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by Anita T. 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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...we all wonder what it was like...

Eve-n she had her moments

The sky was filled with stars. How vast and grandiose it must have been. To be the First Lady to gaze upon the night sky. And...get this...when I wrote First Lady. It autocorrected, to the initials being in capitals. You try it.

The days, with that blinding ball of light, cascading over all the land. Flowers would turn their heads to it. Photosynthesis, without the word or explanation. Sometimes there would be dark clouds. I am sure Eve turned her face to the wind. What direction did it come from? When there is north, south, east, west...yet...not discovered as these terms. Just felt. Just remembered from her own experiences.

Yes! I am going there! ( :

Back to where we once belonged. Back to the first woman. Eve. No surname. No heritage, nor ancestory before. Nothing to “carry on”. She was it. The first female. How fabulous....terrifying, crazy, what a ride!

There was not, however, a ride. Her feet carried her. In all her glory, through the passages of earth, on earth. For all her days. One notices so much more, by walking, anyway. The senses work together, better.

Now, I believe life without guidance would have been hard. No phone-a-friend. No s.os. The snake in that garden of Eden could have spoken to her words of knowledge like

“Mind thossse crampssss Eve. They will passs. You got thisss.”

To be Eve. To look at her own body upon the earth. Nature all around. Garden of Eden left. Paths unknown and perilous. Also the mental, aswell as the physical. Getting her cycle must have been a “bloody” shock (As women we all know what we heard from our mothers, or what we say to our daughters, once they get that time once a month. “Welcome to the women world.”). Hugging and smiling with false encouragement. Because we have lived with it. We know how we felt when we first got “our period”

“Why?” “Why me? Why do we get this every month?!” Baring children is now within our capabilities is the answer. A little blunt, but it really is a gift! Females will be able to create life in her womb! How incredible! The menstrual cycle is a part of the body preparing.

O.K, losing interest? But....imagine! All this, she went through, without the advice from women before her. The educational words. Only going by feeling, patterns, experiences.

Eve was resilient. Eve was beautiful. The first woman gave her title of “first woman” to others, by surviving. By being the first female human alive so women could keep tracing back to her. Starting life. Baring children, and with no midwife! Belly swelling. What was she thinking of her changing body?

To hold her baby boy! The first, too. Skin on skin. That connection really puts so much into our meaning. “survival of the species”, “I am Eve. I am a mother.”

Did Eve notice herself aging? Our heads today are filled with so much learned information. There is the nature v nurture theories. The first woman would have had to have enormous belief in herself. Yes, one can find food. Shelter. But what of those hormones bouncing around pinging like ping pong balls here and there. What messages did they give her? Instinct would have been strong. To raise two children. Basic instincts internally driving her to live. To bring up young ones, for them to survive childhood.

Eve would hum, do you think? Perhaps tunes not yet named. Humming to babies in her arms. While Adam looked for food. Baby looking up into her eyes with the soothing sound and the cradling in her arms. Connection. Eve was his mother. Babies all say it when they are very little, I read on the baby whisperer! They really do say “mum” when hungry. I heard it, too. My baby said “mum.” At a couple of months old. It is a sound. We made it a word. Food sustains life and the young want food and that is their instinctive word.

As a mum, myself. I reflect on the early years with my babies. There is so much advice, trial and error, for sleep routines, teaching them when they are awake, feeding pretty much announces itself. But, Eve did it. There was not even the words “self-sooth”, “trial and error”, “Oh crap. Why is he awake again at this time of night!”

Eve did it. She grew as a woman, on earth, who had children.

In my thoughts, I look at her name. Eve. Turn it upside down and there is the letter in the middle of her name. It is the symbolic shape of the pyramids of Egypt. Now, how wonderous are those pyramids. The sheer size of them. The views to behold. A knowledge from so long ago on how to build them and mathematically what seems like beyond their reach, back then. Without the invention of construction and measurement systems we have now. But there must have been knowledge for it to be done that way.. There must have been reasons to build from a triangular design. I believe it was an innate connection with the FEMALE. To build huge pyramids based around the triangular form. Reaching to far away in the heavens, at a spirit mother in the skies. Seen from outer space, on land these messages. AND Cleopatra, a woman, reigned over this period of time.

Mother Nature, Mother Ship and Mother Teresa. We associate these titles with the word Mother. Representing protection, love, an essence, on a grand scale.

Because of Eve, the two. Adam and Eve were banished from the garden. Where life would have been easy. No, life is not easy. We were all banished from there forth-with. If Eve has stayed and listened would we have an easier ride, now.

Oh, that’s right. There was no “ride” back then. Only ones own desires and instincts. Yes, I think! Life taught resilience in the outside of the garden. Lolling around for her mortal life would have been lazy and easy. Great, we all say. She did not listen and stay in the fricken lovely garden. Now we have to work hard and suffer!

But from what I have learned, as a woman, is the power to overcome against struggles. A sense of identity. That we guide more with actions than words and that women... we have our own minds and opinions!! We do not listen. Just like Eve did not follow what advice the snake gave. We have a little bit of Eve in each of us.

Strong-willed, defiant, empowered and bringing up children in a world that allows us to be more ourselves than ever before. The roads are hard but what would we learn from easy paths. Giving birth is a whole lot of “no garden of Eden”. Women are tough and if you do not think you are, than you should believe it. Own it.

Suppressed women of histories. Suppressed women in homes today. Suppressed hearts.

But today girls are kicking footies. Running companies. Fighting battles. Leading countries. No, it’s not new... women have been able to think for themselves, just look at Cleopatra. Look at Eve.

Rule your own destiny.

*the above is a lot of opinion mixed with fact* unlike Eve I do a lot of reading and watching, because fortunately, there is a lot of that available now.

fact or fiction

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