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Hardworking Motherfuckers

By The Vibe Podcast Published about a year ago 6 min read

Let’s give it up for Gemini! Hard working motherfuckers! An Air sign, communicative, intelligent and likes to deal on a mental plane. Quickly grasps ideas, can speak or write effectively. A great way to reinforce your ability to speak effectively is by Chakra Meditation particularly, Throat Chakra. Please follow my Online Botanica Natural Wellness Shop on Facebook! I share knowledge on healing naturally along with the word of God. Who doesn’t love Science, God and Nature? Let me give you a bit of information on Chakra Balancing. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring harmonious flow of energy across the Chakra System. There are pivotal points in your body that can become blocked due to stress and other ailments. The effect of a well balanced Chakra often translates into a feeling of over all well being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself. Throat Chakra Meditation aides the Respitory System as well as your ability to express yourself efficiently. This can manifest in how we speak and live our lives. Gemini, if you’re going to talk.. make it worth my time.. no lies, no bullshit. Meditate then talk to me please! Your friend, Aries ♈️ Although Geminis are talkers, they can be a mutable sign. I believe this is why we know Geminis to be two faced. By the way, Aries don’t like mutable signs! Mutable signs are changeable, flexible and mentally explorative. Emphasis on intellectual activity and adaptable to environment. This is a wonderful quality Geminis! Gemini is the sign of the Twins in the Zodiac. The third sign of the Zodiac and the first to have human rather than an Animal symbol. Gemini at Work- They are chatty, curious and Mercurial nature of Gemini means that they are best suited to careers that give them lots of opportunities to keep learning new information and meeting with lots of people. They are not lovers of routine or sitting still for a long time. Reminds me of a beloved co-worker I once had. Rachel my Gemini peep from good ol Yonkers, New York! We were Receptionists at Section 8 or Cell Block 8 as I I like to refer to it and she got an e-mail from our boss stating that she needed to spend more time at her desk. At the moment not funny but as I study Astrology, this is hilarious! (The Office theme song suddenly plays in my head) Geminis are persuasive, generally great speakers, youthful and love multi tasking. Big facts! Unfortunately I had to work with quite a few Geminis in my day (Aries talk) but none of the Gemini bitches I worked with are lazy. They enjoy fast paced environments. Careers that would suit Gemini are; Scientists, Advertising Agent, Journalist, Writer, Teacher, Accountant, Storyteller, Entertainer, Radio or Podcast host. This is great news for Aries! On season 2 of The Vibe Podcast, we will be interviewing stay tuned as it will be fire! More details on that when we come back for round two! A Gemini boss can be difficult to work for due to their restless and unpredictable nature. Facts! I’ve had two and both were quite difficult to say the least. They will constantly be on the move. Gemini bosses are hugely likeable however, as they have a great sense of humor and are very gregarious. But they are generally quite emotionally detached and won’t want to be involved in any emotional dramas among employees. Big facts! I was trying to tell the Gemini boss of my Supervisor Mr. Kelly harassing me while I was trying to mourn my murdered father. No sympathy. I was trying to tell her that my own Mother had involvement or knowledge of my father’s murder, I got no sympathy and Mr. Kelly continued with his harassment on the job eventually leading to my employment ending over at Cell Block 8. Fortunately I have sinced Trademarked my company which will allow me to speak, write, Podcast on work place culture. Reminder, thank a Soldier as Freedom of Speech and Religion has been a blessing for me during this time. Our basic human rights are covered by the US Military. Whether it’s by land, sea or in the office these folks fight for our freedom every day and saying thank you goes a long way! But back to Gemini; Employees working for a Gemini can feel like a ball of confusion. Facts! But they are not the confused one.. tricky wording huh. Gemini get it together if you are in a leadership position at the work place. Folks, if you can live with changeability, fast pace then you will have fun with this boss. Facts until she chose the wrong side. Blessing in disguise for me however, since leaving that miserable job I have accomplished so much. Peace be on to them and their journey over at Cell Block 8. A Gemini employee does not like being confined in any way and will become very agitated if they feel hemmed in, which will make them ineffective. Geminis are likely to negotiate raises easily as they will always have a good argument as to why they deserve it. Hey, I can’t knock the hustle Gemini! As a co-worker, Gemini will be a lot of fun! This is true :) they talk circles around everyone they work with but will be the life and soul of the workplace and will probably organize work parties or events. Very true! Well known Gemini; Ms. Marilyn Monroe God bless you darling! I let my Astrology books guide me in my studies. I just open the book and start flipping pages, I landed on “working with Geminis” which I’ve had the unfortunate mishap of working for two Geminis at two different employments. My determination is this, you have to be social at the workplace but guard yourself. Do not turn into a social butterfly, you cannot do this in a leadership position. As this leadership position will require that you do your work but also discern what truly matters when an employee related issue may arise. When someone is telling you of a Murder and that they are being harassed while trying to cope, this is the time to turn on your Human Resources skills as the leader not butterfly.. Butterflies are flaky in nature if you watch them flutter.. a true leader is not flaky. Remember that fact Gemini and you will do well in your leadership roles, otherwise demote yourself. Thank you for taking the time on reading my article remember, Buddha does not downplay Astrology. You can use your Zodiac sign as a guide in becoming a better you! Wellness matters darling! Of course there is a special meaning to your birth and studying Astrology helps you understand how.


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My name is Diana Costas and in solving my father’s 38 year old murder mystery, I was inspired to create The Vibe Podcast and write my very first book! How Spirituality Saved My Life is now available! First of many books 🙏🏽

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