Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 2)

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A Fantasy Novel (Young Adult)

Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 2)
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A 17-year-old, Raven Fields, never being kissed before is a bit abnormal now a days. Though in Raven's case, he's never been normal and he knows it because of his succubus mother. With a human father, he has a chance to be normal as well, but if he ever exchanged fluids with another before his body matured his whole world would change. Growing up knowing he could never feed, even by mistake, takes a tole on a once so bright young lad.

All his hard work goes to waste on his 18th birthday. When Raven is kissed by the girl he likes before his birthday passed. He believes that maybe there was nothing to worry about 'till he finds out one crucial detail about a succubus that was hidden from him by his parents.Chapter onehere

Chapter Two

"No." Raven's voice was stern speaking before another while they stood in the halls.

"Please, just try and go out with me." A nervous younger man practically yells in panic to keep himself from losing courage to confess to Raven. The young man had planned his confession on Raven's birthday in hopes that this would give him a chance for a yes or at least a not so aggressive rejection, something Raven was better known to do.

Raven lets a sigh leave his lips as he folds his arms in on one another just wanting continue back to his room before Carson caught him. This was just another birthday confession to him, he seemed to get a lot around his birthday even if they didn't know. He wondered if it had anything to do with his mother's side since it didn't seem to matter their usual gender preference or the fact that they didn't start liking him 'till about a week before. Since he went to a school full of guys, he figured that maybe if he had so many admirers they would be more secretive about it but he was wrong.

His uninterested gaze glanced up to the sophomore's height making him envious of this kid. One of the things Raven really didn't like about these guys who confessed to him was that none of them were shorter or cute. They all had masculine builds and towered over him.

"Guys make me sick." He hissed turning the young man down again in a blunt manner not caring how he hurt the kid feeling insulted just by his presence.

Even with these harsh words of a clear rejection this young man didn't give up. The boy approached Raven closer which makes him back away a bit knowing his space being invaded was never a good thing.

The young man clutched a fist and his voice came out cracked at first till he cleared it, "I know this, I don't like guys either but..." His words almost sounded like he were defeated which gave Raven a false security thinking that this was only one of those strange impulses.

He knew it was the ones that harbored affection for him for long periods of time that were the ones who became dangerous. He didn't pity this young man as it were only a temporary thing. Holding up his hand he went to nudge him by so that he could make his way to his room and lock it, "Can you..."

"You!" He shouted making Raven jump. He reached up he having grabbed a hold of the wrist that Raven was about to push his body with, "You're different so if you just, one kiss and I'll never bother you again" he declares becoming more assertive than before.

Raven's heart began to race he were asking for the worst possible thing and what made things even more complicated now was that he couldn't run. The strength that was being applied to his wrist was extremely powerful even to the point that it caused some light pain. He felt himself being cornered by this young man and knew something bad would happen but with his small frame being so weak there wasn't anything he could do but maybe talk his way out of it.

He pushed on the boy's chest trying to keep as much distance from him as possible, "Can it wait 'till after my birthday?" He asked knowing that even if this guy still wanted to he would no longer have to worry, but he had a theory that these encounters would decreases once he were human.

"No, you won't let me then either." He growled grabbing the other hand on his chest not believing that Raven would since Raven never gave in to anyone.

"I promise tomorrow if you still want to..." Raven was jerked forward and no longer hand a tight grip around his wrist. The younger man had his shoulders within his grasp and looked down at Raven with more determination than before.

"Then I want to now." He stated while he went to get his lips closer to Raven's.

"Hey, let me get in on this action!" A familiar playful voice spoke up becoming music to Raven's ears as the hands on his shoulders released quickly. Carson jerked the guy back in a playful manner while giving a threatening glance being all he needed to make the other retreat. He was too scared to stick around. Without even a word of apology he disappeared into the halls.

Patting Raven's shoulder still in this playfully manner he grinned. "That was close, I guess that's what someone gets for running off." He teased lightly knowing Raven was trying to loose him earlier.

Raven puffed out his cheeks exhaling with a force to be heard. He stared at the empty space where the fellow student once stood angered that he couldn't do such a thing like Carson could. His teasing like he were Raven's bodyguard only made things worse for him like there was some sort of ownership going on between them. Whether it was Raven or Carson, the owner, his friend shouldn't have to assert himself as the protector.

"Come on. Let's meet some girls," he adds pulling Raven along with him away from their rooms. Even if he was grateful for what just happened he was still angry by the whole event jerking himself from Carson with a terrible glare directed at him. Raven knew it wasn't his fault but now that things have been this way for so long, the fact that his presence alone would earn them respect and be left alone irked Raven in so many ways.

"What now?" He asked looking at the time then back to Raven's face having become all to adjusted to this sulking phase after being rescued that Raven had.

Raven scoffed how he made it seem like now he was being an inconvenience, "I'm going to bed, I want to be over with the day." He shouts while beginning to walk away.

He folded his arms giving a smirk staying behind rather than chasing Raven, "Okay I'll just accidentally invite that guy to our room while I'm out enjoying some time alone with the girls." He shrugs slightly like it didn't matter to him.

Though the threat made Raven clench his fist, he wanted to hit this cruel friend Carson could be at times. "Fine," His voice cracked out as he was still hesitant to agree, but would rather be dragged along than left with that guy from before or any guy for that matter.

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