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Lost in Space

Is it really a Charm or a Reality with a price?

By Syeda Ayesha ArshadPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Lost in Space
Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

I always wanted to be an astronaut, to go see what outer space felt like. The charm of adventure. I thought I might become a NASA Intern or an Astronaut, or if not that, maybe get a Job as an Astrophysicist there. Those privileges are just for US Citizens, I came to know when I actually applied for it. Well that's a sad story. Isn't it?

I guess anything happens, happens for the best. It turns out now I'm in my Final Year of Medical School.

So, I have my break going on before the classes start for Final Year, and I started watching this series on Netflix; Lost in Space, which has three seasons. I got done with one season and onto the second one now.

It made me wonder, is going into space worth the try or is it just a wish which comes with more cons than pros. Risks at the hand of passion? That season made me love Earth and realize how ungrateful we are for it.

We don't know what lies out there in outer space for us. And it doesn't matter how many people have gone out there, the thing to consider is, is it worth the risk.

Though, I'm not saying I would miss a chance to go to outer space maybe just for a visit, but the thing is why would we want to inhabit another planet at the cost of everything.

Okay let's forget the idea about visiting once. Consider going out there, on any other planet and actually starting life from zero. How hard would that be?

Don't think I'm running away from hard work.

Actually, I want you to think of starting a civilization out there. Building homes, schools, meeting the same people or you might as well encounter some Alien friends to hangout with. I see you laughing out there. That was hilarious. LOL!

What's the purpose of inhabiting another planet when you want to make it exactly like Earth?

There should be something more. When we travel the world, we want to see the monuments and famous places of that place.

So, if we're going into space, shouldn't it be different from our actual home on Earth. I know it's amazing, such an awing moment to see space, to float in the air, not to feel gravity and tossing stuff around to see it flying. It sounds fun right?

I don't even know why I'm saying this. Because I badly want to see the Outer space. But this series made me wonder about it. The very thought of being alienated by your own people. Woah! That's kinda something!

In case you're wondering what's the story, let me tell you some pointers and I'm not gonna spoil it for you but it's a Good, actually Amazing series.

There's this family, The Robinsons, who is a group of Nerdy Cool gang with a Scientist Mother, Engineer sister, a Doctor sister, an Intelligent brother and a Soldier Father. They qualify and leave for Outer Space. Their resolute gets attacked and they land on some planet where there are creatures. Although deep in the forest but yeah!

So they attempt surviving and try to get their wrecked engine working and they're short on fuel. There were some other families as well who were with them but they all got in contact later on. And the story goes on and on. I'm not gonna tell you much or less than this. Gotta find out for yourself.

So, I was wondering how many of you would actually give up your life on Earth to start living off on another planet without any assurance of a habitable space for you out there and you know there might not be a chance of coming back.

Come on don't take it negative, I mean it might be habitable and you won't need to come back because it might seem like an in ideal place.

We humans are social beings. No matter hard we try or how much introverts we could be, we'll always seek company. We'll always find comfort in other's arms. We'll always want to be loved!

Let's talk about another Season in the next Blog! The one I'm currently watching is "Fate: The Winx Saga!" And I've got a couple of thoughts on that one too.

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  • The Arts Gatsby2 months ago

    The idea of space has always been a fascination for me. Good job writing this one

  • Syed Ammad Bukhari2 months ago

    Cool! Well I would really like to visit Outer Space at the expense of everything 😀

  • Laiba Arif2 months ago

    Niceeee😍U made me wonder about space too🥹😍anyways waiting for the next one😍

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