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First Behind The Scenes Image From ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 2

by Culture Slate 7 days ago in star wars

A Sneak Peek!

The Bad Batch Season 2 is already in the works even we do not even have a premier date as of yet. Although if we were to look at Star Wars history, then it should come out some time in 2022. It is known that animation is always a year ahead of schedule. There is no new information on the upcoming season as of yet.

Bad Batch was part of what kicked off most of the major Star Wars projects of 2021. This sixteen-episode series expanded on the story of Clone Force 99 during the rise of the Empire, going into depth on what happened to Kamino, the clone troopers, and the state of the galaxy after the fall of Republic after the events of Revenge of the Sith. As the first season of Bad Batch ended with the destruction of Kamino, Clone Force 99 would have to deal with a galaxy that is still under the oppressive heel of the Empire along with the loss of their home planet.

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Work on the second season of the popular animated show is underway as Michelle Ang, the voice of the lovable Omega, posted a small picture of herself in the studio, probably about to record some new lines for the next season. It is always exciting to see tidbits come out from members of the cast. Sometimes just knowing what is happening and seeing that recordings are going on is always a good sign.

There are a lot of avenues that the second season of Bad Batch can follow. The criminal underworld is still very much active and it is possible that the Bad Batch, who have been working as hired mercenaries, will get deeper into the thralls of the underworld. There are also hints that the Empire is using cloning for some unknown purpose. From Rise of Skywalker, we know that Palpatine is very interested in cloning, so we could very much see the early days of this research. There is also the transition from clone troopers to stormtroopers and how the change plays out in the Imperial military.

With many storylines already set up by the first season, it is good to see that production for the second season is underway with Michelle Ang. Omega has been the linchpin of the series, along with Hunter and Crosshair. Viewers still have lingering questions about the character of Omega. Her journey is still very much ongoing. Even if we know that she was created simultaneously along with Boba Fett, her true origin is still a mystery. There is also the question of her unknown significance to the Kaminoans and what plans they have for her.

Crosshair, once a member of the Bad Batch, turned Imperial, is still very much in play as well. At the end of Season 1 we see him a bit conflicted on his role in the universe. He wished for his family to come back to him while also wanting to have a place in the Empire, who seemed to have discarded him. He is a character that has a lot of potential on where to go next. His character could still continue on the villainous path with the Empire, or head for redemption. It is a whole open canvas, and we cannot wait to see what is in store.

There is no official release date for The Bad Batch Season 2 just yet, but there is movement behind the scenes to get the series along the production pipeline. It is fun to speculate on what adventures the Bad Batch will go on next. The galaxy far, far away is getting bigger, and the Bad Batch will continue to expand the story of Star Wars.

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Written By Joel Davis

Source(s): Reddit, Instagram

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