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Is NORAD Extra Terrestrial for No Radar?

Hint: we can't detect UFO's (volutes) on radar.

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
As the narrative goes the possibility exists Hetlau. Knowing this we look for hidden clues on Earth they have been here the whole time mankind has been here and these clues will make it easier for them to demonstrate this to the EA at disclosure. With that hypothesis in mind, we can look for major systems in place that would possibly interact with ET and/or UFOs. NORAD or the North American Aerospace Defense Command is one of those places. Is it possible there are clues in the name NORAD that would reveal the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence to aid us in our search for Hetlau? The possibility of the first clue immediately stands out when we read the name NORAD in alien which says NO RADAR. So how could the concept of NO RADAR be a clue that Hetlau?

The key is in the term Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD uses radar to monitor the skies above and around the US to deter, detect, and defend it from hostile enemy forces. Since everything we do on Earth basically uses tombstone technology which plays right into EPMS and the development of the ETA, NORAD has evolved out of fear of being attacked by cold war forces that were a symptom of paranoia and the hysteria created from all the damage as a result of WWII.

As we continue to evolve NORAD spending countless amounts of money, time, and energy resources developing our ability to defend the country from an air attack, we are playing right into the Hetlau's hand. What no one is paying any attention to is we are completely defenseless against an attack by extra terrestrial spacecraft. Whether you want to refer to them as UFOs or more correctly as CTVs and Volutes, either way, we are completely unaware and unprepared for the possibilities of the ability they have against us.

Aside from the fact that our top military fighter jets the F-35, F-22, F-18, F-16, and F-15 are no match for their sophisticated maneuvering capabilities such as ratio maneuvering (ratio = right angle turn and instantaneous omnidirectional acceleration). The primary problem is we can't track them on radar. So unless they make themselves appear on radar tracking screens because they want to be tracked, we are at their mercy as to when we get to know they are in our airspace or not. Then even if we had a laser beam that could should them down their ability to instantaneously accelerate above Tach One means a laser beam could not hit them. It's really quite a quandary.

Then add to that you have the possibility of EA fighting EA while HET live among us and the whole concept of NORAD is comical in nature when looked from an ET point of view. Then add insult to injury when they leave the little-hidden clue in the name NO RADAR to show us they have been here the whole time and knew that EA don't know they can't track UFOs on radar. You can also see it in the possibility of development of Stealth technology. Basically, stealth is just another EPMS generated out of war as part of the ETA. Stealth has us trying to learn how to create vehicles that can't be detected by radar thinking we are solving a problem. In reality, we are following the same repeating pattern that has been occurring with every war on the planet playing right into the ESH hand developing the technology they want to be developed on the planet.

You can even see it in the word STEALTH = STEAL WEALTH. By creating the wars and using them as EPMS to develop the ETA the EA think they are solving a problem. In reality, the possibility exists they are just developing the next phase of the ETA and they are facilitating the redistribution of wealth on the planet to the powerful wealthy individuals who are controlling this cyclical nonsense that the EA can't figure out is really going on. Not to mention the inability to realize the wealthy powerful people benefiting from this are Hetlau or complicit EA.

In summary, we have seen how the repeating pattern of clues left behind by the Hetlau in order to make the revelation of their presence here on Earth the whole time is ever present in major systems. NORAD is clearly an example of one of those systems leaving behind the clue NO RADAR. We have seen how EA fighter aircraft are no match for UFOs (CTVs and Volutes) even if NORAD could track them ON RADAR.

In addition, we have seen how war functions as a tool of EPMS to allow ESH to develop the ETA. Why wait for disclosure when you can get disclosure now at etufodisclosure.com.

Become a voice for change and sign the petition to reveal the presence of HETLAU at DiscloseHETLAU.com.

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