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Into The Eye Of The Storm

A warrior by the heart A human by the presence, But a god in informality.

By GxldenRosePublished 12 months ago 3 min read

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, But you’ve actually just been planted; With the same seed Acquired different roots, Strengthen by Faith and marinated in wisdom, has instilled a new meaning of life and existence from within.

Buried beneath the ground where fears are awakening the ground begins to shake as sirens fill the crowded city’s silencing life its-self filling the world with panic and chaos.

As time never stops the gods watch from above in Grave Dissatisfaction darkening the skies and flooding the streets with warriors blood, something bright a-merges from the now quaking skies brighting up all sides of the earth. Many become aware, Others lack the knowledge, and the rest Serve the same beginnings with no end.

Down from the heavens a God has come to claim his rightful and righteously Devoted family removing them from the hands of Devastation and torment drying their eyes of sorrows relieved of duty a great disappearance happens.

Through volunteer-meant a Jewel was left behind.

The Daughter of all creation and beings to whom yielded faith, wisdom, solidarity, and the blood of her for-fathers she stands cloaked with the greatest gift of all, she stands for the Redemption of mankind.

Faith be thy name, the crowned queen,

The sacrificial Jewel of life.

A warrior by the heart A human by the presence, But a god in informality.

Will u fight with the sword of faith and become shielded with gracious gratitude or become shielded with your own lustrous tendencies? Will your destiny bring you to the razors edge of faith or will you let the victor of darkness consume you? Destiny awaits.

Chapter 1: waking up on the floor gasing at a ceiling Kiki had awoken to find herself in an unknown, unfamiliar place. Where am i ? Slowly gazing around the facility for answers. To her dismay nobody seems to be around As if it was a ghost town, or as if she had been abandoned here. The walls that once looked comforting and familiar now appeared daunting and cold and yet still encapsulating her inside their embrace.

Even the simple things like a window or anything that remotely looked like a door seemed to be absent without a trace.

A desperate, sinking feeling starts to take hold as i realize i was now stuck.

My body began to shake intensely as i notice I’ve been captured with no way to escape. Now hungry, cold, damp, and disoriented, i hit the floor and began to prey.

Almost immediately a strong powerful voice echos from within the disturbed walls and creaking pipes,

Get comfortable your gonna be here for a while. As confusion stunts my face my question was finally answered, as if being watched or heard the majestic Voice calls out, you are in an abandoned building. Noone will hear you, noone will come, and they will never find you here. That piercing cold of fear wraps itself around me. As i try to keep my composure questions continue to flood my mind. Who are you? What do you want? Where am I?

The mighty voice continues in a powerful yet calming tone.

This is the pretrials for judgment day ms kiki. You where brought here to make sure the price of justice is found and the world of humans is in balance as I am here to guide you through the trials and answer any questions you may have about the task at hand. You must remain truthful and honest, as you will be gifting your heart to the scale of life. You are not dead child, but you are in a parallel dimension and this is what is known as the trial of justice.

maturepoetryliteraturehumanityfantasyfact or fiction

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My purpose for writing is for expression, motivation, and life lessons from a different lifestyle, yet a relatable one as well. Poetry is a soulful expression for me so that may be what’s created most.


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