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Hollow warning from Byrd met with silence at the Pentagon

The inner secrets of our planet: PART ONE

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

On Thursday last week two anniversaries relating to American polar explorer Richard Byrd occurred. Firstly it was the 64th anniversary of his death in Boston in 1957, aged 68, and secondly it was the 74th anniversary of the day he was debriefed at the Pentagon following his participation in Operation Highjump, when South American newspaper reports claimed he encountered incredible disc-shaped aircraft with swastika markings during the Antarctic expedition.

But events in the South Pole in 1947 are not the only mystery surrounding Admiral Byrd, with his 1926 journey to the North Pole, claimed to be the first by air, also the subject of a huge amount of intrigue.

In 1996 an archivist at Ohio State University mysteriously discovered Byrd’s diary of the historic flight on the eve of the 70th anniversary of that auspicious trip to the northern extremity of the world.

It may seem strange that it surfaced so close to the anniversary, but given the significance of that day it’s only to be expected archivists would be searching for information about him leading up to it. But despite it’s discovery it could neither confirm nor dispel suggestions the flight was cut short before Byrd made it to the pole. What it does apparently reveal is that Byrd himself believed he’d reached it.

But in addition to the analysis of researchers who’ve had access to the transcript, To The Pole by Raimund Goerler, a former member of Byrd’s crew during later expeditions, Norwegian explorer Bernt Balchen, also claimed after Byrd’s death that the American naval officer and his pilot in 1926, Floyd Bennett, failed to reach the North Pole on 9 May.

Balchen claimed Bennett had confessed to him months after the flight that he and Byrd had been forced to turn back 150 miles shy of the pole due to concerns about an oil leak, despite Bennett having given numerous interviews and writing an article for an aviation magazine about the flight, before his death in 1928, that confirmed Byrd's interpretation, for which both men received the Medal of Honour.

But whether Byrd did or didn’t reach the North Pole in 1926, Balchen’s testimony and the diary certainly cast doubt about the veracity of his claims, which if true would also call into question another alleged Byrd journal that came to light a few decades earlier, relating to events that took place at the time of his 1947 mission to the South Pole.

Apparently in the possession of Tawani Wakawa Shoush the founder of the International Society for a Complete Earth (ISCE), now known as the Hollow Earth Research Society (HERS), the diary surfaced in the 1970s and went into print in 1990 after being passed on to UFO researcher and author Dan Weiss.

Edited by Timothy Green Beckley and Tim Swartz, The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E Byrd supposedly tells of a mysterious trip Byrd made over the North Pole on 9 February 1947, when he was supposedly at the southernmost extremity of the planet leading Task Force 68.

How this journal came into the ISCE’s possession is a mystery, as is the reason he’d be flying over the North Pole when attached to a high-profile mission to Antarctica.

Assigned to Operation Highjump, Task Force 68 left Norfolk, Virginia, on 2 December 1946 and was scheduled for a six-month tour of the Antarctic, although the expedition came to an abrupt end after about two months of mapping and photographing the coastline and interior of the continent.

The journal as far as I can ascertain is tagged Flight Log – Base Camp Arctic and tells how, while on a northerly heading, Byrd spots a range of mountains he’s never encountered before just over three hours into the mission, whilst also experiencing problems with the magnetic and gyro compasses which are beginning to gyrate and wobble.

Presumably because of the Base Camp Arctic tag and other references to a northerly heading researchers have attributed it as being the log of a flight over the North Pole, but less than two weeks later reports from Chilean newspapers were quoting Byrd as having encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds” during a 20-minute engagement with incredible flying discs that emerged from the water and attacked the task force in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica.

So my assumption, without personally having seen the documents allegedly passed on to the ISCE, would be that the flight log of 9 February, if genuine, refers to a mission over Antarctica, during which Byrd claims to have been pulled through a vortex into the inner Earth, where he encountered the humanoid inhabitants of the city of Agartha and a figurehead referred to as the “Master”, who reprimands Byrd for humanity’s recent invention of the atomic bomb and warns that a dark age is to come if humans don’t change their ways.

It all seems very strange and was certainly not something that was talked about again by Byrd following his debriefing at the Pentagon, a final journal entry suggesting he was sworn to never speak of the incidents again.

However, perhaps the most compelling evidence of Byrd’s encounters in Antarctica in 1947 come from the Chilean newspaper reports from 5 March, when crew members of Task Force 68 told reporters of skirmishes with incredible disc-shaped craft that resulted in “many fatalities”. And, rather than deny the heavy losses, Byrd told the Chilean press of a new enemy capable of traversing from pole to pole at incredible speeds.

During his February flight into the inner Earth, Byrd claims in the diary to have flown over a strange mountain range before encountering lush vegetation where there should only have been ice and snow. He reports seeing an animal resembling a mammoth and then being drawn to a city where no city should be, which he later discovers is called Agartha.

The navigation instruments during the flight are spinning all over the shop and the gyroscope oscillates back and forth, with the plane’s controls unresponsive. The plane is apparently escorted to Agartha by “radiant” disc-shaped aircraft marked with swastikas.

Until this point the diary entries are short and delineated by time but after landing Byrd and his radioman are asked to leave the craft by several tall blond-haired figures, with Byrd later escorted for an audience with the “Master”.

Further entries are Byrd’s recollections of the events that followed. He is told he is in the domain of the Arianni, the inner world of the Earth, and that his mission will not be delayed for long.

He is apparently told the destruction caused by the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan resulted in the Arianni sending their “Flugelrads” (translated from German as flying discs) to the surface world to investigate the impact of these weapons on mankind’s development.

“You see, we have never interfered before in your race's wars, and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy,” the Master allegedly tells Byrd. “Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist. You see, our culture and science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral.”

The Master continues: “In 1945 and afterwards, we tried to contact your race, but our efforts were met with hostility, our Flugelrads were fired upon. Yes, even pursued with malice and animosity by your fighter planes. So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world, a black fury that will not spend itself for many years.

“There will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science. It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human things are levelled in vast chaos. Your recent war was only a prelude of what is yet to come for your race.”

The Master then tells Byrd to return to the surface with a message for humanity: “The dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that, I cannot say. We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping.

“When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race. Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war and its strife… and after that time, certain of your culture and science will be returned for your race to begin anew.”

Byrd is then led back to rejoin his radioman and the pair are taken back to their plane which is guided out of the city and returned on a course to their base camp, where it apparently lands an hour or so later.

But less than three weeks after this alleged encounter Operation Highjump was abruptly terminated and Task Force 68 was holed up in Chilean ports, crew members telling reporters of a battle against strange discs that emerged from the ocean. Byrd was silenced after his Pentagon debriefing on 11 March and nothing heard from the Master again.

But in July that year a disc-shaped craft is supposed to have been retrieved from a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico, during a summer when there were waves of UFO sightings over residential areas across the United States.

There have been many suggestions that Operation Highjump was a response to a perceived Nazi colony called Neuschwabenland that Adolph Hitler had established in Antarctica during World War II, with the fuhrer himself perhaps having escaped there.

World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow! author Rodney Cluff claims Byrd entered the “hollow” Earth for the first time through an opening in the North Pole in 1927 and then visited again two years later through openings in both poles. As part of the Operation Highjump mission he is supposed to have flown halfway through the South Pole opening in 1946, before a search mission for German World War II refugees in February 1947 took him back into the inner Earth.

Genesis For The Space Race author John Leith goes on to claim that the task force was then turned away from the continent after Byrd allegedly fired upon the disc-shaped craft.

So, where to start with the questions? Had Hitler’s Nazis come into contact with the Arianni before the end of the war? Was Operation Highjump a response to that? Why was Byrd silenced by the Pentagon and were the Arianni responsible for a wave of UFO sightings in 1947?

Want to know more? Read the next part of this fascinating mystery when I examine the legend of Agartha and the Arianni civilisation and the evidence that supports it.


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