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Is Project Blue Book Extra Terrestrial Subliminal Dissemination?

BLUE = Backwards Levitation Using Energy

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Project Blue Book
Project Blue Book possibly has to be one of the greatest instances of subliminal dissemination performed on the EA to date. This is a tough pill for Ufologists to swallow. The realization that all the time and energy spent studying it is a complete waste of time and effort is not something that is going to be easily accepted. Add to that, reviewing all the offshoot programs like Majestic 12 and the hundreds of individuals, you can research to see their connection to the program is mind-boggling in its size and scope, not to mention its insignificance.The secret to the whole program lies in the possibility that Hetlau are performing subliminal dissemination and, in doing so, are leaving clues on Earth to show they have been here the whole time. Their goal is to make the revelation of this fact easy to realize when disclosure happens. In order to see the scam project blue book is perpetrating on the EA, all you need is a basic understanding of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) and flying on Earth versus vectating between planets.

FLY on Earth is Forward Levitation using energY. Vectating is Vectored Levitation. UFOs (CTVs and Volutes) do not Fly, they Vectate. Aside from UFOs violating the concepts of winged flight and Bernoulli's principle, you also cannot fly beyond the Earth's atmosphere. So UFOs vectate themselves in order to transit a star system.So what does all this technical aviation jargon have to do with project blue book? Unfortunately, for all the people who have studied it and relied upon it as a tool the Air Force was claiming it was compiling to help solve the UFO phenomenon, it is just a huge book of nonsense for lack of a better word.All you have to do is read the title in Alien. BLUE is Backwards Levitation Using Energy. So just like FLY is Forward Levitation using energY, the authors of the book and the people running the ETA on Earth needed to leave a little clue with the book so they could show the EA what was really going on. Once you know that you can read the title to look for the clue.Once you realize what they have done, all you have to do is realize UFOs performing ratio maneuvering (ratio = right angle turn and instantaneous omnidirectional acceleration)require the ability to utilize backwards levitation using energy unlike an earth evolved vehicle ,which can only employ forward levitation using energy. Thus the higher level form of vectored levitation which does not rely on winged lift means you can BLUE instead of FLY. So project blue book enabled the Hetlau to make the word UFO a household term by wasting everyone's time reading a book that served no purpose other than to do just that, waste everyone's time making the term UFO a household name.Notice how it never solved anything? It has even been almost 50 years since it ended and we still haven't solved anything thing to make matters worse.Suffice to say most ufologists still won't believe this even when they get disclosure and realize Hetlau but there isn't much that can be done about it. What is even more depressing is the realization that the whole Ufology and Ufologist discipline and terminology are incorrect as well. It actually should be referred to as Volutology and Volutologists. Finding out project blue book is a complete farce is enough bad news for one day though. At some point, they (Ufologists) will all wake up and realize CTVs and Volutes (Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft) don't fly and the term UFO is another worthless term given to us by our friends from other planets as well.

Once you know the basic narrative of what is going on, you can just look at almost anything they are putting out and be able to discern the nonsense in it by looking for the hidden clues. For example Majestic 12. MAJESTIC 12 is ET SCAM JI 12 J = 10I = 912 = L10 + 9 = 19 = S = YESL = extra terrestriaLSo Majestic 12 says ET SCAM YES Extra TerrestrialOnce you keep seeing the same repeating patterns over and over and realize what it is they are doing on Earth except for the possibility that they are at war with the EA and enslaving them it is almost childish behavior they are exhibiting.In summary, we have learned of the possibility project blue book is just subliminal dissemination. EA may wake up to disclosure one day to learn the book was just placed here to make the word UFO a household term to make disclosure easier. Reading the title reveals the clue that BLUE stands for Backwards Levitation Using Energy. This performance characteristic of UFOs (CTVs and Volutes) is the give away to their scam they are perpetrating on the EA.Further disappointment is unavoidable when Ufologists studying Ufology realize that the term UFO is worthless because Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft don't fly, they vectate. The correct term is Volutology and Volutologist.A complete indexing of all articles by recent and categories is available at:etufodisclosure.com


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