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Exploring the Latest in Space News

NASA's Psyche Probe, SpaceX's Starlink, and Spin Launch's Partner

By Safwa ElouiziPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Exploring the Latest in Space News
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In a world where the cosmos has never ceased to captivate our imagination, we find ourselves continuously intrigued by the latest developments in space exploration and technology. This article delves into the fascinating world of space news, featuring NASA's Psyche asteroid probe, SpaceX's Starlink constellation, and Spin Launch's partnership with Sumitomo Corporation.

NASA's Psyche Asteroid Probe Takes Flight:

On a soggy Friday morning, the world witnessed a momentous event in space exploration. NASA's Psyche asteroid survey mission finally got underway, lifting off from pad 39A on a Falcon Heavy rocket on October 13th. The launch was a significant milestone for the $1.2 billion Psyche probe, which had endured more than a year of delays.

Named after 16 Psyche, the asteroid it will be studying, this mission is of exceptional importance. 16 Psyche is a colossal, metal-rich asteroid located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, over 2.2 billion miles away from Earth. Measuring approximately 173 miles by 144 miles and resembling a potato in shape, it presents a tantalizing mystery for scientists.

While 16 Psyche's high metal content is well-documented, its complete composition remains an enigma. Scientists believe it may contain elements like rock or sulfur in addition to its predominant metal content. The Psyche probe is equipped with a comprehensive array of instruments, including cameras, magnetometers, a gamma ray, and neutron mass spectrometer, which will be used to unravel the asteroid's chemical composition and gravitational field.

What makes this mission truly extraordinary is its potential to provide insights into the interior of terrestrial planets. 16 Psyche could represent the core of a protoplanet or a pristine, unmelted fragment from the early solar system. By studying this celestial body, scientists hope to unlock the secrets of our own planet's formation, composition, and gravitational behavior.

Additionally, the Psyche probe plays a crucial role in testing NASA's deep-space laser communications grid, a vital component of future missions to Mars and beyond. While mining 16 Psyche remains unrealistic with current technology, its scientific value is immeasurable.

SpaceX Defends Starlink in Face of FAA Report:

On October 5th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a report on the potential risks associated with the re-entry of low Earth orbit satellite constellations. One of the most prominent constellations mentioned in the report is SpaceX's Starlink. The report estimates that by 2035, debris from deep-orbiting constellations could pose a risk to human life.

However, SpaceX promptly responded, asserting that the FAA's report used outdated information and speculative assumptions. The FAA report was based on a 23-year-old study, which relied on the survival rates of outdated satellites. SpaceX maintains that Starlink satellites are designed to "fully demise" upon re-entry, meaning they disintegrate entirely and do not pose a risk. SpaceX's exceptional disposal success rate of 99% after missions further supports this claim.

The dispute highlights the complexities of regulating and assessing the safety of space activities as new technologies and constellations continue to emerge. The need for accurate and up-to-date data in such assessments is paramount.

Spin Launch's Partnership with Sumitomo Corporation:

Space technology startup Spin Launch made headlines with its innovative approach to space access. They've developed the world's first kinetic orbital launch system, utilizing a centrifuge inside a vacuum-sealed chamber to catapult payloads into orbit at incredible speeds, significantly reducing the need for traditional first-stage boosters.

In a significant development, Spin Launch has partnered with Japan's Sumitomo Corporation. Beyond providing financial support, Sumitomo aims to represent Spin Launch in Japan and contribute to the advancement of sustainable space technologies. The partnership signals Sumitomo's interest in fostering innovative space endeavors and opens exciting possibilities for the future.

The latest space news showcases the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of space exploration and technology. NASA's Psyche probe embarks on a historic mission to study the enigmatic 16 Psyche, SpaceX defends the safety of its Starlink constellation, and Spin Launch secures a partnership that could reshape the future of space access. As we continue to reach for the stars, these developments remind us that the universe's mysteries are waiting to be unraveled, one launch at a time.


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