Extremely Strange Sex Scenes in Sci-Fi Movies

Sex scenes in sci-fi movies run the gamut from hot to emotionally scarring due to the sheer amount of strangeness in them. Here are the weirdest ones we've seen.

Extremely Strange Sex Scenes in Sci-Fi Movies

Science fiction is all about the strange, the exotic, and the question of, "what if?" It's a genre of fiction that really allows us to explore all the different possibilities in every facet of human life—and that, fortunately or unfortunately, also includes sex.

Even the greatest science fiction authors have had their moments where they started to wonder how technology or alien exploration would affect peoples' sex lives. When sci-fi movie writers and producers ask this question, it often leads to strange results.

Over the years, everyone's favorite genre has given us some pretty bizarre sex scenes. But, how crazy and weird can sex be? We decided to watch some of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi films to see how far that rabbit hole goes.

Here's what we found:

To a point, it's hard to ignore the fact that Species had the same plot as just about every hentai tentacle video ever made. Alien needs to breed, alien meets man, alien goes at it with man. It's a classic love story.

In Species, a female alien/human hybrid is in heat and wants to breed. She finds a guy in Los Angeles, seduces him, and sleeps with him in a pool. It sounds great, until you see what the sex looks like.

This is one of the more unforgettable sex scenes in sci-fi movies, simply because the lady in question has tentacles and gets less human as the deed goes on. At one point, tentacles are coming out of her nipples. Gross? Hot? Just plain weird? Up to you to decide.

Splice was a movie that seemingly set out to make the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi movies look tame—and that's saying something. The entire premise of this movie involves a young scientist couple that decides to make a human-animal hybrid in a mechanical womb.

Throughout the entire movie, everyone seems to get it on with everyone else. So, animal-human creatures bone humans, humans bone each other, and, yeah, other weird stuff happens too.

The male scientist gets it on with the animal-human hybrid, which he later finds out was made with the female scientist's DNA. So, it's kind of incestuous, especially since they raised that hybrid as their daughter.

The weirdest part, though, would be when the hybrid decides to randomly change genders and sexually assault its mother. Actually, wait, no. The weirdest part is that the 'mother' actually decides to carry the animal-human hybrid baby she gets impregnated with to term for money.

Overall, it seems like this film was just about weird depravity rather than anything else.

When it comes to iconic sex scenes in sci-fi movies, you really can't escape talking about the Alien franchise's facehuggers. These weird creatures, designed by none other than H.R. Geiger himself, have sex by humping peoples' faces and impregnating their stomachs.

Once they knock up a person, it's only a matter of time before alien babies end up bursting out of someone's stomach. No matter how you look at it, it's weird.

Thanks, Geiger.

When it comes to box office flops, you really can't get much worse than Supernova. Everything about this movie was pretty awful, which is why some of the biggest names that worked on it begged to have their names removed from the credits.

The sex scene isn't too hot either. This bizarre-ass movie decided to get even weirder by having a couple having sex in space... with the help of a pole. Somehow, that isn't even the weirdest part of this flick.

To make matters worse, the editing on this was pretty botched because Francis Ford Coppola decided the sex should happen between two different characters.

The editing has people's faces superimposed on other peoples' bodies, both of which are doing pretty poorly choreographed stuff. The quality is about as bad as it gets. There's really no redeeming this movie.

Barbarella is one of the most notorious sexploitation movies ever made, and to a point, it's also the movie that made Jane Fonda famous. Much like quite a few other movies on this list, the premise is one that probably launched at least one or two porn flicks in its age.

Barbarella is a sexually inexperienced space traveler, and for some reason, everyone she meets is horny. (It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that she's smoking hot, right?) Well, she's into it. She bones a lot of different people while wandering around or something.

Then, there's the Excessive Machine.

Somehow, the villains created a machine that gives orgasms so powerful, the sheer force of the orgasm alone will kill you. Barbarella is so horny, she actually survives and breaks the machine.

Though this scene wasn't in a movie, it's so strange that it just had to be included on this list. It's just too weird not to mention.

Farscape is one of the most popular sci-fi space operas in history, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some really friggin' bizarre episodes in the series that left fans scratching their heads. Such was the case with the episode, "We Won't Get Fooled Again."

This episode had an evil alien race that tries to torture astronaut John Crichton by putting him in weirder and weirder situations until he'll drop his defenses. Somehow, this results in one of the most hilariously weird sex scenes in sci-fi movies or television shows.

Alien chicks trying to seduce a guy? Normal. The random Yoda-sounding muppet in bondage gear whipping the poor man's crotch? Not so normal in a sci-fi scene.

The Lawnmower Man is known for being one of the worst sci-fi films of all time, and it was so bad, it actually had author Stephen King sue to get his name off of the movie.

Visually jarring and poorly acted, this movie also managed to create one of the most downright bizarre sex scenes in sci-fi movies ever made. It also happens to be a scene you really shouldn't watch if you're on acid, simply because it's that uncomfortable to watch.

This scene involves some of the most hideous CGI you'll ever see, and somehow involves faceless people melting into one another prior to turning into a dragonfly-like creature. Then, the thing turns into a weird monster.

It's hard to watch and really uncomfortable in a lot of ways. No wonder Stephen King wanted his name off this turd.

Space Truckers was a campy, bizarre, and downright sleazy B-movie of the 90s that magically slid under the radar. It also had one of the worst sex scenes imaginable as a part of its plot.

In this really bizarre snippet, a cyborg decides to try to seduce and get it on with a living, breathing human. Unfortunately, this means he has to turn himself on by using a pull string to get the motor of his penis running.

To try to seduce Cindy, cyborg Charles Dance says, "I emit a low amp electrical wang pulse designed to drive women wild with pleasure." (Yikes.)

When the high-pitched squeal didn't get his wang to work, he asks for time because his equipment is underused. This goes to show you that no matter how awkward you are, you aren't as awkward as a cyborg in heat.

Straight up, this sounds like some of the weirdest erotic fan fiction on the net put into film format. It's just as bad, too.

Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock really did make a dream team duo in the cult classic, Demolition Man. In the dystopian world of San Angeles, everything that was deemed bad or risky was illegalized—including caffeine, meat, swearing, and sex.

They had helmets instead. Virtual reality sex helmets. Because bodily fluid transmission wasn't legal anymore. Bullock's character, Lenina Huxley, really is a new-fashioned girl, and got grossed out by the idea of kissing or sex.

While it's not a normal sex scene, it remains one of the more bizarre sex scenes in sci-fi movies that somehow didn't make everyone's skin crawl.

Finally rounding out our list of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi is the very unusual clip found in Cocoon. In this film, the alien creature seduces a human in a pool—much like what happens in Species. However, the alien in this scene can't do the deed physically.

No, this alien does it with psychic pleasure. And it shows with a weird green glow. It's not erotic; it's just weird. That might be why one fellow writer called it one of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history.

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