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June Horoscopes (All Signs)

by Prof. Personal 4 months ago in astronomy

It's the final countdown..

as the Earth keeps spinning in chaos, we just gotta keep rolling with the punches

We are tired. We are fed up, and we can all agree that we want change this month, however the way the universe is catapulting these changes onto us; well that's another story. Maybe all of these inconveniences are popping up because you need to slow down, maybe you wouldn't forget your keys or wallet if you just took a moment to pause this morning instead of reaching for that phone. Life is all about moving in a certain delicate pace, its not about the rush. June is teaching us all about this but in varying different ways and severities of teaching. Dropping what doesn't matter and picking up as well as rediscovering what truly does.

F**k the likes, its all about if you like yourself now and figuring out how you wanna show that self to the world.

Without further interruption, here are your monthlies..

Air Signs


Happy Birthday to us! (fellow gem here) While everyone is out in the spotlight we are actually being encouraged to step within, retreat and go through a major make over and rejuvenation period. Instead of focusing on career, we are needing to focus on building a deeper sense of self love so that everything else can intermingle and flow together, like a beautiful sequence of events. June is leading us to a place of refined structure and outlook on life. Any obstacles that pop up, you'll be able to handle with a breeze and also don't fret if you feel a bit detached from your emotions this month, trust that it's for your own good. The world is a vampire right now.


You are ready to leave someone or something in the dust this month that has caused you a lot of pain and strife. It feels as though you've literally been through the wire and back, now you are able to take a step back and see how much you have truly grown and changed. Your energy feels strong, determined and sensible. Everything you need to succeed as before, too many emotions were getting in the way. Finally in June you have the clarity you need to move past this difficult situation without anymore regrets or shame of the past. If it still feels hard, by the end of June, trust me on this one, you will feel so much better, stronger, lighter and empowered. Hang in there, Libra, the emotional war and battle is almost over.


Have you took cooler than being cold to another degree and level? This month is asking you to look at your emotions and how much of them you are really showing. You have truly taken "I can do bad all by myself" to another level and it's starting to push a few people away as well as blessings that wanna come in for you, you just gotta open that big ole' heart again. It's safe to and honestly those who truly love and know you, they can see through the act. It's okay to admit that you are still hurt about a few things, no one is criticizing you for having emotions but yourself and June is going to help you work through this.

Water Signs


It's time to drop the shell this month and let someone in, it's also a good month for you to open your heart back up to a passion, hobby, or skill that had taken a backseat because you had to focus on other things. You could be working through a lot of negative back talk in your head this month, times where you are positive and then a bit down the next, and then other times where you are uncertain. It's best for you to be still through those rough emotional moments and let the tides pass as you are still healing from either a negative outlook on self or someone who may have been verbally abusive to you. You are no longer your past and you determine your future, June is going to push you to really start acting like it. Take time to think on what happiness looks like to you in this next new chapter of life, and don't rush the process of your healing


This month, you are finally taking back rein of control over your Kingdom of Emotions. It's all about your emotional needs and wants; no one else's right now. You are finally starting to feel like yourself again but this doesn't mean going back to the people or situations who drained you in the first place, it's actually about moving as far away from them as possible so that you can get your Piscerian groove back. No one is gonna stop you from doing you this month so don't make any excuses to look back. Focus on your money and expanding your brand or business this month and watch it come back to you tenfold, the world needs you to focus on you this month, we need your dreamy ideas and visions.


Are you in love again, Scorpio? It seems like someone or a passion is tugging at your heart strings and its time for you to invest your all into these mushy gushy feelings. It's about time you soaked and bathed in all of the love the universe has been wanting to give to you. June is all about embracing the good vibes as opposed to making excuses or conspiracies on how these good vibes can't possibly last... oh yes, they can and in fact, the more positive and lovey you are, the more you'll be able to see your connections and creativity flourish. The lovebug is coming at you fast and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it, just let it inspire you and see how much you soar

Fire Signs


It's time to drop the past this month, or the universe will literally force you into a corner until this "thing" is dropped. Don't be afraid to let go of hurt and disappointment out of fear that you would no longer be able to prove a point to someone from your past who truly deserves none of your attention anymore. You may have done this passive aggressive sort of moving on but you never truly moved on, did you? June is going to push you to confront just what it is you may have lied to yourself about letting go of. There are new things that wanna present themselves to you this month and you can no longer live in the twilight zone, so what's it gonna be, Aries? The past or the present?


You'll be called to make a decision this month between you and someone else's needs or wants. It will be an uncomfortable place to be in , however deep down you know the answer to this issue, and for a lot of you its space and time. Why are you afraid to confront this aspect of yourself? The part of you who puts yourself into a state of confusion when you so badly wanna make something into your eyes of perfection. You aren't confused, you are just conflicted with the truth of the matter and situation. There are just certain things you have to admit you have outgrown and even behaviors and patterns you have to face no longer serve you. June is asking you to put aside your pride and be realistic about the choices you have to make throughout the month. The sooner you can face this conflict, the sooner you can get your mojo back.


You are finally finding balance and harmony within your life again and it is helping you to reconnect with you natural flow of inner peace. You may have been cut off from this for sometime due to imbalanced situations and connections but now that you have cleared and made space for the new, it's allowing a whole new world to open up to you, full of love, better friendships and better opportunities. Be calm and be easy, you don't have to do much to align with these things, its already owed to you.

Earth Signs


You are finally ready to let go of strong willed beliefs and also ready to retire the title of being "stubborn" and surrendering to the flow of the universe. This is wonderful for you as things have been a bit too uptight and stressful in your life to the point where you didn't know how to pull the "off" switch on your Go Drive. The fruits of your labor wanna come in this month but there's a need to master the art of doing nothing. Take time to rest, pull back and not watch the stats of your life so much.. you'll be amazed at how much this speeds your progress up. Don't be afraid to draw outside of the lines this month because you'll find the more you step outside of your comfort zone and usual, that's where you'll find the most joy


You don't know where to go or what do to this month and that's okay. It's cool to not know where to start because this is life calling you to take it back to the basics. The simpler things in life. Music, art, food and just enjoying the day to day movement of the world is what you are being called to focus on this month. You are still waiting for things to come together at this time and waiting for answers to be made clear to you so in this meantime it's important that you gather data and knowledge in other areas of your life that could benefit you tremendously down the line. Invest in education and new skills this month or watch paint dry. It still won't knock you off track.


Much life Sagittarius , you are finding your flow and lane in life again and it should begin to feel oh so good by the middle of the month. You are no longer concerned about proving points to anyone or letting anyone know what you are up to or what you are doing, you are getting better at knowing that success means nothing if it doesn't mean anything to you. You're reconsidering what to put your energies into and making adjustments so that you spend more time with energies that give back to you in equal exchange. You have made it clear to the universe that you want nothing half assed and this is coming back to you in the form of harmony in all areas of life.


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