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If you had the Powers to change things, what moments would you freeze?

Why I hate morning hours

By pius RatugiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
What time does

Imagine you had certain powers bestowed upon you, powers like those of the traditional Lwanda Magere who lived a century ago among the Luo. It is believed that spear could not penetrate his skin during war, until one time someone thrust his spear into his shadow. Or those of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter fantasy novels, the wizard who could fly like a jet! Still, if you think of The Terminator2, Judgement Day, the action-packed movie of the 20th century in which Robert Patrick, acting as T-1000, walks through a metal gate, his body melting into fluid and then hardening when on the side of the gate.

Imagine you had such powers; limitless power to perform the unthinkable, and the unimaginable, bordering on the impossible, and here was put before you the moments of time, at your mercy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recall the one tragedy that has always haunted me. The morning blues, without mincing words, is my sworn enemy. You imagine how the night trolls so fast. You arrived home at 9.00 pm, exhausted. You rushed to the shower to shed off the day’s stress and strain. On leaving the bathroom, you joined the rest at the dining table, to have your day’s last meal. You then headed straight to bed, too tired to have any family pleasantries.

Due to strain of the day, your body is simply heavy. You can’t catch that sleep quickly. That brawl with the boss comes back to haunt your mind for a ceaseless time. Then the furore of your wife over that trip you skipped since you had to complete your tasks at work in time. All these thoughts slide through your mind like a ceaseless presentation, you aren’t aware that it is past midnight. When at last your mind strolls off into the vacuum as the lull of comfort engulfs you, it is 2.00 AM. You are sound asleep now.

You are lost in the world of sleep when suddenly the alarm buzzes out so loud you wake up with a sudden start. Your eyes are so heavy and strained you can barely open them. Yet you are already getting late for work. You wonder whether there is an error with the alarm-clock. Throwing that blanket away becomes so hard. You argue with yourself over not getting up and facing that brawl of your boss. You quickly and with a hopeless sigh of exasperation, throw the blanket away and rush to take your warm bath. These are the moments I hate most.

Morning hours have always been clumsy for me since childhood. I always had a confrontation with my teachers because of the morning blues. I hate waking up in the morning. I have numerous scars from the spikes my teachers gave me for being always late. Another thing, mornings weren’t favourable when it came to getting what the teacher was saying. I simply couldn’t concentrate during mornings! And the damn teachers didn’t understand. But they were right. Had I known the loss I would incur by oversleeping I would have not entertained it.

Therefore, if I had the powers to change moments, obviously morning would be my prime target. I imagine how I would close my eyes, heave my chest, speak some profanities and a wonder drops into my hands; a mellow red ball of light. I grab it between my fingers and palm; of course, only the supernatural can keep it there, and facing the space, utter those words and gone for good at the moment called morning.

I imagine how people will react when they realize the morning isn’t coming. They have been sleeping, for now, four days according to the clock but the night isn’t going away. They can’t go to the shop or grocery to buy their daily requirements. They can’t go to work because morning is stuck between the moments. What a time as corporates, governments and scientists rush to find out what has happened to space and time. The sad part is that they will never comprehend the occurrence because it is the work of the powers that be.

For all I know, I would snore myself to eternity while the world is scrambling for the truth on what has just befallen the earth. That is how much I hate the mornings. If you don’t want this fate to befall you, please let me sleep in the mornings to my satisfaction lest I bring this curse upon you!

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