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How to Think and Write Like a Futurist

A Multi Step Approach

By Everyday JunglistPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A circle to the future, or something. Image courtesy of Pixaay.

It’s easy to think like a futurist, and just as easy to write like one. I can teach anyone how to do it in just a few easy steps

Step 1: Think of something you would really like to have happen or have the ability to do in the present but cannot for some reason(s).

Step 2: Tell yourself that the reason(s) is/are a.) because present day science and/or technology has not been able to figure out how to give that thing to you and/or b.) because there is no way to make money giving that thing to you and/or c.) because big government bureaucrats and politicians are blocking you from having that thing.

Step 3: Next, reassure yourself with the thought that at this very moment innovative and creative scientists are hard at work figuring that thing out, brilliant business people are dreaming up money making schemes for selling that thing, and the governments and politicians blocking that thing will soon be voted out and replaced by others who will support you having that thing.

Step 4: Now bone up on hedge words and terms: might, maybe, could, possible, possibly, chance, odds, probably, probable, in general terms, think we might, generally speaking, good chance, most likely, likely, etc.

Step 5: Crypto, crypto, crypto, Deep (insert whatever), AI, machine learning, nanotechnology, blockchain.....

Step 6: Imagine how great everything will be when you get what you wanted from step 1.

Finally, you are ready to put it all together. All you need to do is to think up a story about that thing you wanted from step (1.), then using one or more of the reasons from step (2.) as the theme or the backdrop or the plot device tell everyone the story of how the people of step 3 will get you to step 6 using as many of the words and terms from step 4 as possible and of course with a healthy dose of step 5 mixed in for good measure. Congratulations you have just thought and written like a futurist! Now all you need to do is convince everyone that your vision of the future is the correct one. The beauty of the futurist method is that you can never be wrong thanks to the magic of step (4.). When someone in the future inevitably calls you out on how wrong all of your predictions were you can point to your own words and say “I never said X would happen. I said X might happen or X could happen, etc.” Yep, life as a futurist writer sure is sweet. Good luck and bring on the future!


Do you think in the future their will be any web publishing platforms for writers that require all submissions to be at least 600 words in length? Previously I would have answered that by asking a few more questions for clarification. They would include the following (note that some are in the form of actual questions but others are statements but spoken with a questioning tone) Are you insane? That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 600 words? You are talking about the web right? The internet? That place people go to not spend a lot of time dwelling on things? Where they browse for mere seconds before clicking away to something more interesting? You are actually suggesting that such a place or places actually exists today and may still exist in the future? Come on dude, don't play me for a fool. Nobody can be that stupid. I don't believe you. No fuckin way. I do not believe you. There cannot actually be such a place. Damn, I guess this multiverse theory is correct. Every single thing that can happen will, every single dumb ass fuckin thing.


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