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My Complex Relationship with Astrology

By Gabrielle BlairPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Image Source: Shelby Bowers on Burst

Even my birth was planned... sort of. Not wanting to be called in on Christmas morning, my mother’s doctor suggested he induce labour to avoid an unwanted gift. So, four days before Christmas, on the Winter Solstice, at 2:05 in the afternoon, Gabrielle Blair was born.

There Has Been Some Debate

December 21st, it’s a nice date, isn’t it? A nice, odd number in a pretty nice month. Most wonderful time of the year and one step closer to another. On most distinguished astrology websites, December 21st falls right on the finish line of the month of Sagittarius. However, there has been some debate in my heart and even among some sources. For instance, I was once sat in a Tim Hortons watching the little newsflashes on the television, only to find out that, according to the restaurant chain, my birthday was left in astrological limbo. Sagittarius ended on December 20th and Capricorn took off on the 22nd. So, where did that leave me? On the other hand, I tend to sway between both signs. Actually, I have a bad habit of choosing which weekly predictions I prefer, since I consider myself having dual-citizenship in the astrology chart.


I’m no stranger to the occasional weekly horoscope. I remember reading them during my pre-teen years in the magazines I begged my Mom to get me at the supermarket. You know, the ones with the useless plastic toys that were, let’s be honest, much more interesting than the magazine itself.

For a while, I didn’t give much weight to the direction my love-life was supposed to take. Concerning most things, I like to keep a healthy skepticism when debating its legitimacy. I’ve always been more of a cold, hard facts kind of girl. For a long time, I was inclined to dismiss astrology all together. However, when the pandemic hit and TikTok became everyone’s main source of entertainment, I stumbled upon what we call “Astrology Tiktok”. The depth of the pseudo-science began to fascinate me and I decided to dive a little deeper.

My Signs

Suns, moons and risings; what on earth does that have to do with anything? That was my first question, only to find out that the study of my being is much more profound than my birth month. I’ve actually found it to be pretty accurate.

Strategic, observant and pragmatic; that is the description for my Capricorn sun. I am described as business-minded, which is most definitely accurate since I do in fact run a small business. I have drive and reaching the very top and even beyond is definitely on my agenda. I also like to stay on the side-lines and take note of my surroundings. I much prefer listening over speaking, which allows me to store information for later.

Next comes my Scorpio Moon, which dictates my emotions. I am meant to be intense, deep and magnetic. If that’s a softer way to describe my completely unstable emotions, I will take it. My emotions tend to be unpredictable: I can be as emotionless as I can be emotional. Hunger also tends to trigger my emotional rollercoasters. Hangry, I believe is the technical term.

Finally, we have my Taurus rising. Grounded, patient and refined are the key-words here. That’s how I portray myself, or so they would have me believe. In my humble opinion, it seems mostly accurate. To outsiders, I tend to portray a quiet, independent and calm demeanour. My mother would say otherwise, but I strongly believe that my Scorpio Moon likes to take over when no one’s looking. I definitely also seek comfort: I am not as bold as my adventurous friend, who is not only a Sagittarius, but also has a Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising. A real wild card, but we seem to be a perfect fit. We are most definitely opposites of each other, as much on paper as in real life.

As I have learned over the last few months, there are many more sides to the profound study of my inner and outer-self. The “Big Three”, however, are supposed to be the most important. I can’t claim to be an expert in the study of Astrology, but I have definitely opened my mind to it.


Many people I know are skeptical of astrology. Like it or not, it isn’t a proven science. However, I like to consider myself an open-minded person and from what I’ve read, the descriptions are incredibly accurate, as much for myself as for the people around me. Will I let what my horoscope says dictate my life? No, probably not. I like to think I draw my own path in life. Have I become more open to the idea that many things in this world are unexplained? Absolutely.

Image Source: https://burst.shopify.com/@shelbybowers?utm_campaign=photo_credit&amp;utm_content=Browse+Free+HD+Images+of+Starry+Nigh+Sky+Shows+Off+Galaxy&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=credit">Shelby Bowers</a> from <a href="https://burst.shopify.com/outdoor?utm_campaign=photo_credit&amp;utm_content=Browse+Free+HD+Images+of+Starry+Nigh+Sky+Shows+Off+Galaxy&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=credit">Burst</a>


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Gabrielle Blair

22 year old literature student with a passion for the arts

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