Don't Kiss Me

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A Fantasy Novel (Young Adult)

Don't Kiss Me

A seventeen-year-old, Raven Fields, never being kissed before is a bit abnormal now a days. Though in Raven's, case he's never been normal and he knows it because of his succubus mother. With a human father, he has a chance to be normal as well but if he ever exchanged fluids with another before his body matured his whole world would change. Growing up knowing he could never feed even by mistake takes a tole on a once so bright young lad.

All his hard work goes to waste on his eighteenth birthday. When Raven is kissed by the girl he likes before his birthday passed. He believes that maybe there was nothing to worry about. Till he finds out one crucial detail about a succubus that was hidden from him by his parents.

Birthday Boy

"Wake up birthday boy..." These taunting playful words rung through the unconscious young man’s thoughts. Though this voice, which was unmistakably masculine, was still masked with the sweet harmony of a girls voice. While the young man continued to dream about this mystery girl who appeared in front of him with a smile he ignored the threat of being woken.

Taken by this girl time and time again he wanted to know more about her than just her appearance alone.

Her hair the color of his own, a Vibrant orange, her structure was frail and skin oh so pale... not much different than him at all, like they were twins. In a strange way, he felt connected to this girl she aged as he aged like they were connected by an unexplainable telepathic wave or better put they were one being separated from one another. He knew this was just his imagination getting the best of him but even with this realistic thought he just couldn't help himself. He had become obsessed with her in a way, she was the woman he longed to meet since he was a child constantly visiting him in my dreams she never left his thoughts.

Staring at her he was filled with wonder like always but her smile curved this wonder in a strange manner. It was different than usual throwing him for a wave of mixed emotions as it made him feel uncomfortable. Feeling she knew something that he did not, her smile usually soft and alluring was strong and, dare to say, dangerous.

But why was it today of all days that she smiled different at him?

Why was it so strange for her to take his hand and get close to him now?

They held hands many times in his dreams while they were growing up and she never made him feel like he needed to run away from her before.

"Kiss" she spoke as she leaned over to him.

He couldn't move, these words startled him, she never spoke before and not only that but the look in her eyes, the dominating gaze, scared him.


"If you don't wake up sleeping red, I'll have to give a kiss to awake the princess" The masculine voice of the best friend spoke to wake the redhead yet again. Though this time his words carried a serious threat that wasn’t to be taken lightly.

Raven’s eyes sprung open to see Carson's lips coming ever so close to his own in a taunting manner. His teasing always made Raven question why he was friends with such a man. Since Carson seemed the type that would hate the thought of kissing another man with how much he chased women Raven thought that things would be safe around him but a kiss didn’t matter to him. So in the end he could kiss a man and wouldn’t even worry about the rumors, he was that kind of confidant male, which put Raven always on guard after they had already got too close. Raven wasn’t the only one he threatened with this so it didn’t bother him as much since he never kissed anyone before even with his threats.

"No, I'm awake” Raven’s voice cracked out when Carson didn’t seem to stop though he had already woke. “I'm awake!" He snapped and slid back till his head hit the wall behind his bed.

Carson lets out a chuckle at Raven’s expense leaning back off the bed running his fingers through his spiked black hair. Pushing the loose bangs that have yet to set from his face looking down at Raven, "Raven, you really got to get rid of that fear of kissing or you'll never get anywhere with your dream girl" he picked as he walked over to his side of the bedroom.

Raven glance his way but then looked away having almost forgot about what the dream girl had put him through. He wondered if that was her trying to warn him about Carson’s kiss but somehow it just didn't feel like a warning not with way her eyes spoke to him as well.

Raven rolled his eyes to what else was said, It was true that Carson knew more than anyone else did but what he didn’t know was it wasn’t really a fear but more like a curse. Begin half succubus though he loved his mother he would not become like her. As long as he didn’t feed off of anyone's energy until his eighteenth birthday passed then he would never become one and get to start a life as a normal human man like his father. So to prevent his change he went to an all boys school just at the beginning of freshman year. Foolishly unaware of the attraction men could have for one another and ended up in a room with the most popular athlete in the school, which popularity included the local town girls who went to the public school. Carson’s presence made avoiding girls almost impossible but even with Raven’s condition and how much of opposites they were Carson attached himself to Raven and they became best friends, sometimes Raven felt like he originally was taken on as a charity case though since he was anti-social but not nerdy.

"You suggesting I practice with you..." Raven state sitting up trying to get some negative response from Carson. This attempt fails as he only chuckles to Raven’s statement as if that were exactly what he implied. This made Raven uncomfortable like he's thought about it before.

A snarl leaves his slender lips looking away from his friend and around the shared room somehow the feeling to get motivated just wasn’t in him today. All he just wanted to do was sleep through the day so that when he woke the curse would finally be over.

His thoughts of maybe calling in sick for the day was interrupted as he noticed Carson going through his things. This usually meant they were going out after school and likely to meet up with girls which Raven just wasn’t in the mood to indulge him this time.

"Get dressed, hurry up" he said as he tossed the school uniform at Raven while placing their spare clothes in his bag.

Dodging the flying garments allowing them to hit the bed behind him Raven stated what his plans were for the day, “I’m going back to bed”

Carson looked over to Raven as he pulled his tank top from his head, “What are you whining about, you know how many people want to see you today?”

Raven glared not budging even for the classmates that had become his companions by default he didn’t care for their happy birthday wishes either, “I don’t care, I’m not going” He enforced his response making it clear he was not about to budge.

Carson let out a sigh as he looked over to his friend clipping the buckle on his belt, “Raven…” He gave a scolding expression across the room.

Raven knew he was about to do something but he didn’t want to budge on this one time since it was the most important day in his entire life so far. Looking at Carson and down at his blanket then back to Carson, he and Carson have a stare down as if they were daring each other to make the next move.

Refusing to give in Raven was the first to make a move, "No!" he shouted grabbing the blanket then proceeding his response like a child and covered himself with the blanket. Curling onto the bed clinging to the blanket like it were a lifeline to protect him.

Carson snorts as he cracks a grin glancing away from Raven’s childish behavior almost in disbelief that this guy was turning eighteen today, "Oh someone is looking for that birthday kiss" Carson picks around lightly. His feet tap across the floor and Raven can hear as they pick up speed till they leap into the air lunging onto the bed over Raven.

Raven lets out a yelp from the sudden impact of such a larger body, “You idiot, you trying to crush me!” Raven coughed out.

“If you’re still talking you're fine” He stated in an arrogant manner then began to make kissing sounds pulling the blanket from Raven’s face.

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