Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 4)

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A Fantasy Novel

Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 4)
Copyright © 2018 by S.M. TOZER

A 17-year-old, Raven Fields, never being kissed before is a bit abnormal nowadays. Though in Raven's case, he's never been normal and he knows it because of his succubus mother. With a human father, he has a chance to be normal as well, but if he ever exchanged fluids with another before his body matured, his whole world would change. Growing up knowing he could never feed, even by mistake, takes a tole on a once so bright young lad.

All his hard work goes to waste on his 18th birthday. When Raven is kissed by the girl he likes before his birthday passed. He believes that maybe there was nothing to worry about until he finds out one crucial detail about a succubus that was hidden from him by his parents.

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Chapter Four

‘The Lounge,’ was an interesting place in the nearby town that had a small basement below a shop where people would gather. This basement had once been a studio apartment for the owner so it was set up perfectly for small gatherings once it became vacant. Though the owner tried to rent it out as an actual living space this didn’t go over successfully. The only ones who were interested were the seniors from the dorms who would rent the room and throw parties, but not live in it. Since then it had been renovated specifically for the young men from the dorms to rent occasionally with no supervision. There were couches and game systems with a large tv and pool table, it was like a perfect hang out space for them to get away and have fun.

Renting out a the lounge room to throw a small party and hang with friends was something Raven wasn’t all too against.Although when it involved girls, loud music, and illegal drinking he just didn't like to partake. So even though the small party was meant for him, he ended up secluding himself away from the others on one of the couches less in view while they played their pool games and socialized.

Checking the time on his phone the hours seemed to have ticked away faster than he had imagined they would. The sound of shuffling feet across the ground before him brought him to pull away from the phone to look up. Jewels had approached him and stopped just at the edge pushing her knees against the cushions, her face a shade of red carrying a frown.

Raven pulled his feet from the couch dropping them to the floor sitting up straight becoming worried, "Jewels were you drinking?" he asked though it was obvious the second she dropped forwards landing on him, he could smell alcohol waft over them.

This was a first, she never drank with the rest before so this concerned him, he wondered if she weren’t feeling well, not sure what may have happened while he was hiding away.

"Are you okay? Is there something..." He began to question, but was cut off by her shushing him throwing her head back.

"Let’s go somewhere else," she slurred while her head rolled back and forth in what looked like the most uncomfortable manner. Raven cringed at the site, not sure if she was trying to do by this but before he could reply she went from tempting to depressed.

"It's not fair." She mumbled under her breath, then became silent waiting for Raven to say his part so she could continue to speak.

Though he didn’t understand he played along, "Jewels, what's not fair?" he asked knowing she seemed to have drank too much for anything sensible to leave her lips at this point. She was stuttering and could barely even speak to him, never mind the attempts of keeping her head still to look straight.

"I... I love..." she began to say her drunken stutter she pauses and becomes silent for a long period of time leaving his mind to wonder quickly to assumptions.

‘She likes me,’ he thought and he starting to be glad at the timing thinking this was great opportunity if she confessed now they could start to date tomorrow.

The thought about ending the night with his first kiss crossed his mind, since it was his 18th birthday, he assumed by midnight he would be in the clear. He wanted to say he loved her right then and there but knowing that would look bad on his side if he were wrong. He held back to let her speak to be on the safe side. Though this didn’t stop his face from turning pink, after having avoided these situations for so long he wasn’t used to hiding his feelings and he was becoming easily flustered.

Since she was disoriented she didn’t seem to notice or care to voice it if she did so he was able to find the courage to get her to continue.

"You love?" he ask lightly while trying to seem calm.

She looked down at him, her expression lightened and for a moment she looked normal, "I love Carson…” She finally finished her sentence in one try in a very clear manner.

Raven inhaled hearing these words holding his breath as she continued to speak clearer by the minute tearing Raven down as she spoke.

“Why doesn't he even look at me like you do?" She added just before she began to cry pushing her head into Raven’s chest with force making Raven exhale.

All he could think about were her words ‘like you do’ this told him that she knew the whole time that he liked her and ignored it on purpose. Even if he had hoped she was ignoring his feelings till now, he hoped that it was just because she wanted him to make the first move. He let out a sigh and the irritated expression clearly went across his face. He was no longer hurt by the thoughts that she had been pretending to be interested in him, using him the whole time, and the worst part was he bought these lies. He couldn’t help but wonder if she was even thinking about him as a friend or just a stepping stone in her plan from the start to get closer to Carson.

He placed his hands on her shoulders trying to push her back off his chest no longer wanting the weight of her body to remind him of how pathetic he was. She was heavier than she looked and it was hard to move her when she showed no signs of moving herself. Coaxing her off seemed like his only choice.

"You have had too much, let me call you a cab." He acted concerned reaching down trying to get his phone that had wedged between a cushion when she had fallen on him. Truthfully he just wanted her to leave, at least the other girls were honest with who they were there for and after spending so much time thinking about her and hanging out with her he didn’t like adding anymore wasted time.

“No,” she pushed his hand down away from his phone as she spoke up to reject the offer of going home clearly not reading the mood Raven was now in, “Maybe he'll look at me if I show him I can be just like them" she adds.

Raven went to call her name since he didn't get her theory nor did he want to try just wanting to put as much space between them as possible. “Maybe you should try this out another day when you can think a little clearer..." he tried to influence her to give up once more but she didn’t listen.

They heard the approaching footsteps of Carson coming their way towards the kitchen. Just as he comes into view, Raven looked over becoming distracted removing one of his hands to reach out and catch Carson’s attention. As he was about to call out to him to help get her off he felt something soft, warm, and moist with the scent of liquor press quickly against his lips.

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