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Ice Dancer of Time

blue mist

By TJ RoddyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The tartan of blue mist

plant a blue

misty over the Earth

frontier all forward

into the depths of time

I run about it

counter the magnet


you come

you do the job

you leave

the wash is more than rogue

more than the storm

it going into the depth

comes up brining the magnet

stopped by ice

characterized by the length from the rest to the ice

the measured distance is how we see time

you leave

living in a capsule of space

see outside and blue

blue mist

How to harness the mist for humans? This is the new frontier forward. We have tried. Mist turbines. Mist ionizers. Mist bubbles. All measured failures. No human has understood the blue mist. No human has harnessed it.

We have captured and protected the mist. The mist fortress has fallen. All that protects it is trust. Trust is not a bond to backed by mist. A mist trust is a bond that is backed by your imagination.

A mist trust is a plan to take care of the ether when you lack capacity to see the blue. The ether of course is blue and beyond the clouds. We cannot see color in the space beyond the clouds, so it's blueness is ether.

What we know of the blue mist is a physical theory of light in space. We can measure it through an ice dancer. A magnet going into the depth and coming up to be stopped by the ice. A dance that is repeated until the battery dies.

Frontiers in the blue mist are only shared when stitched by our instrumentation. Our dance sewn over space to construct a tartan of blue mist time. Boogaloo ice dancer. Boogaloo.

Blue mist beyond the clouds. I see you not with sight. The human eye can only see 7 miles (11.3km). I cannot feel, taste, lick, hear, or smell you. Proprioception, or where you are in space, does not help. Chronoception, or our perception of time, is only helpful if all humans agree. Kindergartners cannot agree on when recess is.

The ice dancer lacks the perception of translating the measured distance to humans. This is how we see time. Merely a blue mist.

Let us do the science. Our generation fails. Maybe the kindergartners can agree when recess is. We ponder how to make a better ice dancer. We should be pondering the blue mist as a frontier.

Our capsule is the playground. There will always be that one girl who beats us at monkey bar fights. We are evolved drunken monkeys.

I enjoy imagining the blue mist. I keep the mist trust biotic. Allowing the kindergarteners their recess. Follow me into the mist trust.

You are standing and someone who you like is standing next to you. You are both clothed. You look into the distance and squint. You cannot make out the object in the future. The fog is too much. You are wet, but not sweating. A blast of warm are hits your face and turn and look to the person you like. They motion forward to the foggy object. It is clearer now that time has passed. The object itself is giving off fog. The person you like starts to sprint towards the foggy object. You pursue.

You have seen this phenomenon before on the great lakes. Steam fog. The person you like reaches out towards the object. Their hand washes right up to a point in the steam fog and stops abruptly. Viewing this action you come to the epiphany in a big fashion. You turn to the person you like and say, "we have reached the ice."

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About the Creator

TJ Roddy

Scientist who continues to study the botany of the US. Naturalist by training.

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