It's Here! First Official Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Has Landed!

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Series 9 looks to be even better than Series 8! New monsters, old and new faces, and the return of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

It's Here! First Official Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer Has Landed!


Permission to squeeeeeee! The first official Doctor Who Series 9 trailer has landed! We've waited so long for this and now it's here. Series 9 looks to be even better than Series 8! New monsters, old and new faces, and the return of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I'm here to break down the trailer for you. Please remember this is all my opinions and thoughts, I've said it doesn't make it confirmed. I'm sorry for the bad quality photos too!

1) - Tunnels full of water!

Now these tunnels look familiar. This looks like the tunnels fro the submarine in the episode "Cold War" in Series 7 with Matt Smith with the Ice Warriors. Are we about to see the Ice Warriors return? If you look at the top right of the photo it certainly looks like we are underwater here!

2) - Now what is this? Viking?

Now the picture is not very clear and this part didn't last long in the trailer. Screenshots come in handy. Now this looks like a Viking. Moffat has revealed that we will be seeing Vikings on a Spaceship. This looks like it! Is it a robot? Most likely.

3) - Mysterious eye

Who's watching?

Now this could be many things. My first initial thought was the Sontarans. Or is it too dark? This is a tough one. It could even be someone else's eye.

4) - New Top Secret Robots!

Robots and Maisie Williams all in one episode!

Now Moffat has kept these secret. We have no idea who they are yet. All we know is that they are brand new to Doctor Who. Could they be here to kill or help out the Doctor? They are set to be in the Medieval 2 part episode with Maisie Williams. Now that will be interesting.

5) - The return of the Weeping Angels?

Could it be?

Certainly looks like stone from this photo (poor photo I know). We also see the hands move. No that can't be angel then. WAIT! We have seen the Weeping Angels move on screen. Go back to Flesh and Stone in Series 5. Pretty amazing to see how they move. Is this finally the return since the death of Amy and Rory Williams?

6) - What...The... #*!?

Now. This. This is just. Well I don't know. Speechless. All I will say is - Creepy!

7) - Peek-a-boo, they're back!

As you can clearly see, the Daleks are back again (not surprising). What are they up to this time? Further on it looks like we see Skaro appear. An Episode on Skaro? The Daleks have finally trapped the Doctor on their home planet? I expect the Daleks plan to return with big explosions again like last year.

8) - New Monster Alert?! Or Zygon?

Hmmm. To me it looks like this figure has little suckers on it's face. Zygon? Now we know that the Zygons are returning. But this figure has a beard. Okay, Grandad Zygon? Master Zygon? For all we know, it could be brand new to the show. To me it looks like a Zygon! I'm most likely wrong, the 3 faces to this thing. Debatable.

9) - Say Something Nice? Missy is back!

One glimpse and you can tell straight away that this is Missy. What is she looking at here? The Doctor? Her new army? More importantly, what on Earth is that pink dot? Something significant maybe? It looks as though Missy is back at the "promised land". Or is she just sat near some plants? Who knows.

10) - Skaro is back?

This certainly looks like Dalek technology. It also looks like Skaro just by the hills in the background. Also by the darkness of the setting. Daleks are bad, they live in a dark and gloomy place. Or is it Timelord technology? Has Gallifrey finally returned? The Death Zone on Gallifrey? Ahhhh it's too early to tell!

11) - Have we seen him before?

My first thought here was, the Shakri from Series 7. Remember him? Has he made another appearance to the show but in a brand new hideout? He certainly looks suspicious here. This figure is also keeping hidden by keeping their hood up. They are also intrigued by something. Have they been distracted from a plan? Or have they seen a familiar face again?

12) - Green glowing man

Zombie? Human? Or even the Foretold from Series 8? We all know the Foretold was defeated in Series 8, but has it returned but as a different colour this time? Or is it just a Zombie ready to attack? Are you my mummy? Is it a mummy? Again, who knows.

13) - They're back! Yes the Zygons!

The Zygons return. They were last seen in the 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor". But now they're back and they are kidnapping children! What?! No way? What do they want with children? One Zygon to one child? That way the Zygons can take over the world by duplicating as many children ready to attack. We also know that Osgood will be in this 2 part story as well.

14) - Cybermen?

Okay, look closely between the Doctor and Clara. There is a clear silver figure. One thing to mind, the Cybermen. Also the light on the chest could mean it's a Cyberman. But look again, there's nothing from the waist down on the figure. Hmmm...

15) - Is it going to eat the Doctor?

Interesting. Looks deadly. More to the fact it looks like a skeleton in my eyes. That's new. An attacking skeleton? But look at it's body, It's like nothing. Like the Foretold. Or it's just a dead body with a brand new head. Too hard to tell here.

16) - Maisie Williams

She is face to face with the Doctor. The Doctor is shocked to see her like he has seen her before. Right pen and pad out. Young Clara, young Sarah-Jane, young River Song, Susan?! Capaldi is keen to see Susan return. Is this finally it? The Doctor says "You". Maisie refers him as "old man". Hmm. Thoughts gushing round my head. It is Top Secret, who she plays!

That's all I have. Please remember this all my opinions and probably isn't true. But it's a quick trailer breakdown. Look bigger and better this year! Roll on September 19th 2015!

(Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality photos)

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