“Cogito Ergo Sum”: I Think Therefore I Am


A society is built of many things grown over time from the ashes of the past. Built upon generations of humankind from where life began in Africa to the first cities of Mesopotamia. Society evolved through constant improvements of those who came before us. Some generations fixing the mistakes of the past while others repeating them. Some even, answering questions that hadn’t yet been asked.

Through each generation we have taught eachother and learned from eachother through the open exchange of ideas and information. We have come together time and time again to learn. We have built libraries and institutions of brick and mortar to hold our past and our future.

We are born To learn, the drive inherent to all beings is our curiosity. From the moment we are born we are flooded with new understandings and once we learn to speak we begin to ask new questions. These questions lead us to an understanding of eachother, ourselves and the worlds that surround us.

Our curiosity propelling us forward towards who we are and who we will become. This drive taking on many forms from music, to math, to science, philosophy and higher even, towards the very stars themselves.

Our thirst for knowledge tempered by wisdom tells us to never stop learning. And yet, we have created a society where this drive, this search for self is not open to all or held as a privilege instead a tool to chart tomorrow.

A society is only made stronger by creating a system in which the education of its populace is paramount save for living needs ( food, shelter, transportation, sustainability, healthcare, among others).

This society will only serve to create more stronger and prosperous nations but allow for the advancement of Humankind itself. Through the open exchange of ideas we create our own future as we strive to chart our evolution through thought. As Descartes once said “cogito ergo sum”; “I think therefore I am” so are we evolved through our own understanding of who we are as a people. Each generation adding a step on the path towards Eternity.

We must each embrace this drive to learn and improve who we are as a individual, a society, a nation and a people. The reach towards tomorrow requires each hand clapsing the future to hold the torch of who we were yesterday, and to light the path on where we are going.

To all that those doctors that might have cured cancer, the architects that might have built the next wonder, the artists, mathematicians, firefighters and police officers that could have saved those lives. To all the lost potential of the past we owe it to them and to us to ensure the potential of the future is abundant.

A future where education and learning is not limited by gold or gender. A future in which achievements are celebrated in the spirit of humankind for all its people. A future free of disease, hunger, poverty, injustice, corruption, hatred and fear. A world we created equal for all those that look towards tomorrow and dream.

To those dreamers, those wayward souls looking for their calling don’t stop learning, striving for more, climbing that peak towards the future. That climb uplifts us all, carried by eachother towards tomorrow by dreams.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

John Ames Birch

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John Ames Birch

Hello all I’m just an everyday person taking a introspective look at myself and the world. Trying to help anywhere and everywhere I can.

“You either create a world for everyone or else you will end up in a world fit for no one”

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