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Jovial Lovers: Sagittarius & Pisces Synastry Compatibility

What happens when these two dreamers meet? Does water really put out fire? Does too much fire dry out water? Or can Jupiter help them reach the stars?

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 10 months ago 5 min read
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This is my eighth article in a series about synastry compatibility and my first about both Sagittarius and Pisces. I chose to write this series because relationships in general are one of my favorite topics: why is it that we gravitate so strongly to some personalities and clash so harshly with others? Astrological compatibility is a tricky thing to measure, however, and because of that, there are a few things I'd like you to keep in mind before reading the article:

1. This article is less about "whether or not" Sagittarius and Pisces are compatible and more about how they interact. Compatibility involves many factors apart from astrology and I would never suggest choosing whether or not to date or associate with someone based on their zodiac sign alone.

2. When I discuss "signs" I am speaking about the archetype as a whole. This article can be applied to Sagitttarius and Pisces Sun, but it can also be applied to Sagittarius and Pisces Moon, Ascendant, or any other planet. It could even be applied to an Sagittarius Sun in a relationship with a Pisces Moon, although with that, you also have to keep in mind that the Sun and Moon represent different things.

3. To accurately assess the astrological compatibility of two individuals, you need to look at the whole chart, not just one placement. If interested, you can schedule a synastry reading with me by clicking here.

4. "Compatibility" does not refer exclusively to romance. Because romance seems to be the topic that most readers are interested in, this article may seem to be predominately focused on it at times, but this article can be read for any other type of relationship, as well, as many of these same themes can be applied to friendships, family dynamics, business partnerships, etc.

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Compatibility Between Sagittarius & Pisces

Sagittarius and Pisces are "square" each other which means they are 90 degrees apart on the zodiacal wheel. They do not share an element or a polarity but they do share a modality. Generally, square aspects are considered to be conflicting in nature; while the shared modality indicates a similar approach to life, the clashing elements show that they are similar in different (and often incompatible) ways. For example, cardinal signs are the 'leaders' of the zodiac and different leadership styles can lead to conflict and competition whereas the fixed signs have a tendency towards stubbornness and if both parties are stuck in their separate ways, where does that leave you?

Sagittarius and Pisces, on the other hand, are both mutable signs and while I do not have the astrological literature to back this claim up, I have subjectively noticed that compared to the other two modalities, mutable squares tend to be just a little bit softer...particularly in synastry. In other words, I've noticed that mutable suns (or ascendants, like in my case) seem more likely to gravitate towards one another's changeable way of being. However, mutable squares are still squares and aren't without their problems. It might be that there's a lack of the initiative or follow-through needed to make relationships last or for meetings and events to actually happen. But the conflicting elements can also create challenges, tension and even hurt feelings: we all know that water puts out fire, but also, if a fire is too hot, it can dry out water completely. Such conflicts are just easier to deal with between mutable signs because both parties are adaptable enough to move on from them, or even fix the problem, rather than let resentment build up.

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Sagittarius is a fire sign, characterized by its blunt honesty and a brash sense of humor. Pisces is a water sign, known for its deep sensitivity as well as a tendency toward escapism. Although they may be quick to move on, the centaur does have a very fiery temper. While very forgiving, Pisces tendency to put others first means that it is easy for them to internalize things and blame themselves for every disagreement. Whether the Sagittarius is actually angry or not, Pisces may find their feelings hurt by the the fire sign's insensitivity. Even if it's not about them, the compassionate and empathetic nature of the Pisces may make any crude or mean language hard to tolerate. Sagittarius may find themselves frustrated by Pisces' tendency to withdraw when sad, as they probably don't even know what they said or did to hurt these little fishies in the first place! Their avoidance of confrontation can lead to lying which the truth-telling Sagittarius could find difficult to put up with. Anyway, these adventurous archers just want to have fun! Always looking on the bright side, they may find themselves put out by the water sign's negativity and self-deprecating attitude. Meanwhile, as the most humble sign of the zodiac, Pisces may get frustrated by the self-righteous and opinionated Sagittarius; viewing them as arrogant, boastful and even insincere.

That said, while these potential conflicts were important for me to list, they are not unsolvable and these differences may sometimes work in opposite ways i.e. given their sensitivity to the energies surrounding them, a Pisces may find that a Sagittarius's confidence actually rubs off on them and their light-heartedness uplifting to be around while Pisces may help Sagittarius to feel more understood. Not only are they both mutable signs, but Sagittarius and Pisces also share Jupiter as their ruling planet, which I think helps to explain their attraction and understanding of one another. So, despite the negative of a square aspect and the conflicts it can cause, these signs are actually very similar to each other; some might argue even more similar than those in their own elements. Jupiter is the great benefic, giving both signs a joyful, jovial and optimistic or hopeful outlook, finding meaning in all of life's experiences, both negative and positive. Both signs feel a connection to fortune and fate, and both signs are drawn to philosophy, an interest which extends to religion and spirituality. They will bond over discussions about those big ideas: why are we really here? what does it all mean? Both signs love their freedom, although again, they may have different definitions of what "freedom" is. Their differences (Sagittarius, a more outgoing explorer-type and Pisces more of an artist or dreamer) help the other to grow, they open up each other's minds and expand each other's worldviews and being Jupiter-ruled means this is a very important trait for a partner to have. In other words, they understand each other in ways that the other signs (even those of the same element as them!) do not. They help each other to become better people and together, they can reach the stars.

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