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Is Aisling Bea A Lost Regeneration of the Doctor?

'Eve of the Daleks' Premieres on New Year's Day

By Lewis JefferiesPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

This article WILL contain spoilers from the latest series of Doctor Who - Continue reading at your own risk.

Everything was built on the lie of the Timeless Child, the Master [Sacha Dhawan] once said, and today that mystery continues on in the latest series of Doctor Who. Series 13, titled Doctor Who: Flux saw British comedian, John Bishop, join the Thirteenth Doctor [Jodie Whittaker] and Yaz [Mandip Gill] for their biggest adventure yet.

Heavily focussing on the Doctor's past and The Division, the Doctor as we know her became just moments away from reuiniting with her long lost memories that were stolen from her by the woman who found her - Tecteun and The Division.

After the execution of Tecteun in "Survivors of the Flux" by Swarm, the fobwatch witholding all of the Doctor's memories were opened and the Doctor entered the mysery of her past. Despite Swarm and Azure threatening to wipe all of her past memories from existion, the Doctor eventually wins back her fobwatch - and her memories. However, the Doctor decides to leave her past untold.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Jo Martin debuted as the Fugitive Doctor in 2020, which eventually revealed to be a past incarnation of the Doctor. However, our Doctor doesn't remember this incarnation as it is a lost memory held inside the fobwatch.

Since her debut in "Fugitive of the Judoon", Martin then reappeared in episode three of Flux, "Once, Upon Time", where it was revealed Martin's Doctor faught Old Swarm and Azure before imprisoning them.

With Fugitive not recognising 13 in her reflection and 13 not recognising Fugitive in Series 12, it leaves the the question of how many past faces are there of the Doctor?

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

"Eve of the Daleks" airs on New Year's Day 2022 and has an epic cast lined up for it. The synopsis reads:

"Sarah (Aisling Bea) owns and runs ELF storage, and Nick (Adjani Salmon) is a customer who visits his unit every year on New Year’s Eve. This year, however, their night turns out to be a little different than planned as they find themselves joining forces with the Doctor, Dan and Yaz in a fight against the Daleks."

Since it was announced Aisling Bea was starring in Doctor Who, fans have been speculating that Bea's character is sectrely a Timeless Child incarnation of the Doctor. Another incarnation that 13 doesn't remember.

Twitter user @BBCWilliamWho said: "I mean maybe that's why she gets stuck in a time loop? The Daleks are aware she is secretly The Doctor..."

Chris [Chibnall]'s era of Doctor Who has certainly been a controversial one, yet it has added a lot of mystery to the show overall. The backstory of the Doctor has expanded and it leaves plenty of opportunities for spin-off shows post-Chibnall era.

With Bea now confirmed to be in the New Year's Day special, is another secret incarnation of the Doctor about to come to light? As the Twitter user explains, with Bea's character Sarah stuck in a timeloop with the Daleks, has she been on the run from them in the past, also making her a Fugitive Doctor?

Bea has been a popular choice for the new Doctor since it was announced Whittaker was leaving, and now with Bea confirmed to be in the next episode, are fan's dreams about to come true?

For nowm it remains tight-lipped on Bea's character, and as we know with Chibnall, he likes to keep his secrets. So Bea's character could be more than what the eye sees.

Doctor Who "Eve of the Daleks" airs on New Year's Day on BBC One and BBC America.

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