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Harry Potter and Doctor Who Crossover?

Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe

Two wonderful Worlds could combine together! When Harry Potter and The Doctor meet. Could this be a future crossover? If this does happen, I can see it hitting millions of viewers. You have millions of Doctor Who fans and millions of Harry Potter fans. Some both like me! Streets would line up with a mix of fans to launch this huge crossover. Fans would queue up for hours and hours to see it in Cinemas. Harry Potter fans would attack the Whovians with their wands. Whereas Doctor Who fans would point their Sonic Screwdrivers at the Harry Potter fans. Here I will explain why I would like this magnificent crossover to happen. Obviously Daniel Radcliffe would play Harry Potter as usual.


There is always a gap in between Doctor Who Series. Around 9-10 months in between a Series. Why not fill the gap with a Harry Potter and Doctor Who crossover? With the Harry Potter films at a close now the Harry Potter fans will want a little something.

Not Series Related!!

This crossover does not need to be part of the Doctor Who Series. It does not need to tie in with the Harry Potter films or books either. Even though Voldemort is dead. There is no reason to say he can't come back for a crossover episode. It can be a charity event. It could be for something like Children in Need or Comic Relief.

What Will Happen In The Crossover?

What if the TARDIS lands in Hogwarts land and the Doctor bumps into Harry? Hogwarts could be under attack from the Death Eaters like in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. But with Voldemort being the leader he has gained some new helpers. As we know Voldemort has Dementors that can fly. Voldemort has now got Daleks helping out the Dementors are going for Hogwarts. A new leader can come along and help Voldermort. This can only be The Master. Both powerful people and would work perfectly. With The Master being female would that work with Voldemort? Yes and No. Voldemort would probably gain more power over her as he could have the 'Elder Wand'. Whereas Missy (The Master) would have her tool that turns people to dust. So that could work. Why not bring John Simm back as The Master. Then Voldemort and The Master would work because they are both sarcastic and would easily get along.


So anyway with Voldermort and the Dementors and Death Eaters being joined by The Master and the Daleks. Things can go badly when this team could start to destroy Hogwarts and make it fall to pieces. The Doctor and the Hogwarts team would come together and do what they can to distract the enemies so The Doctor can come up with a plan. The Doctor could try and get the Timelord's attention and ask them to help. The Timelords would come to help this battle as children and teenagers would be dying. As we have seen many people would've died on Gallifrey when it was burnt and The Doctor did not like it. Meanwhile all the childrens parents would come and join them to stop the battle and save Hogwarts.

Not only that, like we saw in 'The Day of the Doctor' all the Doctors could come together and help out in their TARDIS'S.

I won't come up with an ending as that would be up to the writers. But at the end obviously the The Doctor and the Wizards defeat The Master and the Daleks and Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Harry, Ron and Hermione would show The Doctor that they have tents bigger on the inside (by the way they do have tents bigger on the inside). The Doctor would be amazed and be shocked. He could run out of the tent looking confused. He would do what his companions do and walk round it and notice that it is smaller on the outside. He could then run back into the tent and say 'It...is...bigger...on...the...inside'. Then The Doctor would show Harry, Ron and Hermione his TARDIS. Then the 3 of them would do exactly the same as The Doctor would do to the tent. The Doctor would mention that his TARDIS travels in Time and Space and take the 3 of them for a trip. Then the Magical Adventure would come to an end.

I would have to say I think Peter Capaldi would suit this best. He is a dark Doctor and the Harry Potter Films get dark, especially the last 2 (Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2). Whereas I think Matt Smith would easily do this. He could joke around with the kids and I think he would blend in really well. Many Doctor Who fans miss Matt Smith and want to see him as The Doctor one last time. This is the perfect opportunity. Fans would be very excited to see Matt Smith again.

This video has The Master played by John Simm and The Doctor played by David Tennant.

Would The Doctor Need A Companion?

To be honest I don't think a Companion would be necessary. There would not be anything for the Companion to do and would probably get in the way. Clara is the current Companion to date (13 December 2014). The Doctor could actually have an adventure on his own. We have not seen that in a while so now is the chance.

How Long Would It Be?

I think this would be best as a 30 minute - 1 Hour Adventure. Then a lot could happen. If it was to be part of Children in Need or Comic Relief then it would have to be like 10 minutes. So a longer version would be better.

So overall I would love to see this Magical Adventure come together as many people including me would enjoy it. Even if it is like 30 minutes long. Steven Moffat and J.K Rowling would get on really well as they both have an amazing imagination. As they say, 2 heads can become 1. Why not? It would be an outstanding action packed adventure.

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