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Eventual fate of Apple - iPhone 16 Series and second Gen AR/MR

"The Evolution Continues: Unveiling Apple's iPhone 16 Series and the Next Chapter of AR/MR Innovation"

By Arsalan KhanPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Eventual fate of Apple - iPhone 16 Series and second Gen AR/MR
Photo by Samuel Angor on Unsplash

Apple fans are enthusiastically anticipating the appearance of the iPhone 15 series, which is set to send off in September this year. Reports recommend that the iPhone 15 setup will include four models, to be specific the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Or more, iPhone 15 Ace, and iPhone 15 Star Max.

In any case, it is the forthcoming iPhone 16 series, determined to make a big appearance in 2024 that has gathered consideration because of its huge changes. Furthermore, Apple's introduction to expanded and blended reality keeps on advancing with the expected arrival of the second era AR/MR headset in 2025. Remarkable expert Ming-Chi Kuo has given bits of knowledge into these turns of events, revealing insight into the eventual fate of Apple's gadgets.

iPhone 16 Series: Headways and Production network Movements:-

As per Ming-Chi Kuo's expectations, the iPhone 16 series will observer eminent enhancements over its ancestors. The bigger iPhone 15 Genius Max is supposed to be the main iPhone to integrate a periscope camera, offering upgraded zoom capacities for a superior photography experience. While the periscope camera is select As far as possible model in the iPhone 15 series because of space limitations, Kuo recommends that the iPhone 16 Master models will likewise highlight this camera module, notwithstanding iPhone 16 Star Max to oblige the periscope camera, the iPhone 16 Expert will have a somewhat bigger showcase size contrasted with the iPhone 14/15 Genius models' 6.1-inch, giving extra inside space. These progressions demonstrate Apple's obligation to ceaselessly improving camera innovation and satisfying the needs of devoted photographic artists.

As far as the store network, Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Sharp, an ongoing provider of camera module parts (CCMs), may leave the iPhone 16 series CCM store network. This change is supposed to benefit existing CCM providers, specifically LG Innotek, Foxconn, and Cowell. Among these providers, Cowell is probably going to benefit the most because of its moderately little income and expected securing of Sharp's CCM business by Luxshare-ICT. The potential securing could fundamentally expand Cowell's requests, situating them well in the CCM market.

Apple's second Era AR/MR Headset: Progressions and Cowell's Job;-

Notwithstanding the iPhone 16 series, Apple's endeavor into increased and blended reality innovation go on in with the profoundly expected second era AR/MR headset. Ming-Chi Kuo proposes that this headset will enter large scale manufacturing in 2025 and will be accessible in two renditions: a top of the line model and a low-end variation. The shipments of the second era AR/MR headset are supposed to be roughly multiple times more prominent than those of its ancestor delivered in 2023.

Cowell, a conspicuous CCM provider, is supposed to assume a critical part in the development of the second era Apple AR/MR headset. Ming-Chi Kuo gauges that Cowell's stockpile proportion for the headset will be no less than 70-80%, further cementing their situation as a vital recipient of Apple's expanded and blended reality desires. The expanded interest for CCMs, especially for the periscope camera, is supposed to essentially support Cowell's income, as the periscope CCM's typical selling value (ASP) is around 6-8 times higher than that of the iPhone front self-adjust (AF) CCM.

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