Jack, River and Donna Spin Off?

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There's a fan made poster going round about Captain Jack Harkness, River Song and Donna Noble have their own Spin Off Show called "The Doctor"

Jack, River and Donna Spin Off?

There's a fan made poster going round about Captain Jack Harkness, River Song and Donna Noble have their own Spin Off Show called "The Doctor". Now we know this isn't true. But could it be true eventually?

We haven't seen Jack, River Song or Donna Noble for a while. Jack hasn't been seen since his Spin Off Show "Torchwood". River Song was last seen in "The Name of the Doctor". That was in Series 7 which was a while ago. We last saw Donna Noble in "The End of Time: Part 2". Now we know that Donna can't remember the Doctor but nothing stops her from fighting monsters.

What Would Be Involved?

Now we know that all 3 of these have traveled with the Doctor and know how to defeat enemies. Such as Jack knows about the Daleks, River knows about the Vashta Nerada and Donna knows how to defeat Sontarans. All 3 minds could combine together and become 1 dream team and stop the monsters.

We know that Jack knows all about technology. Jack has a background of saving the world in his Spin Off show Torchwood. Jack had a team that was based in Cardiff, Wales. So when monsters and aliens invade earth, he has the knowledge to stop them. Jack is also immortal. As seen in Series 1 (2005), Jack was exterminated by a Dalek. But Rose Tyler had looked into the heart of the TARDIS and brought back the dead. This has resulted in Jack never being able to die.

River knows all about the Doctor and has the ability to regenerate just like the Doctor. River Song is also known as Melody Pond. Melody was conceived in the TARDIS by her parents, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. River is also married to the Doctor. River traveled with the Doctor for quite a while in Series 6 and made a few appearances in Series 7. So she has the knowledge and has lots of technology to stop aliens. The Doctor also gave River a Sonic Screwdriver. That'll come in handy.

Donna traveled with the Doctor in Series 4. But after touching the Doctors spare hand she had the knowledge of a Time Lord. She became half Time Lord, half Human. Also known as the DoctorDonna. Donna is smarter than you think and has a good connection with Jack and River.

The 3 of them would make up their own base somewhere in London. Jack would be able to hack into systems and put the Torchwood database into the computers. The 3 of them would wander the streets and then be able to investigate the strange activity that is happening.

This Spin Off would also show us what the chemistry between Jack and River would actually be like and how they would get along with each other. If they can.

The Spin Off is the perfect opportunity to bring back aliens that haven't been seen on screen for a while. Jack is known for defeating the Weevils in Cardiff. River knows all about the Silence. Jack and the Silence would be an interesting mix. Donna knows about the Ood. All of these would work well if they appeared in this show.

Time Frame?

The Spin Off would be like Torchwood. Due to there being a team of them, the show would have a better back story to it. Unlike if it was just the one of them. You're looking at about 45 minutes per episode. Consisting of about 10 episodes per series.


Jacks Spin Off Show, Torchwood, was written by Russel T Davies. Torchwood became a big success across the BBC. Steven Moffat is tied up with Doctor Who at the moment. So if he sticks to that, then Russell could come back and write a new Spin Off and get Torchwood involved too.

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Lewis Jefferies
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