How AI Will Improve Our Lives in the near Future

Do chatbots, robots, and digital assistants intrigue you?

How AI Will Improve Our Lives in the near Future

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. If you spend only one day on the Internet, you’ll come across some basic forms of AI, like voice search, autocomplete, chatbots, and many others. These features are only the beginning of many advanced types of artificial intelligence that will soon enter our everyday lives. This article will discuss some of these AI forms to greater detail.

Dangerous Jobs and AI

Elon Musk, late Stephen Hawking, and some other entrepreneurs and scientists have expressed their concerns about the risks that AI-powered robots might cause.

While some aspects of artificial intelligence can always be misused, the good news is that robots will replace people in many dangerous jobs. From de-mining and bomb defusing to waste sorting and cleaning nuclear plants, AI-enhanced robots will come in handy.

Also, read more about robots that already work as trash sorters in the article on the NBC News website.

Households and AI Robots

People in developed countries will live longer and longer in the time ahead. There could be some issues as a result of this trend, like providing proper care for so many elderly citizens. Assistant robots can help in this field.

Since Japan is expected to have one of the oldest populations in the world soon, the Japanese government has brought some measures to start assigning assistant robots to households with old people. As the Guardian reports, a large number of robot assistance will be distributed to these people already by 2020.

Medicine and Cybernetic AI

If you’ve ever watched a futuristic sci/fi movie, you must know that a cyborg is an organism that has both human and robotic parts.

When we get back to reality, we see that cybernetics has become a vital branch of medicine. For instance, if somebody loses a hand, scientists and doctors can make a bionic one. You can learn more about the functionality of cybernetic limbs from the case of Nigel Ackland and his bionic hand.

As presented in the educational infographic below this article, AI will use our cognitive skills to make cybernetics more useful for humankind.

Driverless transportation and AI

Autonomous cars have been being tested for several years now. From Google’s Waymo to the Tesla S with a self-driving autopilot and other car manufacturers, there’s a competitive race in this field. Those who manage to come up with a completely autonomous vehicle before their rivals will have a significant economic and technological advantage.

The role of artificial intelligence here is to store the present data about the traffic conditions and use them to bring future decisions during the drive. Since human occupants will be present in the car, no mistake is allowed here.

AI and Climate Issues

AI systems can play a huge role in alleviating the harmful effects of climate changes. For instance, it has already contributed to more accurate forecasts of weather fronts and tropical cyclones. These findings have helped scientists bring the plans that will help prevent damage from these conditions.

Climate issues often include big data, since information is collected from many sources on a global scale. As the infographic below shows, artificial intelligence could be able to use this information and autonomously find solutions for many current climate issues.

The Final Word

The world as we know it is highly likely to give way to a more advanced, AI-enhanced world. These enhancements should make our everyday life more comfortable. From medicine and transportation to home care and weather, AI is expected to bring many positive changes in our lives and help us live in a more relaxed way.

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