Missile False Alarm is Misdirection

Generates Resource Reallocation for Pacific Pivot

Missile False Alarm is Misdirection

What a nightmare! Who could even imagine a warning going off saying there was an incoming missile and that is was not a drill. Could it get any worse? Obviously, if it was real it would be worse but it turned out to be a false alarm or was it.

Another scenario that could be worse would be waking up to the possibility Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). Imagine an ET architecture that employs misdirection, subliminal dissemination, and war via HET (Humanoid Extra Terrestrials) living among the EA. Seems like a plot for a Hollywood blockbuster, not something that would have anything to do with the confusion taking place out in the middle of the Pacific.

How could what is being portrayed as an "epic failure of leadership" in this article actually be the possibility of an "epic example of ET leadership?" Remember the Pacific Pivot designed to deal with the expanding militaristic growth in the Asia Pacific region (here)? The Pacific Pivot has been declared finished and the "new administration has its own plan for the region, even if that plan has yet to take shape."With the possibility of Hetlau, could there really be a plan for all of Earth that this plan for the region is just part of? Could creating a false alarm raise the level of awareness of possible nuclear war in the region to a higher level? Would this then generate billions of more dollars to become available by a panicked public who wants safety and security at all costs?Imagine how much easier it's going to be for lawmakers to spend money to audit why the false alarm happened, put measures in place to prevent it from happening, and most importantly spend money making sure there is an adequate missile defense system in place.The FCC is already saying they are going to start an investigation into it to audit what happened (here).Ever heard of "Munchausen syndrome by proxy" or MSbP? Also known as factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA or FDIoA), is a condition where a caregiver or spouse fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems in those who are in their care, with the primary motive of gaining attention or sympathy from others.Imagine the possibility of a Hextocracy and Hextary, who the whole time they have been in existence have been creating the problems in order to appear as the person solving the problem. All the while making it easier to get the problem solved by getting the taxpayers to willingly empty their wallets every time they asked because the problem seems so insurmountable.

Do we need to consider introducing new terminology to explain the possibility of what is going on? ESbP - eXtra terrestrial syndrome by proxyor EDIoA - eXtra terrestrial disorder imposed on another

Imagine if the HET need to develop the technology in the Pacific region, a problem like the false alarm will make getting funding for dealing with the problem easier. Imagine if developing all this technology is really part of a much larger plan that has been going on with all the wars being fought on Earth. That's just too much for an EA to get their mind around.

Could the possibility exist where the HET are using the savior complex in the form of ESbP or EDIoA to generate the scenarios they need to facilitate the actions they want to accomplish? They certainly can't just come forward and say hey we're here and this is what we want to do is that ok with you guys.

If you stop to think about it if HET live among us on Earth why are the EA at war with themselves? The problem is the EA aren't smart enough to realize the possibility the HET are here, much less figure out how to get them to reveal themselves. Even if the EA could get to that unimaginable point they certainly are going to have an extremely hard time understanding why an ET being is going to live among them as HET and have them fight wars against each other. Little do they realize what an effective method war is for controlling and developing the way technology evolves on the planet.

Once you are aware of the possibility of Hetlau and you pay attention to the repeating patterns going on everyday, you can see the events of misdirection playing right into the ET architecture framework. Pay enough attention and you won't even have to wait for disclosure.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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