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Do You Sometimes Feel As If You Are A Reincarnation?

I have memories of being in places I know I have never been.

By Annelise LordsPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
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In a conversation with someone about life and death, he said, “when a good heart dies, the goodness of their soul is reborn in someone else, allowing kindness and love to continue growing and saving our world from some level of cruelty.”

I thought deeply about what he said and wondered. I was told many times that I had a good heart. I believed it because life paid me back in a good way.

I was told that I was too young to be so wise. I was often told I didn’t have enough experience to be the way I am or know many of the things I know. As an introvert, my association with others is always limited. I have social anxiety issues and enjoy being alone.

I was often asked, “how can you have so much knowledge without a college degree? Be so creative and innovative with minimal experience, human contact, and association with others in many areas of our world.

How am I able to do the right thing most of the time? I never allow my personal feelings to get in the way of what is right.

P.S. My children believe I am always right, and their father is the opposite.

I am not.

There are short benefits to being right and no life lessons.

I do things for a reason. I planned everything, and I learned common sense before I could read. I also learn when, where, why, and how to apply common sense.

Nothing beats the right moment or time.

Someone said that I was born a long time ago. I was also called an old soul and a reincarnation.

Awareness forced me to increase my knowledge and understanding of my world at a very young age since #Iintend2survive. So I prayed for wisdom. My creator gave it to me with gravy and trimmings.

I have memories of being in places I know I have never been.

I watched old movies, saw ancient landmarks, and remembered being in that location hundreds of years ago. Certain ancient places in old movies and books trigger certain memories I don’t understand.


Some of these memories are as fresh as if they happened hours ago. It’s weird because I remember being in places I couldn’t be. Doing things I know I haven’t done.

I had many ‘Deja Vu memories.

My memory goes back hundreds of years ago. I am too aware and alert for one person. 98% of my stories stem from what I see everyone does. I don’t know most of these people, but I remembered what they did. I also know what can happen in certain places and don’t go there. It’s like I have memories of specific experiences, I can’t remember the direct incidents, but the pain protects me from repeating many things.

I live a careful life as if I know what will happen if I do certain things or make certain decisions. I also can see Satan coming and am often able to identify him in most of his disguise. I don’t create enemies because I am bad. I get them because I am good. My right decisions for the greater good gave me lots of enemies. How I live my life too. Many of us create enemies innocently. I am aware that sometimes cruelty and hatred don’t have a face. But it hurts more when we can identify that face.

I can feel the pain of others, and it hurts when you can’t do anything to help. I can feel and read emotions in spoken words, letters, and texts I get from others.

It’s weird because I live my life with too much caution because of my knowledge of a past life I can’t remember living.

Did I mention I am nuts?

Maybe that’s why I am depressed. Lol

Years ago, I could feel my spirit leaving my body, rising to the ceiling, and staring down at me. And I can connect an incident with each action.

I have dreams warning and reminding me of many things I did or didn’t do.

Does anyone else out there feel like they are here on earth now but have lived before in another time?

Am I alone here?

Someone said that the unique creative ability and insight some of us possess comes from a past life. And when Fate or Destiny sends us back, some of us take memories, qualities, likes, and dislikes of our past with us.

Damn, am I alone in this. I don’t think so.

This could be the ramblings of a tired, depressed soul. Who might be the right thing. But she doesn’t know it.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoy it and will savor more from some talented writers on this platform, whose link is below.




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Annelise Lords writes short inspiring, motivating, thought provoking stories that target and heal the heart. She has added fashion designer to her name. Check out https://www.pinterest.com/anneliselords/pins/ for my designs.

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