanks where it is then filtered and becomes ready for use in case there are no rainfalls for a while the tanks can still be filled from any water source such as a lake or a river and in terms of drinking water additional filters are installed directly on the faucets the greatest thing about ego capsules is that they have almost zero emissions and zero ecological footprint so every Eco capsule inhabitant will basically be taking part in saving the world while they're living in it and if everyone start living in these capsules then they can for sure help to change the future.

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