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Naming Mermaids

by KD Bissonette about a year ago in fantasy
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There are MANY name lists all over the internet. Names meaning water, names for creatures, names for fantasy characters, names for mermaids and more. There are also many name generators for anything you can imagine. Some are more serious and some are just silly but you can find anything you might be looking for if you keep searching! I have saved many of my favourite names for the warrior mermaids in my world. They come from all over the world:

Names for water/sea/song:

Ambre(French, "jewel")

Arcelia(Spanish, "treasure chest")

Binda(Australia, "deep water")

Brimlad(England, "seaway")

Caniad(English/Welsh, "song")

Canta(Latin America, "song")

Chelsi(America, "seaport")

Delbin(Greek, "dolphin")

Earwyn(England, "friend of the sea")

Ebba(English, "flowing tide")

Edlen(English, "noble waterfall")

Johari(African/African-American, "jewel")

Jorie(Greek, "pearl")

Kailani(America, "sea and sky")

Kailee(Hawaii, "sea and sky")

Kaimana(Hawaiian, "power of the sea")

Kairi(French, "song")

Kallan(Scandinavia, "flowing water")

Lage(Sweden, "from the sea")

Laguna(Italian, "pond, lake, beach")

Laine(Scandinavia, "wave")

Maarit(Finnish/Greek, "pearl")

Mandara(Indian/Sanskirt, "coral tree")

Manee(Thai, "precious stone")

Mankalita(America, "a pearl")

Mara(Israel, "bitter sea")

Marared(English, "pearl")

Marisol(Cuba, "sunny sea")

Marissa(Latin America, "of the sea")

Marit(Netherlands, "pearl")

Marita(Greek, "pearl")

Mele(America, "song")

Mererid(English/Welsh, "pearl")

Meret(German, "pearl")

Merete(Danish/Greek, "pearl")

Meri(Finnish, "sea")Moselle(Hebrew/Israeli, "from the water")

Muiel(Irish, "knows the sea")

Muirgheal(Irish, "knows the sea")Naiya(Greek, "water nymph")

Nakendra(American, "water baby, magical")

Nami(Japanese, "wave")

Nanami(Japanese, "seven seas")

Takara(Japanese, "treasure, jewel")

Taki(Japanese, "plunging water fall")

Tama(Japan, "jewel")

Tamami(Japanese, "beautiful gem")

Taraneh(Persia, "song")

Tarni(Australia, "salt water, wave, surf")

Tegeen(America, "pearl harvest")

Teles(Latin America, "siren")

Toccata(Italian, musical term)

Zimra(Hebrew, "song")

Names meaning warrior or the like:

Aella (whirlwind)

Alala (warlike)

Alivia (elf army)

Andere (warrior)

Andra (warrior)



Batilde (fight, battle)

Bellona (warlike)

Bodil (battle of revenge)

Bojana (warrior)

Boyana (warrior)

Brielle (warrior of God)

Camilla (attendant)

Dalleka (distant battle)

Dalena (distant battle)

Drea (warrior)

Drew (warrior)

Earline (warrior)

Enyo (warlike)

Everild (boar battle)

Fianna - Irish, means "band of warriors"

Finley - Scottish, means “fair warrior.”

Hedy (contending battle)

Ildi (battle)

Maia - Maori, means “brave warrior.”

Marcella - Latin, means “warlike.”

Marcheline - French, means “warrior”

Malin - English, means “strong" or little warrior”

Martina - Spanish, means "warrior"

Sasha - Russian, Ukranian, English, French, means “defending warrior.”

Shamra - Arabic, means "ready for battle"

Wyetta - Old English, means "war strength"

Vivika (war)

Tyra (Thor's warrior)

As you can probably see I like unique and different names, not the usual. Some of my favourite mermaid characters in my world are:

Cascata (waterfall)...she loves Emilian Karoli (one of my sea gypsy characters), and Jorie, Kailani, Marisol, Nakendra, Dalleka, Maia, Sasha all warrior mermaid friends of Danior Karoli (Emilian's younger brother and a BIG part of the story).

I have added many different mermaids to my worlds like Varina (the names above relate to them [Warriors]-in the sea), Nixen (river mermaids), Venessa (shadow mermaids-also river), Rusalka (Nerida-she's an evil one-in the sea), Ningyo (Japanese mermaid-also evil-in the sea), and Lotra (mermen-in the sea).

Merman Names:

Aalton(Finnish, "wave")

Abharan(India, "jewel")

Abijam(Israel, "father of the sea")

Abrecan(English, "storm")

Aegaeus(Latin America, "from the Aegean sea")

Alankar(India, "jewel")

Ambudhi(India, "the sea")

Anse(French, "cove")

Bien(Vietnam, "ocean, sea")

Bhupendra(India, "king of seas")

Bo(Chinese, "wave-like")

Cadao(Vietnamese, "song")

Cain(Welsh, "clear water")

Camline(Latin America, "song")

Cas(Dutch/Persian, "king of the treasure")

Chelan(Native American, "deep water")

Daileass(Scotland, "from the waterfall")

Dallas(Celtic, "dwells by the waterfall")

Damarion(American, "of the sea or bitter")

Deniz(Turkey, "the sea")

Dour(Scottish, "from the water")

Dover(Welsh/English, "water")

Ekaitz(Basque, "storm")

Emiyn(English/Welsh, "waterfall")

Ervin(Hungary, "friend of the sea")

Erwyn(England, "friend of the sea")


Firth(Scotland, "arm of the sea")

Galel(Arabic/Hebrew, "wave of God")

Galon(Hebrew, "a strong wave")

Gazsi(Hungarian/Persian, "king of the treasure")

Jahara(Arabic, "jewel")

Jamarion(American, "sparks and sea")

Jasper(Hebrew, "jewel")

Jauhar(Africa, "gem pearl")

Jawhar(Arabic, "jewel")

Jennis(America, "wild wave")

Jesper(Danish/Persian, "king of the treasure")

Jett(English, "gemstone")

Kai(Hawaiian/Latin, "from the sea")

Kaiholo(Hawaiian, "moving sea")

Kaikane(Hawaiian, "masculine sea")

Kailano(Polynesian/Hawaiian, "sea")

Kainalu(Hawaiian, "ocean that billows")

Kaito(Japanese, "sea, ocean")

Kano(Japanese, "the god of the waters")

Kenn(Welsh/Irish, "clear water, clear as bright water")

Keone(Hawaiian, "the sand")

Kousuke(Japanese, "clear bay")

Kye(American, "ocean")

Lamarr(French, "of the sea")

Llyr(Welsh, "from the sea")

Mar(Spanish, "the sea")

Mare(French, "the sea")

Mariatu(African, "of the sea or bitter")

Marin(Latin America, "of the sea")

Marinel(Latin, "of the sea")

Marino(Latin America, "of the sea")

Marinos(Latin America, "of the sea")

Meris(Latin America, "of the sea")

Merle(Gaelic, "shiny sea")

Merlyn(Celtic/Welsh, "sea fortress")

Merric(Irish, "ruler of the sea")

Morgen(Welsh, "of the sea")

Muireann(Irish, "of the sea or bitter")

Murchadh(Irish/Gaelic, "fighter of the sea, "protector of the sea")

Nadish(India, "the sea")

Nalu(Hawaii, "wave")

Namazzi(Africa, "water")

Narayan(India, "moving water")

Neifion("Welsh form of Neptune, god of the sea")

Nen(Arabic/Egyptian, "ancient waters")

Premanth(India, "a sea of love")

Proteus(Greece, "a sea god")

Rani(Hebrew/Israeli, "song")


Rio(Spanish, "river")

Roka(Japan, "white crest of the wave")

Shoney(Irish, "sea god")

Shui(Chinese, "coming from water")

Strom(Swedish, "river")

Zaire(African/Arabic, "river")

Zale(Greece, "sea strength")

Zulimar(Spanish, "blue ocean")

Some of my Lotra characters are: Aegaeus, Bien, Deniz, Firth, Kye, Mar, Merlyn, Merric, Reef and Roka. I am still building my worlds so some of these may change but I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I LOVE mermaids! The more the merrier! :)

Do a search of your own and find out which mermaid names you like!


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KD Bissonette

I've gone through many things in my life and I simply want to find a moment now and then to share the struggle, the journey and some of the achievements (though I am VERY slow). I keep on keeping on.

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