Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 3)

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A Fantasy Novel (Young Adult Fiction)

Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 3)

A 17-year-old, Raven Fields, never being kissed before is a bit abnormal nowadays. Though in Raven's case, he's never been normal and he knows it because of his succubus mother. With a human father, he has a chance to be normal as well, but if he ever exchanged fluids with another before his body matured his whole world would change. Growing up knowing he could never feed, even by mistake, takes a tole on a once so bright young lad.

All his hard work goes to waste on his eighteenth birthday. When Raven is kissed by the girl he likes before his birthday passed. He believes that maybe there was nothing to worry about until he finds out one crucial detail about a succubus that was hidden from him by his parents.Links:Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

"Look, I'm sorry will that help?" Carson apologized as they walked together. Raven snarled in response with no reply, only tugging at the fabric at his neckline being uncomfortable still wearing his school uniform. "You shouldn't have tried to run and I wouldn't have forgot the bag," Carson adds, rolling his eyes and getting tired of Raven's scolding silence. Now that there was nothing he could do though, he didn't mind the look the uniform gave them.

"No one better steal it or you're dead," he growled, folding his arms over one another and not particularly upset about the clothes, just becoming easily agitated at this point.

"Who would want to steal kid clothes?" Carson teased, lightly nudging Raven's arm pushing them to unfold. Raven scoffed while he supported his footing from being pushed away along with this nudge. Raven gave a snarl keeping his eyes forward not wanting to acknowledge that remark putting his hands into his pockets to avoid being nudged again.

They walked with a quicker pace than usual being that they were now arriving really late. When they approached the three girls sitting by the city fountain, it was obvious that they had been sitting there for some time, but what was more obvious was how they didn't all belong together. Though they were all pretty, it was clear that the two tall, wealthy, model-looking ones were there for Carson's entertainment for the night. Which didn't bother Raven so much as they were a bit too flashy for his taste, but the small girl that was there sitting apart from them was.

She was the average kind of pretty girl, which was perfect for a young man who yearned for average. Her name was Jewels and she had been Raven's friend for half a year now. Jewels was the only one there for him, and this was enough to make him happy. Even though she wasn't Raven's dream girl, she was the kind he could see dating once the curse was gone.

When they met he thought she was just another one of Carson's fans, but that didn't seem to be the case as she only went to watch the team play and nothing more. After a few times running into each other they seemed to have a lot in common and gradually became close friends.

Raven walked over to Jewels, ready to apologize for being so late. Her face brightened by the sight of him, jumping up she gave him a big hug, "Happy birthday!" she shouted.

Shortly after she did this, as if they were reminded, the other girls joined in saying the same, even though it was clear they likely didn't even recall Raven's name. Their glances go to Carson as they wished Raven a "happy birthday," revealing their true motives for being excited with Jewels.

One of the girls decided to go the extra mile. As she placed her hands over Raven's jawline, she leaned in and went to kiss Raven's cheek. Raven's blood ran cold for that second and flinched, jerking his head from her grip and stumbling into Jewel's path.

"Ugh... sorry," was all he could mutter out with his heart still racing from the surprise of her sudden attempt. Jewels looked at him strange for a moment—this only embarrassed Raven to have more of a reason not to be there, finding even his own actions weird, though he knew the reason why.

"What's his problem?" she jeered with attitude, being offended by the way Raven jerked away from her.

This made Raven tense, unable to relax now that it was being pointed out. At least until he heard Carson's playful tone responding to her, "Hey, don't just invade someone's space like that. I'd move away too."

"I was only giving him a birthday gesture, not like I wanted to kiss him or anything. He overreacted like I'm ugly or something," she snapped, trying to defend herself.

Carson shrugged. "That doesn't really matter though, just don't do that again or we'll just head back," Carson warned in a light manner as he always did with women, making it clear that he wouldn't tolerate her doing anything like that to Raven again, or saying anything further to insult him, or he wouldn't stick around.

After hearing Carson speak up on his behalf Raven took a deep breath and shook what happened off, deciding to not even acknowledge the strangers. He look at Jewels instead with a truly grateful smile.

"Thank you." Giving this he realized that she was still hanging onto him and he became bashful all of a sudden when she smiled back at him. He really didn't know how to interact with people after avoiding them for so long, having just stumbled into her only made things worse.

Glancing over to Carson for maybe a sign of help he noticed this would be no help now that the tension quickly died down and the three were flirting away. Raven's face turned sour disgusted at the sight and a little agitated that Carson would forgive her so quickly. Looking away from their flirty behavior he felt uncomfortable watching and in away at those moments he really wanted to be like Carson. Though it was clear that Raven's sights were not as tall ordered as Carson nor as many but just the way Carson acted with anyone in general it made Raven envious.

"Alright let's go," Carson blurted out leaving his girls to walk together while slapping Raven on the back pushing him back into Jewels.

Raven grumbled under his breath knowing Carson knew and was setting up all these hang outs to play cupid pushing Raven together with Jewels. Raven also knew he was not the most subtle guy around and he feared that Carson would eventually make it too obvious and ruin any chance he had at getting with Jewels after he were normal. His eyes glance over Carson's way giving a glare, he only chuckled in response while he continued to walk on past them.

Raven huffed knowing he wasn't going to be taken serious by his friend he looked back down to Jewels. He wanted to complain about the way Carson but, "Ugh... I..." He fell short of words.

Trying to make it seem like he wasn't behind Carson's actions, it was hard to find the right words when he really didn't mind the idea of them getting together.

Seeing his flustered actions, Jewels laced her hand under Raven's shoulder and locked their arms together to walk. She gave a smile.

"Let's go," her voice spoke. So soft and sweet, the word "cute" just song in Raven's head as he sheepishly followed her. He found himself so easily conned into going with the crowd.

Next Chapter Release: December 5, 2018

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