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Floating in an empty vast cage for the rest of your life

Mindless floating and never making sense.

By Burnt BaguettesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Floating in an empty vast cage for the rest of your life
Photo by Tim B Motivv on Unsplash

Aquariums are so nogsatlic. Literally, everyone has gone on a school trip to the aquarium to look at the fish and touch animals in the touch tank. I was taking pictures just for the fun of it because fish can swim, and that's cool. I kind of want to be a fish, just floating around doing nothing but swimming and eating. It sounds like a life I would enjoy.

I walk around, taking pictures of the many different kinds of animals. It's kind of sad, actually. The older you get and the more you pay attention, aquariums are sad. In some cases, I understand, but if the animal is not injured or anything at all and it’s just being held captive for entertainment, that's just sad. I watched as the kids in their school groups were glued to the glass. The fish were underfed and probably abused. On the other side of the aquarium, they kept whales, dolphins, and just the bigger animals.

I walk over to the touch tank, and there are a bunch of kids yelling and screaming while poking the poor little sharks. That's definitely some form of animal abuse. Aquariums are all forms of animal abuse in and of themselves. I got away from the dying sharks in the touch tank. No matter how much people talk about aquariums being the worst thing ever, little kids don't know any better, and couples on dates are too busy kissing to notice the horror behind aquariums.

I got out of the indoor area of the aquarium and looked at the signs. They had killer whales, orcas, dolphins, seals, and penguins. Something was telling me that these animals weren’t inured or anything like that, and the aquarium just had them here for profit, not caring for the animals’ true well-being. That’s just sad. I took a picture of the sign. And walked over to the orcas. These are the most famous at these kinds of parks because there are a bunch of cases of orcas in captivity killing their owners or themselves. I 100% think it's the corporation's fault, I don't blame the orca or the trainer because they just need some money. I blame the corporations for capturing this beautiful creature and making a bunch of profit off it slowly dying in a very shallow pool of water.

I sat down on one of the seats and looked down into the water. There were two orcas in a very shallow pool. Not even considered a tank anymore, it was very small, and the orcas looked sunburnt and tired. I think they go down under the water in the ocean so they don't get sunburnt, but this tank is too small for them to do that, so their backs are sunburnt. These big companies make so much money from animal suffering, I don’t understand why they can’t make the aquarium bigger and make bigger tanks so the animals are dying of heatstroke. And they should only capture injured animals until they are better and then let them go.

I took a picture of the tank and the orcas suffering. I got up out of my seat and went to go photograph the other exhibits. Next up was the dolphins. I looked at the glass. I wonder how thick the glass is. Because what if it breaks and all the animals just go spilling out? That would be a big lawsuit on everyone's part.

There were 4 dolphins in a tank. There was an upper part, but it was closed off. The dolphins' tank was significantly bigger than the orcas' tank. They still looked sad, just like all animals in captivity have this sad look on their faces. It's truly heartbreaking. I snapped a picture of each and every dolphin. I could make a good documentary to spread awareness with these photos.

I think it's time for me to take my leave. Aquariums are extremely depressing and very much ruin your mood if you aren't a brainless little kid. I hope one day they will all be shut down.


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Burnt Baguettes

I like to write sad, dystopian lesbian love stories. That is all you really need in life.

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