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Kindness as a Strength: 2018s New Moon in Libra

October 8th at 15 Degrees Libra

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

The 2018 October New Moon will occur on Monday, October 8th at 11:46 PM EDT at 15'48 degrees Libra.

New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, when the Moon is conjunct the Sun and invisible to the human eye.

New Moons are a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and radical awakenings. It is a good time to question old habits & release any behaviors or beliefs that no longer serve you.

New Moons are a good time to think about & plan out what you want to manifest within the next couple of a weeks. Whatever you begin now, expect it to come into completion around the time of the October 24th Full Moon.

Since this week's New Moon is in the sign of Libra, expect new beginnings around areas of relationships, your beliefs about fairness & justice, and the balance between self and other.

This New Moon will occur only two days after Libra's ruling planet, Venus, goes retrograde. So, perhaps, this will be a good night to look within and think about what it is you seek in a partnership, or in all your relationships. This is a good time to look within and think about what it is you truly value in another person - be it, friend, lover, co-worker, roommate, anyone. This is also a good time to look within and think about what prevents you from having the type of relationship(s) you desire. How do you fix this? What are some better ways you could handle conflict in these relationships?

This New Moon is also aided by a powerful square from Pluto at 18'46 degrees Capricorn, bringing power and control issues out to the surface. With Libra's ruling planet Venus in Pluto's home sign of Scorpio, now is a good time to reflect on any power and control issues present in your existing relationships. By "relationship," here I don't mean "romantic," though it is a good time to reflect on any inequality or imbalances of power that may be present in your romantic relationships. But I mostly mean, how do themes of power and control influence the way you interact with the people around you? And that means with everyone you meet. How do imbalances of social power subtly or not-so-subtly influence your daily interactions? How do you contribute this? With Pluto representing not only power but 'death', and the Sun & the Moon representing the self, now is a good time to kill off the parts of yourself that no longer serve you or humanity, Are you more manipulative and power-hungry than you dare admit? And is this really beneficial to you? Or is it actually more pragmatic and more in your own self-interest to foster greater harmony and better relationships with the people around you?

Now, is a good time to begin health regimes. This could be diets, meditation practices, new medications, new therapies, etc. I strongly suggest getting involved in therapy or beginning a journal at this time. This is a time of cleansing.

With Pluto representing 'death,' and the Sun & Moon representing the self, now is a good time to kill off the parts of yourself that are no longer beneficial. This is a time of cleansing. Since the Sun & the Moon are in Libra, I mainly see this as a time for ridding ourselves of anything within that is not conducive to social harmony, or the greater good. Since the Sun & the Moon are in Libra, I mainly see this as a time of cleansing ourselves of anything that prevents us from fostering healthy relationships with others.

There is also a wide (6 degree) trine to Mars in Aquarius at 9 degrees, signaling us to take action. If the Sun & Moon's square to Pluto are about ridding us of anything that is not conducive to social justice, the Sun & the Moon's trine to Mars are about strengthening qualities that are. How can we foster social harmony? How do we foster social justice? What can we do to change our social landscape and improve our relationships with the world around us for the better?

Mars' square to Venus gives romantic and sexual relationships an extra boost or maybe this aspect is not about romance/sex at all. With Mars so closely squaring Venus, there could be disagreements about the most appropriate way to handle situations at this time: will we accomplish our goals better by being aggressive, or by being diplomatic? The Sun & Moon in Libra seem to favor the latter. Kindness gets you what you want more than is often appreciated.

So, that's it for today's report. Expect a more in depth report for the October 24th Full Moon in Taurus. This one was rather rushed as I wrote it all in one night but the message still stands strong:

Examine your relationships, examine what you want in your relationships, examine what's preventing you from having it, examine any power or control issues present in your day-to-day relationships.

Think about what is better: being powerful or being kind? Sometimes the latter is more pragmatic than given credit for. The more obsessed you are with having power, the less powerful you truly are.

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Kaitlyn Maura

My name’s Kait. I would define myself mainly as a truth seeker. I write about a lot of things, primarily astrology, religion & spirituality, relationships and social issues.

Website: https://www.astrologybykait.com/

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