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Expedition the obvious way to answer 'hollow Earth' question

The inner secrets of our planet: PART TWO

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

In a little over five years it will be the 100th anniversary of Admiral Richard Byrd’s flight over the North Pole on 9 May 1926 and the dawn of the mystery about what the American explorer discovered there and on later missions to Antartica.

Much has been written about Byrd’s alleged contact with a race of humanoid “hollow” Earth dwellers, who have been observing mankind’s progress on the surface world for thousands of years.

But a century on and very little proof of it has surfaced, so the simple solution would seem to be an expedition to solve the mystery once and for all.

But even now the poles remain hostile regions that require considerable resources and equipment to explore and for some strange reason represent two of the most closely guarded zones on the planet, where only a select few are allowed to tread… usually assigned to some military authority.

Next year a North Pole Inner Earth Expedition is hoping to try to answer the mystery with an exploratory mission in August 2022, utilising new Arktica Class nuclear-powered icebreakers that are the most advanced in the world… it’ll be interesting to follow their progress, which they hope to be able to stream live on Hollow Earth TV.

So what will these intrepid explorers be hoping to find? In essence it would be proof of the existence of a civilisation inhabiting the inner Earth, whose enlightenment and technology is far superior to our culture on the surface world.

It is a belief firmly held by the Buddhist faith, their theology talking of a race of super beings who inhabit many inner Earth cities and oversee the development of the human race from their capital known as Shambhala. Communication from this world is believed to be passed on to the Dalai Lama through a network of secret subterranean tunnels that connect it to Tibet.

Indian Vedic scriptures such as the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita share this perception, with the Ramayana telling the story of Rama, an emissary from Agartha who travels aboard an “air vehicle”.

More recent accounts of the “hollow” Earth civilisation come in literature, with 20th-century American esoteric writer Walter Siegmeister, now known as Raymond W Bernard, being one supporter of the theory.

In his book The Hollow Earth, based on an earlier work called Flying Saucers From The Earth's Interior, he describes an alleged conspiracy to conceal its existence and its access points at the poles, with his ideas elaborated upon in Alan Baker's Invisible Eagle.

Another author on the subject, Rodney Cluff, claims Byrd entered the “hollow” Earth for the first time through an opening in the North Pole in 1927 and then visited again two years later through openings in both poles.

Cluff believes that during Operation Highjump Byrd flew halfway through the South Pole opening in 1946, before a search mission for German World War II refugees in February 1947 took him back into the inner Earth and led to his audience with the “Master”.

A theologian, Cluff draws on many Biblical references in his work World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow! and contends the Earth is shaped like a doughnut, with polar openings that lead to an inner world with an inner sun.

He suggests the lost 10 tribes of Israel found a northern entrance, while also recounting the stories of other people who claim to have discovered the opening and have encountered the Arianni, who live long lives, have perfect health and an economy of abundance.

Cluff recounts how the indigenous tribes of America also believe their ancestors emerged from within the Earth, while lost books of the Bible relate how Adam and Eve emerged from the Earth after being evicted by God from the Garden of Eden.

According to mainstream science the Earth is said to be an unbroken series of layers, crusts and liquid magma surrounding a dense, hot core made primarily of iron and nickel. But not everyone has supported that theory… as far back at the 17th century top scientific minds came to the conclusion the planet could actually be hollow.

“My conception of the hollow Earth, based on my research is that the shell of the Earth is about 800 miles thick, from the outside to the inner surface,” says Cluff. “Suspended in the centre of that hollow is an interior sun that is divided by day and night sides. The other part of the hollow Earth theory is that near the North and South pole are substantial openings that lead into the interior.”

One of the first scientists to speculate about a hollow Earth was Edmond Halley, who gave his name to the comet visible in the night sky every 75 years.

Proposed in 1692 as a way of explaining anomalous compass readings, Halley’s theory was that the planet is a series of nested, spherical shells, spinning in different directions, all surrounding a central core. In his estimation, based on readings of the magnetic field and what he knew of the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon on the Earth, his model could account for any inaccuracies in his readings of the magnetic fields of the planet.

Halley’s notion has been expanded upon over the centuries, developing into a theory that the entire interior of the Earth is more like a huge cavern with a small sun at its centre that gives rise to a lush environment protected from the dangers of outer space, such as meteors and other extraterrestrial influences.

In 1818 John Cleves Symmes Jr published his Circular No 1, a simplified version of Halley’s multi-layered model with the addition of vast holes at the North and South Pole which he claimed allowed access to the hidden world.

Although derided by the sceptics, Symmes eventually made a case sufficiently convincing to get the US Congress to vote on funding for an expedition in 1822. And, although the plan was shot down, Symmes’ belief in the inner Earth never died and he continued to campaign for the theory until his death in 1849.

In the majority of modern scenarios the inhabitants of Arianni are descendants of ancient races such as the Lemurians or, as in Cluff’s view, the lost 10 tribes of Israel.

Since the dawn of the “third millennium”, Cluff has been an active member of a group of theorists hoping to mount an expedition to the Arctic to find answers to the mystery.

Most recently known as the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition, efforts to get the project underway have met with a number of setbacks, with financial backers and team members falling victim to calamities ranging from cancer to fatal plane crashes.

Cluff speculates the various setbacks are the work of an international conspiracy to keep the knowledge hidden, but the group is now pushing ahead with plans for a trip next year, which if it were to go ahead could prove once and for all what lies beneath our feet.

In part three of this series I’ll examine some of the other testimony that exists from others who have claimed to have travelled to the inner Earth… evidence that has convinced members of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition that a journey there is the only way to expose the truth.

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