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Navigating the Future with Absstem: Comprehensive Gas Equipment Innovations

Reinventing Perfomance

By Absstem Technologies LLP Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Absstem Technology


In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses seeking to thrive. As industries grapple with the challenges posed by increasing environmental regulations, shifting consumer demands, and technological advancements, innovative solutions are becoming more crucial than ever. Among the pioneers leading the charge in gas equipment innovation is Absstem Technology, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way industries handle gases with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions.

Being the first company in India to use PSA technology, Absstem offers the whole range of gas equipment plants that may be used in various applications. Absstem end-to-end skills, which include design, assembly, testing, modification, and servicing, have earned us recognition from the Indian government, Startup India, and the Department of Industry Policy and Promotion. As a result, they are the industry leaders in Gas Separation.

Since launching MedO in 2017, Absstem incredibly effective oxygen generator has led the industry in technological advancements. Absstem team of bright young things has successfully changed the way Indian industries operate by creating and implementing new technology. Absstem philosophy is to continuously innovate in order to consistently surpass the state-of-the-art. As a result, they are now experts in producing nitrogen and oxygen gases.

Absstem Four Main Products that Help Different- Different Industrial Areas

Medical Oxygen Generators (MedO)

The goal of MedO, an intelligent and effective oxygen generator, is to assist healthcare facilities in producing Medical Oxygen Generator for Hospitals. They avoid having to stockpile pre-filled cylinders and overcome logistical obstacles as a result. Even with a high concentration of pollutants in the intake, MedO produces oxygen within the recommended purity range of 93% ± 3% thanks to a specific bacterial filter and a succession of air filters.

Industrial Oxygen Generators (IdoS)

High-purity oxygen is widely needed in the contemporary industrial environment for a variety of purposes. At Absstem, they support you in achieving cost-effectiveness while maximizing production. Without a doubt, Idos, Absstem powerful industrial oxygen generator, is the greatest substitute for traditional oxygen delivery systems like pre-filled cylinders. It is appropriate for a wide variety of business or industrial applications. You will have access to a reliable and safe and pure oxygen produced on-site with Idos. It is simple to use and maintain because to its intuitive touchscreen interface.

Industrial Nitrogen Generators (nGEN)

Nitrogen gas is the most abundant element in breathable air (78%), and it has several uses. This gas has a plethora of industrial applications, including tempering copper wires, producing clothing materials, and replacing oxygen in food preparation. The days of a manufacturing facility or any other industry with regular industrial nitrogen generator needing to meet its nitrogen requirements using solely high-pressure pre-filled cylinders are long gone. After years of research and diligent labor, Absstem has developed an effective industrial nitrogen generator based on PSA. With it, you may produce nitrogen on-site at whatever purity level needed for Absstem application.

Industrial Nitrogen Generators (nGENX)

Nitrogen gas is the most abundant element in breathable air (78%), and it has several uses. They created and produced the industrial Nitrogen Generators nGENX in order to meet the specific requirements for food packaging, chemical blanketing, and nitrogen padding. The days of a manufacturing facility or any other industry with regular needing to meet its nitrogen requirements using solely high-pressure pre-filled cylinders are long gone. After extensive research and diligent labor, Absstem has developed the effective nGENX. It lets you produce nitrogen on-site at the necessary purity levels.

Absstem Plan

In 2017, Absstem Technologies made its debut in the gas separation industry. Absstem goal is to continue being the clients' first choice by introducing fresh, creative, and effective solutions.

Absstem Vision

Innovate to Stand" is the vision. With a platform to inspire and support aspiring entrepreneurs, hope to see India become an autonomous leader in technology development. What sets us apart is Absstem unwavering dedication to excellence.

Absstem Goal

Absstem goal is to become the leader in innovation and to make the nation self-sufficient in technology-driven solutions. Absstem work with a specific goal in mind: to continuously surpass Absstem client’s expectations in terms of both quality and service.

In Conclusion

Absstem Technologies stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of technology solutions. Throughout Absstem Journey, they have remained committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility, delivering cutting-edge products and services that empower businesses and individuals alike. Absstem dedication to quality, coupled with a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, has cemented Absstem position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


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Absstem Technologies LLP

Absstem, the pioneer of PSA technology in India, deals in the complete range of gas equipment plants suitable for different areas of applications. Recognized by the Government of India, DIPP Department of Industry Policy and Promotion.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fascinating! Well written! 😘

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