Marsh Vegaa: The Shark-Toothed Dolphin File

"War, war may never change. But yet the day will come where the sunlight outshines that darkness."

Marsh Vegaa: The Shark-Toothed Dolphin File

Marsh Vegaa Ch. I

Today was even harsher than ever this fall. After traveling far and wide through the Commonwealth with my mutant companion "Strong" finding new places to build settlements became clearer. While building some beds and water supplies may have been easy at first, my knowledge in science to build a proper power source may take some time. Tower defenses must be built and weapons have to be supplied to any settlers to sustain a peaceful thriving community. In time my hope is that the “Heroes of the Old Days” may return one day and destroy the overwhelming population of mutant creatures.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.II

The wasteland is the rotten fruit brushed against the lips of the youth. The horror I had to endure today was atrocious. My mutant companion "Strong" and I had traveled from the Red Rocket gas station to Slag, a new settlement recently established during our adventures. During our expedition we came across Slag seeking ingredients needed to change our weapons and armor. At first when we reached our destination the ghoul like settlers had asked for my help with a subgroup of mercenaries legendary mutants in the woods behind Slag. On our way to the mutant camp, “Strong” and I had been ambushed by two assault bots possibly sent by The Institute. Leading these bots straight into the mutant camp was the victory in itself waiting to happen.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.III

Today seemed like a brand new day. My mutant companion “Strong” was left at the new cinema settlement. One my way back to the Red Rocket, I met a solo Paladin Armor Wearer named Danse. He spoke briefly spoke on the wasteland of Washington D.C. This place had been ground zero when the bombs fell. Rumors of being covered in blue aura had established himself as protector of Earth. But after a fallout, this being gave his loved ones cancer unknowingly. I can only imagine what this land looks like now and how it could have been potentially after the radioactivity diminishes.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.IV

Now weeks into our adventures together, Paladin Danse and I had recovered information and intercom recordings on a fallen team of the Brotherhood of Steel. It had seemed as though a monstrous beast had attack their campsite. The team took to their power cores installed in the back of their power armor to unleash a blast strong enough to drop the beat from existence. Could there had been a hive that if completely hatched would have spawned a wave of a new breed of enemies. I had established with Paladin Danse that if possible we would find the commanding officers living out somewhere in this Boston wasteland.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.V

With Paladin Danse and I furthering our search for the commander of the deceased Brotherhood of Steel squad, the proposal of heading to the mega city known as Diamond City came to mind. With heavy disappear in my heart, Paladin Danse and I managed to get imprisoned earlier on during our journey. It began with a few Mr.Handy Robots—they had a sole purpose as a planned machine to protect the facility it was guarding. This Mr.Handy Robots had overridden its programming to keep Ghouls that managed to break in from a rusted decaying wall which had killed everybody in the building. This complex robot had forced us inside the captivated area to find the ingredients necessary to flush out an airborne pathogen able to kill any infected scientists.

Marsha Vegaa Ch.VI

Life on this deserted wasteland can hide in secret the human races' intention of pure evil. On my journey through Diamond City my wallet's balance happened to barter with multiple vendors. In exchange for enough bullets necessary to survive 'til next camp's fire I had planned on fulfilling a few bounty hunter contracts. One of which unfortunately, finally led me to leave with Paladin Danse. We had entered a corridor filled with raiders on the west side of town during our exit of the city. Upon entering the rancid raider dungeon filled with blood, limbs, and gore, we had found paintings of demonic features. We cracked the master lock on the basement door to find a passageway which broke through the earth's core and was only filled with more darkness and gunfire.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.VII

I traveled, bartered, and shot my way to get two thousand caps for a residence permit to live in Diamond City—ironic how in this new world the meek never inherit this Earth, it inherited its wasteland. Within my new home I found shelter, a bed, a synth phobic community, and at last a new view on life in this wasteland. I thought long and hard on how the demonic painting dungeon Paladin and I had entered earlier this week gave us the tense battle experience of ten lifetimes. I decided to part with Paladin Danse to recruit someone in the city named “Piper” that had an ear to the ground on what shakes and moves around these parts. My next move was to strip the old Movie Cinema settlement and form a brand new home within Diamond City.

Marsh Vegaa Ch.VIII

Traveling through the wasteland, “Piper” and I followed the Freedom Trail which led us to the Common Grounds. This was a Merlak site that hosted a colony of Merlak eggs for the taking. Upon our exit we entered an insane battle with the Merlak Queen. The acid spitting rapidly from the monstrous castration almost melted my skin and bones for sure. A few strategically placed mines and a couple of missile launcher shells laid waste to the giant enemy. Exiting led “Piper” and I to run into a group of mutant gunners which would have repercussions later on our journeys.

Mash Vega Ch.IX

Finally entering the Common Grounds of Boston MA, the monster SWAN came from out of a lagoon weathered by severe radiation. “Piper” and I managed to get a glimpse of the beast before strategizing our plan. After subduing a few cannibalistic raiders, the two of us laid waste to the small camp living within a building next to the monster’s home. I decided to parkour around the rooftop of the raider building and battle SWAN with a handcrafted bolt-action sniper rifle. After dodging a derby of rocks thrown by the behemoth, I ended the monster's life and looted his body for any rare supplies worth selling at the Diamond City Market.

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