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I Got a Feeling '21 is Going To Be a Good Year: December 2020's Full Moon in Cancer

On Tuesday, December 29th, at approximately 10:28 PM EST, there will be a Full Moon at 8'53 degrees of it's moody and looney home sign, Cancer. Here's what to expect.

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Make a Wish: We Are Leaving the Darkness of 2020 Behind Us & Starting Anew

On Tuesday, December 29th, at approximately 10:28 PM EST, there will be a Full Moon at 8'53 degrees of it's moody and looney home sign, Cancer. Here's what to expect.

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the sun is opposite the moon, representing the peak or climax of the lunar cycle. Throughout history, Full Moons have been known to cause unexpected events and strange behavior. Because the two luminaries are in opposition to one another, Full Moons are known to highlight any opposing forces or polarities in your life, such as the balance between self and the other, the balance between the masculine and feminine, or the balance between work and home.

Full Moons are also good times to reflect on where you are in life and where you are headed. While the period between the New Moon and the Full Moon is a time for setting (and achieving) goals, the period between the Full Moon and the next new moon is a time for letting go. Full Moons can also bring about climactic events, and awaken us to powerful truths and realizations. The effects of a Full Moon usually last about two weeks, until the new moon comes along and starts a new cycle.

The Full Moon in Cancer (opposite the Sun in Capricorn) highlights the balance between emotion and responsibility, our private and public life especially work vs. home, and our duties in contrast to the things we really care about.

It may help to think back to whatever intentions you set around the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius for they should be coming into fruition at this time, as well as six months back to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Certain themes may be repeating themselves. Whatever thoughts or intentions you plant now should come into fruition by the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th.

Check your natal chart to see which houses Cancer & Capricorn fall into. This will tell you more about how the Full Moon will affect you personally.

Those with personal planets or angles 3 and 13 of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will most especially be affected by this Full Moon.

When the lunatic nature of Cancer combines with the space-age influence of Uranus

December 2020's Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon is a disc illuminated only at night, representing all that is mysterious, invisible and unseen, such as our emotions, our feelings or even our dreams. The Moon, in astrology, is reflective of all that is subjective in nature. It is domicile in Cancer, the cardinal water sign represented by the figure of a crab, which is what makes the December 29th Full Moon in Cancer such an especially powerful time. Just as the Moon goes through many phases, Cancer is a very changeable sign known for it's many emotions that wax and wane like the tides. Crabs are vulnerable animals but their strong hardy shell protects them from many dangers, and likewise, Cancer is associated with the private & the personal, the parts of our lives that we hide away from the world & don't want anybody else to see. For example, the sign of Cancer is strongly associated with family and childhood memories, things we hold close to our heart. The Full Moon in Cancer illuminates these normally hidden parts of our lives, bringing our secrets out into the open. If not into conversation, then they at least become clearer to us. Our emotions are heightened and harder to ignore.

While the Moon reflects our inner or interior natures, the Sun, center of our Solar System, reflects our more outer or exterior natures. With the Sun located in the more practical & objective sign of Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by the severe & morose planet, Saturn, it may be that our mundane everyday life is draining us. This could be the business of our work schedules for example or it might be the stressful consumerism of the holiday season. There may be an internal dilemma between what we feel like doing on the inside (Moon in Cancer) and what society tells us we're "supposed," to do (Sun in Capricorn). However, this opposition is best used by allowing our intuition (Moon in Cancer) to guide us into action (Sun in Capricorn) or in other words, by finding practical solutions (Sun in Capricorn) to our emotional problems (Moon in Cancer).

The Full Moon will also be aided by the Jupiterian optimism of Venus in Sagittarius

The most powerful aspect this Full Moon will be making is a sextile to Uranus Retrograde at 6'49 degrees Taurus, or in other words, a trine to the Sun. Uranus, a unique-looking planet that spins on its side with an upside down ring, is the planet of revolution and rebellion, all that is different, weird and eccentric, while Taurus is a grounded earth sign known for it's sensible nature. The Full Moon in Cancer's sextile to Uranus in Taurus gives us lightening fast intuition that makes it easier for us to find creative solutions to the problems mentioned in the last paragraph. As emotional as we are at this time, it should not bring us down, as we'll be more inclined to actually do something about it. We're more accepting of our emotions and more likely to express the genuineness of what we feel to others. However, Uranus is a forward-thinking planet and by expressing the truth of what we feel, we'll be more likely to move on. Essentially, this aspect allows us to detach ourselves from the past and the things that were bringing us down, looking towards the future with an open heart. It's interesting that such a configuration should occur only two days before the holiday we like to call "New Year's Eve." As they say on this day, "New Year, New Me." This year, we'll be more likely to make New Year's Resolutions that actually work, leaving the past behind us as we step out the door into a brand new tomorrow.

The Full Moon also happens to coincide with a nearly exact conjunction between Venus at 18'05 degrees Sagittarius & the South Node at 18'57 degrees of this mutable fire sign. Interestingly, this echoes some of the themes mentioned in the last paragraph. While Venus is mostly a planet about love & relationships, the South Node is about letting go. It is about the past, what we need to move on from or the things that are no longer serving us. On one hand, the Venus-South Node conjunction could bring about fated romances or past live loves, even reconnecting us with those we've lost touch with. The square from Venus & the South Node (and North Node) to Neptune at 18'26 degrees Pisces is also nearly exact, which certainly suggests this is the case. But more to the point, it will likely bring about endings but not painful endings so much. More likely, in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius, this will be an ending of a more optimistic nature. For some of us, this Full Moon might bring about some much-needed closure. For others, it might give us the confidence to finally walk away from a dead-end relationship or a "love," that was toxic or abusive. Of course, from an even more optimistic angle, I suppose it could also bring about an end to singlehood or being alone, conflict in a relationship, or any forces that were keeping you and a soulmate or loved one apart. I could genuinely see this happening, as Neptune is a very romantic planet that brings about empathy and forgiveness, and I think Venus on the South Node itself can mend or heal past relationships. In any case, whatever does come to an end now will ultimately be for the best. We may even feel a newfound sense of freedom, as we let go of the weights that were sitting heavily upon our shoulders.

A New Year Protected by Angels


All in all, this upcoming Full Moon in Cancer is an auspicious one to be having on New Years Eve. In the sign of its domicile, the Full Moon is at it's most powerful. While an emotional time, it is also a good time for many of those more darker emotions to be released. It's most powerful aspect is a sextile to the progressive and forward thinking Uranus, a symbol of new beginnings, a very auspicious sign for a time when many of us are writing up new years resolutions. It helps us to find creative solutions to our problems and face the new year with a brand new outlook. Meanwhile the conjunction between the South Node & Venus in the honest, optimistic and freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius helps us to let go of things that were holding us back in love, or of relationships that were holding us back in general. With the Nodes & Venus forming a t-square to Neptune, it's also possible we can heal or mend problems in a relationship or come face to face with a fated romance. Overall this is a good time for coming to terms with the past - and all the dreaded things 2020 had to offer, seeking closure and finding forgiveness, so we can embrace the new year with an open mind and an open heart.


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